incompatible signs. (incomplete)

Pisces and Libra This is a match of water and air as well as mutable and cardinal. The first reason is their bigger cause for downfall, the second is a possibility for a troublesome relationship if they don’t use their qualities well. The two are usually attracted to each other heavily, Pisces are attracted toContinue reading “incompatible signs. (incomplete)”

aquarius pro/con.

AQUARIUS CHILD PRO ⁃ Quiet ⁃ Get along with everyone ⁃ Shy but sociable ⁃ Active and energetic ⁃ Involved in the arts/creative 🎭 ⁃ Respectful ⁃ They don’t need too much affection ⁃ Independent AQUARIUS CHILD CON ⁃ Hard to get to open up ⁃ Keep things to themselves ⁃ Stubborn and can beContinue reading “aquarius pro/con.”

same sign relationships. (incomplete)

Scorpio & Scorpio The two are fiery and affectionate. Lots of romantic, affectionate and sexual passion is involved when these two connect. They have a friendship, not the most usual one, it can be slightly controlling from both parts and others may not understand it but to them, it’s a friendship that works and makesContinue reading “same sign relationships. (incomplete)”

signs & heartbreak.

Capricorn When hurt, Capricorn’s feel the pain on a surprised level. Due to the fact that they do not let everyone in, they’re surprised that someone they allowed in could hurt them. They automatically think “I need to make better choices”. This is a sign capable of moving on, especially as they’re cardinal signs. SaturnContinue reading “signs & heartbreak.”

gifts for each sign.

Capricorn: Capricorn’s are perfectionists that look at everything in a critical/could be better view including themselves. So the present you get them may be welcomed with open arms but still critiques in their head. When buying Capricorn a present you should also think of the fact their lives are filled with lots of restriction, beingContinue reading “gifts for each sign.”

compatible signs.

Your sign could have another one it’s really compatible with but only picking a sign each or we’ll be here forever. Different thread per match to make it easier to navigate through. LEO AND GEMINI Starts off well. Fixed Leo’s ways are tolerable for Gemini who is mutable and can bend to fit Leo. TheContinue reading “compatible signs.”

aquarius & cancer similarity.

Aquarius & Cancer Sun/moon/venus are similar in the way they view friendships and express their love to friends. It is a communicative expression of love & care rather than an emotional one. Also an attentive and reliable one, rather than a mental or material one. Aquarius & Cancer are attentive to their friendships. They willContinue reading “aquarius & cancer similarity.”

aquarius dark side.

Everyone somehow knows an Aquarius or has that one Aquarius friend because they’re sociable and friendly with everyone. But not many people actually KNOW an Aquarius? How many have actually WITNESSED their dark side? It’s so hidden because their outer persona is always positive & nice and people enjoy their company and benefit from theirContinue reading “aquarius dark side.”

do aquarians have emotions.

Simple answer is yes, a lot. Especially when something that is theirs & constant is being shared or they have a chance of losing it. Aquarius is a fixed sign & fixed signs are stubborn, firm and stable. They focus on maintaining things & keeping them as they are. This makes them possessive & jealousContinue reading “do aquarians have emotions.”