sagittarius dark side.

Sagittarius are usually described as optimistic, friendly, outgoing, fun, adventurous, positive, funny, open minded, sociable, non-judgmental, calm people. And although many of this MAY be true. A lot of times they are not and they are prone to be some of the rudest, shittiest, moodiest, stubborn, emotional, sensitive, anti-social people. This is the dark side that some may be fortunate enough to see. (Fortunate enough as many are not luckily enough to encounter a Sag in their day to day life so will never get close enough to see the happy go lucky signs as Debby downers.)

Also a lot of their “positive” signs can be negative dark sides when used in certain situations, which ill come to explain.

Sagittarius are mutable fire signs. Making them the most empathetic and sympathetic of the fire signs. Their mutable nature allows them to be flexible and easily adapt to situations without holding onto the past like fixed signs. They are capable of moving on and going with the flow of whatever life brings. This is why they’re future planners and think long term, rather than right here. How is this a dark side? Their future thinking puts them in positions where they do not appreciate what’s in front of them, people in relationships/friendships with them can sometimes go unappreciated & feel unnoticed because Sag is too busy dreaming about their future. They can end up leaving partners or feeling unfulfilled because rather than appreciating here and now, they’re imagining what their future can be like & sometimes their present partner/situation isn’t in their vision. They can be unrealistic in their vision which can lead to lots of future broken promises, disappointments, lack of commitment & lack of being able to follow through. Once they realise this in the future, they end up coming back, which is usually too late for most people.

Their future thinking and positive optimistic dreamy nature puts them in positions where they have visions of themselves doing something that requires a lot of work & effort. Sagittarius are unable of knowing their limit. The sky is the limit for a Sagittarius. This can lead Sagittarius to either overwork themselves & work beyond their capabilities. They take on too much and can be unable to follow through at times. It’s a problem for people around them and themselves because then they start to doubt themselves & feel useless or inadequate.

Sagittarius have a weird mix of being private yet very open. They pride themselves on honesty, which others would consider BLUNT and sharp tongued. The thing with Sagittarius honesty is usually it is not asked for. People want the truth, but the sugar coated one. Sagittarius gives unfiltered opinions out left, right and centre whether requested or not. This can offend many people and make them feel disrespected. The funny thing about their view on honesty is the hypocrisy that comes along with Sagittarius. 1) They usually can’t handle honesty themselves. 2) They aren’t the most honest people in certain aspects.

1. Sagittarius are actually sensitive. They have a strong Mars influence because of their fire sign nature. They are passionate and emotional, leading them to be easily triggered and react to certain situations impulsively and based on emotion, rather than logic. Highlighting that it is basically impossible to do what a Sagittarius does to you, tell you the raw truth. Although they see it as an admirable trait, they are incapable of receiving it w dignity. They can either react through pretending it didn’t bother them and later on deeply thinking about that comment and feeling miserable and sorry for themselves. Or in a typical fiery nature, they can react through a verbal match between them and whoever hurt them. Not all are easily offended. Some genuinely don’t care, but that is not as often as they make out.

2. Sagittarius are known to tell a few exaggerated or imaginary stories to either spice up their lives, provoke reaction, get them out of something or get someone on their side of a situation. Sagittarius can’t be trusted with details. Anything they can not remember they will try to fill in the blanks. Even if they can remember it, if the situation isn’t as interesting as it was, they will fill in the blanks with something way more mouth watering. They love some tea, even if it is fake. Sagittarius care about fact checking but will prefer the hottest tea over the truest.

Sagittarius temper is something that not everyone gets to see as Sagittarius try their hardest to hide “anger” from people. This is something they fear others seeing as they are embarrassed by that emotion. It looks weak, it makes them feel the other person has won, it makes them feel not in control and that’s something Sagittarius want – control. However when a Sagittarius is angered, they can be unresponsive, impulsive, emotional, confrontational, stubborn and VERY VERBAL. If a Sagittarius is not the physical attack type, they will cuss you out. Harsh words will be thrown at you, in person, online, anywhere they can let their anger out they will do. They will tell their friends, family, lover, anyone! Their aim is to get it off their chest and get as many people to agree and see what a piece of shit the person is that angered them. But it’s over as soon as it started. They are so quick to forgive and forget people can see them as erratic and unpredictable. It also can be selfish because they say and do so much hurtful stuff, it makes it impossible for the other person to just move on from it.

Sagittarius is not as active/sporty/energetic as people make out. If you have lived with or been friends with a Sagittarius, you’ll know how unreliable and lazy they can be. Usually the type to laze around, quit their job, not bother looking for a job, not wanting to attend social outings and school. They hate plans and but hate spontaneity. It makes it hard to live with Sagittarius because they can be lazy with housework and genera day to day things, leaving them till last minute or doing it when they want. Telling them what to do is the worst as it’ll turn into an argument or a stubborn “now I’m defo not gonna do it” situation. In money, it’s annoying as most hate the jobs they’re in unless it’s a hobby they turned into a career & they are not the best with money, so if they have lots of responsibilities, they can kind of be unable to commit or be broke due to their optimistic (I’ll get money somehow) nature which is usually unrealistic and impossible. Stop spending sis. Watch them coins.

Sagittarius love the idea of love, being in love forever (future thinking) with a partner. But can never settle long term. At first things start fiery and passionate. The longer and perfect it is, the more bored Sagittarius gets. They want freedom and no restriction. (If the relationship has that, they’re fine) but jealous partners (although sexy to them), can sometimes be a turn off. This can make them hard to commit or stay in a relationship. Just as you start to love them and let them in. Sagittarius can disappear as fast as they came into your life. Sagittarius hate being suspected of things and wrongly accused, but it can be hard as they are not always honest and can sometimes be very sly. They’re good with words of assurance but actions of assurance is a department they’re slacking in. To end it on a good note, when in love, they are NOT cheats & will likely never even entertain someone. Their attention, passion, and emotion is all for you. They can’t multitask for shit. Let it come naturally. Don’t force a Sagittarius to behave because if they do, they’re an unhappy Sagittarius because it was your choice not theirs.

There are so many more dark sides I wanted to cover but we’d be here forever and I was scared of being bias being a sexy sag and giving them too much talk time.

So the final one I’ll give is their ego. Sagittarius have a big ego. Very confident, very vain, constantly speak about how great they are and whatnot. A Sagittarius favourite topic is themselves. However when a Sagittarius is insecure, they don’t know how to handle it because it is not in their nature. They become bitter, angry, mean people. They mix their honesty and bluntness, with resentment, insecurity and anger and project it onto others. They want others to feel the way they feel. They can sometimes be mean on purpose in order to feel better about themselves. They overcompensate through complimenting things they don’t like about themselves just so other people can think they love themselves or compliment it too. It can come across as miserable & bitter. It’s not a good look at all Sagittarius.

libra breakdown.

Let’s break down Libras today, help people understand their mentality towards most things. Complaints they may hear throughout their lives are: “why you such a push over?”, “why can’t you pick a side?”, “why don’t you have no time for me but lots of time for your friends?”, “why you got bare friends?” The answer is simple – balance.

Libras are the sign of fairness and balance. They’re capable of reasoning and understanding both sides, with no bias and judgement. The mindset rules their friendships, relationships and day to day communication and attitude.

Libras are cardinal (moveable) air signs, making them the airiest of air signs. They are hard to keep as they are constantly on the go & chasing something. Why are they hard to keep? Venus is their ruler which makes them base most of their judgments off of aesthetics, beauty, material and general worldly pleasures. It becomes a challenge to keep a Libra interested as they are easily swayed by something that sounds or looks better than their current situation. This could mean relationship, friendship, job, house etc. Libras do not rest especially as they are not fixed signs, they are typically indecisive signs & easily impressed. So their being in love and impressed with you doesn’t solidify anythings place in their life because all it takes is something that looks/sounds better than the current thing and off they go.

Because of this, Libras are very popular people. Although they are not the most reliable of people in terms of commitment, they are capable of remaining friends and in communication with ex’s and friends if possible. With every move they make in life, they tend to meet new people and gain new friends. It causes a lot of issues in old/current friendships and relationships. Libra friends and partners especially ones who are water/earth signs may begin to feel Libra doesn’t prioritise their time with them and are constantly battling for their attention. In a Libras mind, they do not prioritise anyone over anyone. Once again, they are a sign of balance & equality. They will usually try not show they favour anyone over anyone, and split their time accordingly but partners who feel they should be put on a pedal stall will be left to feel ignored or on equal footing with everyone else in a Libras life which is not favourable for them.

Libras popularity matters to them. They like making friends and a libra without friends or losing friends is an unhappy libra. This is why Libras try live a harmonious life and may not seem to “pick a side” especially in group conflicts. This doesn’t mean Libras do not fight/argue because they can be prone to aggression and aggressive behaviour but that is usually when they’re pushed to that point. Libras try handle conflict and restore harmony through analysing situations thoroughly then coming up with their OWN conclusion & stick to it unless a new situation arises. They are not swayed by others opinions and are not bias. This bothers people as someone may think a Libra is taking ones side or the others side or no sides at all. That is because Libra thinks for themselves and sticks to their own judgment based on personal analysis.

Unfortunately the need for harmony and popularity may lead them to live in false harmony to show others that their lives are in tact. They may have rocky relationships while showing the world everything’s great and better than ever because they would not want to admit their friendships/relationships are not harmonious.

A toxic Libra may also try to “keep” harmony in their own situations and friendships through avoidance of “disharmony”. By this I mean there is already conflict but they’d rather ignore it and pretend everything is okay than address it. This is why Libras may be seen as gullible. They know what’s going on, they choose to ignore it and pretend everything is okay for the sake of keeping the harmony. A libra may avoid confronting their partner after rumours of cheating because they’d rather not hear the truth and accept disharmony, or a Libra may be the one that randomly takes off and leave a “perfect” relationship one day although they’ve always known it wasn’t perfect, they just didn’t mention it to avoid disharmony. Libras try too hard to make sure others and themselves are happy while in something that is actually all fake which is actually insincere.

Libras are hard to get to see the error of their ways. A libra tends to always feel justified in the things they do because in their heads they feel they had REASON to do everything they do. They do not look at things through the lens of motif.. a libra is usually acting in their own best interest, which is self interest but because they don’t analyse their own motive, they will never see that angle of it and rarely feel apologetic. They will try get you to see their side of things and WHY they did what they did. Which leads people into feeling they are fake, selfish and liars. A libra will always try buy or sweet talk their way out of situations which can lead people to feel they’re manipulative and calculating.

As friends and general people, Libras are calm, funny, sociable and positive people. Even the introverts who may be shy and more reserved but still friendly, intelligent and good conversationalist. Their optimism and calm nature allows them to avoid extreme bouts of reactions and over the top temperaments. They’re perfect friends to have when needing a pick me up and fun but in needy relationships and friendships, they are not the best sign to rely on especially if the Libra is popular. Fire signs may find them fake and be unimpressed, waters may find them unemotional and unavailable, earths will find them unreliable and not trust them with commitment and practicality, airs will understand them way more.

Libras need to learn to understand and empathise on others views and points. There’s nothing wrong in being unbalanced and actually siding with someone. Think morality. There’s always someone who has been done wrong. Not every situation can be handled with the “equality” mindset. Some see Libras as materialistic and opportunists, purposely surrounding themselves around people who look good with nice things. Libras motives need to be checked more. Libras should stop trying to justify their actions and with reason and dig deeper into seeing why they may have done something in terms of “motive” and what they would gain from something. They may actually begin to realise they may be slightly opportunistic. Not every situation needs an apology and not every situation needs walking away from because you don’t agree and have stood your ground. Sometimes apologise when someone feels you have done them wrong. It’s okay for relationships to break down. The same people you’re trying to impress don’t care enough about your personal life. Stop trying to impress them. Libras are nice people but allow outside influences and harmony to control their day to day life. So long as they ignore that and live for themselves. They can improve on themselves and be better people that are not living in falsity.

cancer dark side.

Cancers are forever described as kind natured/sweet people as they are part of the water signs which makes them sensitive. Apparently “empathetic”. Motherly and maternal. Also due to their ruler being the MOON which is “cold and moist” in nature they are in tune with their emotional side. Moistness representing tears and the basis for reproduction, growth and fertility.

HOWEVER, many including Cancers would disagree. Although they can be these things. There are toxic sides of them.

First dark side is their lack of opening up and unwelcoming outer-self. This is something that people will notice before getting to know them, while getting to know them and after getting to know them. To understand a Cancer, we need to dissect their symbol – the crab. A crab has a hard outer shell which represents Cancers closed off nature & protective wall to others. Inside a crab is soft representing their emotions. Their shell is to protect as well as hide their emotions this why Cancers can be seen as unemotional, cold and distant. It is a part of them they dislike showing others. (Unless of course you manage to break through the shell or they let you in)

Unfortunately they rarely let people in. The crab moves sideways in life, and not forward representing how Cancers approach people and situations in life. They approach w caution and hesitancy. They have trust issues and although open with most of their life, their emotions and deep personal problems and feelings are usually extremely hidden. A cancer can make you feel you know so much, although you actually know really little.

Second dark side is their moodiness. Ruled by the moon obv they are in tune w the emotions especially as the moon controls the tides flow. In the metaphorical sense cancers moods are similar to the flow. They are up and down. One minute they are okay, the next minute they are overthinking, insecure and paranoid. Cancers have a tendency of making mountains out of molehills and feeling sorry for themselves. This can make them angry at people around them and expect people to understand and relate to their anger, but to the average person, they are over exaggerating. This makes them even angrier that they can’t be understood. Putting them back into their shell.

Third dark side is their unforgiving nature. Being a water sign as well as having a moist/ruler. Water can come in different forms. Ice being one of them. Cancers can be cold and block you out. When a Cancer has been angered and allowed to manifest in their negative emotions thoughts. They become destructive and unforgiving. Just cold. It’s so hard to get them to see your point of view and move on from the wrong even after a sincere apology has been made. They usually want to see you suffer too (petty). If they do forgive you, they don’t drop it. They’ll always throw shade or remind you of what you did or just treat you so differently, they may as well have not forgiven you in the first place.

Fourth is how hypocritical they are and how they lack empathy. Sympathy is feeling sorry for someone. Empathy is understanding someone. Cancers lack understanding which can make them bad friends and lovers. As they are so narrow minded and wrapped up in their own negativity, they can sometimes struggle to understand others problems and neglect their friends in times of need. Neglect does not mean leave them because a cancer has sympathy and will rarely leave you. But a cancer may struggle to get your pain as well as struggle to not make the situation you’re going through about themselves. Especially if they feel wronged by you. They may make it a “you did worse than me” or a “I’ve been through worse/the same before”. They can be very stubborn and they tend to lack responsibility the ability to check themselves and ADMIT their mistakes.

Fifth is Cancer possessive/clingy side that is only shown after they let you in. It’s more the women but some Cancer men can relate. Cancer, ruled by the moon, relates to clan-like behaviour towards family and friends. They can become very obsessive, possessive and clingy treating their friends and loved ones like family and being extremely maternal and protective. (Although it can be good as they always defend their friends) it can be bad because it makes them unwelcoming of strangers into the pack. So if a friend makes a new friend, they may purposely show their dislike for the new friend. It can be suffocating for friends and partners. Especially since Cancer will happily make new friends yet treat others as though they are not allowed. It can be very controlling.

Sixth is their changeable nature which although is usually described as a good thing. It can be a dark side when used in a toxic way. Cancers have sharp mouths especially when they have an opinion and can form judgments negative opinion of others. However because cancers change opinions so much, same person they were shunning yesterday, they will be welcoming today. It can be seen as fake. Although it is not in a Cancers mind, they just changed their opinion. To others it is fickle and unreliable.

The final dark side is a mix of Cancers emotional closed off side and possessiveness. Their manipulativeness. This is more the women but traits can show in Cancer men too. Cancers can be highly manipulative when losing someone they loved from their lives. Although they are good with change, it’s only when it’s on their terms. If a cancer is left, things go left. Some will lie and use guilt trips and their emotional vulnerable side to keep you around. In some extreme psycho cases some Cancers have known to lie about illnesses and suicide attempts to keep people around. Some will try make people hate you and make your life a misery. Which ever method they take, it’s always extra and unnecessary.

All of these are dark side of Cancers. This don’t mean cancers are all bad as they are actually lovely people. The thread is only mentioning the DARK sides. Every sign has a dark side.

understanding aries.

People don’t get Aries and it’s because although Aries are big personalities (whether introverted or extroverted) they have a wall up and don’t give much of themselves away to certain people.

Aries are uncertain of how people will take their real raw uncut selves because growing up they were most likely told to calm down, not be so rude etc, it’s now become part of their day to day personalities – a watered down, closed off version of themselves for a society that can’t handle them.

Aries are fire signs ruled by mars. The wake up call of the zodiac. Making them explosive, energetic, active, easily angered and courageous. Things adults frowned upon. Aries are big babies and sensitive so criticism and suppression of their personality at a young age defo stuck and aided in them taming themselves publicly so people can feel comfortable around them. This is why at first impression (unless drunk) Aries can be seen as quiet, calm. But once you get to know them, they’re so wild and crazy. They need to feel like their personality is welcomed and appreciated for them to become comfortable with you.

But even after an Aries is comfy with you, a bit of them is aways insecure. They don’t know it and even if they do they’ll never admit it. Being defensive, confrontational signs they show it through aggression and blame. Aries are open and value honesty so when they feel a type of way, which is often as they are hard to impress security wise (they rarely feel secure in their relationship), they place the blame on you rather than looking into themselves. They will argue with you about suspecting you of either not treating them right and valuing them or cheating on them or preferring someone else over them. Not realising that it’s usually all in their heads and it’s them that don’t value themselves.

They have a “me against the world” personality kind of like Virgos and Taurus. Their insecurity leads them to partners who are submissive and capable of following orders so Aries can be in their bossy element. Although Aries think want someone who can dominate them, it’s their restlessness because they actually would hate that if they had it. Their insecurity also leads them to people who don’t value them either because they allow themselves to get excited over a bit of kindness. This is why most Aries, especially the women, find themselves in toxic manipulative relationships. They got blinded by a small amount of niceness. This vulnerable side is abused by people as they can see Aries do not hold grudges and will most likely forgive a situation where they were mistreated. (They rarely forget though)

Aries struggle showing affection as they are more of an aggressive sign. Affection is shown and accepted through sex and sexuality and see love through that. Something else which blinds their vision. They are people that appreciate instant gratification as they are also impulsive so slow, sensual affection is rarely appreciated and accepted. Another cause for their misjudgement in lovers.

Aries seem insensitive because they rarely entertain mindgames and people who expect them to be psychic. Lovers of honesty, they expect someone to be open with how they feel. Unfortunately their partners are scared because it’s usually not accepted as the ram can be very stubborn and aggressive. Even with their dislike for people’s honesty, they actually appreciate it. They are passionate people who care and feel way more deeply than people assume. They want to help people and dislike seeing people who are hurt.

They just need discipline in how to express their care and energies and people can learn to appreciate and understand them more. Stop seeing the world as something that is out to get you. People want to get to know you. Your tough exterior pushes them away. Allow them into that kind, soft, sweet Aries inner core.

taurus possessiveness.

Taurus are extremely possessive but their reasons are justified.

Taurus symbol is a bull. A bull is stubborn and can not be pushed, only pulled from the front. Remember this.

Mixed with the fact Taurus is a fixed sign which is also stubborn and immovable. It makes it impossible to change a Taurus mind about something or someone, especially since it takes them a while to trust and let someone in in the first place.

Once you’ve gained their loyalty and trust, they become loyal to you… for life (which is only a problem when you no longer want them in your life). Ruled by Venus (the planet of loooove, sensuality, romance, pleasures, relationships, taste and all that stuff) relationships & love are important to them, including friendships. Which may not be obvious at first as they are not the soppy verbal type (they’re poor at verbal expression) but more physical. They are not great with their words of affirmation. They are traditional in love & value stability.

Lack of stability can be shown to them in many ways, especially through mind games. One way they respond to it is through jealousy. They can’t hide it and show it in a toxic way. With the women becoming stalkers & argumentative, & the men giving silent treatments & withdrawing. Both start questioning your every move & become very suffocating and suspicious. This is due to their dislike of change and loyalty, they are all yours and your personal possession so you should be all theirs and no one else’s. So even when the relationship begins to go wrong. A Taurus woman would rather find ways to fix it, they don’t see themselves opening up to anyone else again as they struggle with it.

A Taurus man will not want to leave you but because the trust is no longer there, he may find himself being unfaithful.

This ends up continuing on AFTER the split. A Taurus’s dislike of change & sharing makes them want you forever especially if they loved you. Remember I said the bull doesn’t get pushed but pulled from the front? You’re still metaphorically holding their strings. This is why they can’t let go. You carry them with you at all times. Chris brown is an example.

So you gotta feel sorry for them. It’s really not their fault. You lot let the stubborn immovable bull fall in love w you then leave them. What would you expect.

do aquarians have emotions.

Simple answer is yes, a lot. Especially when something that is theirs & constant is being shared or they have a chance of losing it. Aquarius is a fixed sign & fixed signs are stubborn, firm and stable. They focus on maintaining things & keeping them as they are.

This makes them possessive & jealous as what is theirs should remain theirs in order to have a stable & constant life.

Although that jealousy is often not shown to others or even understood and properly processed in themselves.

Why they come across as unemotional?

They are air signs, the communicators & dislike dramatic forms of expression as it embarrasses them & prefer clarity and being intelligible in their delivery.

Emotional outbursts are seen as messy for them so they avoid them where they can. This doesn’t mean don’t feel. Their emotional expression is usually stifled & repressed & they would rather be logical in their responses to events that affect them. But even while trying to avoid them, their mask will slip w a temper tantrum and for the females (sometimes emotional outbursts when it gets too much). Aquarians humanitarian approach to life means they focus on helping others. This leads them to ignoring their own emotions & deeming them as selfish, putting others emotions first, that’s why they usually blame themselves for “causing” other’s negative emotions even when not at fault.

Aquarians have deep emotions when it comes to other people, they live life trying to understand others hence why many join psychology, therapy, science and astrology. They like knowing what makes others tick & can purposely do things to provoke a reaction. This is never out of malice but pure research.

They are very emotional, sensitive and attentive beings. Just struggle processing & expressing their emotions as they are afraid and embarrassed of them. This causes them to seem aloof, detached.

Don’t ever think an Aquarius doesn’t like you because of this. They are big on honesty. If they didn’t like you. They would not even entertain anything in the first place.

virgo digested.

Virgos so wrongly described as boring/plain/quiet etc. They do have a mysteriousness about them as they keep their cards close to their chest but what you get from them is definitely according to how you make them feel. The more comfortable a Virgo is around you the more likely they are to be loud, annoying, talkative and funny. (They love making people laugh and laughing). They are also pretty weird and quirky which once again, you get to see if you are making them feel comfortable.

They are someone you can be comfortable with. 

So why are they quiet with you? Virgos have major trust issues. This is because of their perfectionist trait which gives them unrealistic expectations of how people should behave (even when angered). So when you’re angry, they expect you to take the high road, most people don’t. They will not accept any justifications for your anger. After that you’ve usually broken their trust. They judge people based on what they know they are capable of (even if they haven’t done it). It’s a realistic view, rather than a optimistic of pessimistic view. Realistically, everyone is capable of anything. So to assume someone wouldn’t do something negative against them, is irresponsible in their heads. Virgos think and expect the worst of people and protect themselves by just keeping anything that can be used against them to themselves. This includes emotions.

On emotions, Virgos hide them a lot as for the most part they see them as counterproductive. They will address their issue in a bratty way, then move on with a “but I don’t care anyway” (even though they do because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t have mentioned it in the first place). Virgo sweeps every emotional issue under the carpet and tell themselves that they don’t care but the real reason is because they’re afraid others don’t. They constantly self criticise to the point that they don’t see that others value them enough to consider their emotions. This leaves most of their emotions concealed.

Virgos constant self criticism and sweeping issues under the rug leaves their own feelings unresolved and others being put above theirs. That’s why Virgos are seen as “pushovers”, they undervalue their problems and place values on others. 

However their pushover tendencies are not as easy as it seems. When a Virgo is confronted with a criticism they will debate and argue it. They hate OTHERS seeing the imperfections they’ve been trying so hard to hide. This is where their immature and moody side will come out. They will get angry, give silent treatments and act like a spoilt brat. Probably point the finger at you and how it’s you’re fault that they are the way they are. Anything to deflect. 

But after a few hours/days of thinking and self evaluation they usually come around. 

Virgos just need to soften up with their expectations of others but not be afraid to mention emotions they may have regarding something, their opinion and emotions matter as much as anyone else’s. They also need to try not accommodate to everyone’s needs in order keep people in their lives as I know they dislike being alone as much as they like to preach they’re independent. 

Don’t over help people then complain about being treated like a slave. You allow yourself to be treated as such. Set the boundaries from early rather than popping up later complaining about things you accepted from day.