libra dark side.

Libra dark sides are harder to clock onto because Libra are aware of how to brand themselves to look well. They are their own personal PR and branding team. They have gift of the gab & they’re charmers but this is because they care about others opinions of them (which is a dark side in itself). However with altering yourself to make you a likeable character, there will come cracks. The altering and the cracks resulting from it form the dark sides of Libra.

The first libra dark side which links to Just about every other dark side they possess, is their need for balance. Libra symbol is the weighing scales and they’re always balanced. They have a need for harmony but do not realise that their need for harmony is the reason for a lot of the chaos in their lives. They also don’t realise that they are the biggest contributors to chaos in their lives. Libra harmony and balance comes in the form of them being happy, getting what they want, and making sure everyone else is happy with them. Unfortunately their idea of making sure everyone else is happy includes a blissful ignorance of others while doing things that if people found out the truth of, they wouldn’t be happy. (But we’ll get more into that later)

Libra’s need for harmony comes from the fact they are lovers of fairness and justice. The dark side in this is that it can make them be very impartial and problematic. Imbalance in life is good thing. Someone seeking balance can find themselves giving good treatment to both good and bad people because of being unable to make solid firm decisions. Libra’s impartialness can leave people feeling like Libra has no loyalty and treating bad people good, while good people are being mistreated. But in Libra’s head, it’s fair everyone is treated equally regardless of the crime committed. It can lead to animosity and anger from others, plus distrust w many close friends questioning their loyalty.

Another way balance links into a dark side is Libra’s love of harmonious public appearance. Libra likes to appear like everything is going well and they have their shit together. It makes them more likeable and respected. Libra is an Air sign & Air signs are the communicators of the zodiac. Communication with others and popularity are something Libra’s seek. Most horoscope sites say Libra’s are popular and confident but this isn’t true. Many are very unpopular and insecure, worrying about the opinion of others and finding themselves being anxious in meeting new people and putting themselves out there. This is a libra who has likely lost friends or people in their lives. Their lack of balance has turned them into a social emotional wreck & incapable of finding their footing and ground. This is why it’s of heavy importance for a libra to feel valued and wanted, also popular. The dark side isn’t in their need for popularity but their double life. In longer relationships and family, libra have a life that’s separate from friends and outer appearance. To their family/long term relationships they’re more cold, strict and do not avoid conflict. Especially in long term relationships, certain stuff about them come to light that they may not be as innocent as they made out when they first got with you or they may not be as financially generous or financially stable with a bundle of debts or simply not as rich as they made out. These things were done as a purpose to woo someone and bring them in. The facade can only last so long as people in long term relationships start clocking after.

Their need for popularity has them also holding onto animosity and anger while remaining friends with people they’re not actually comfortable around. Libra can see someone has treated them wrong, complain about it to themselves or behind their back but remain friends with the person to their face. It can be somewhat fake even though the intentions aren’t bad, it’s just libra hates losing popularity and people. So they will uphold a fake smile and personality just to keep you around & not disliking them. If backed into a corner and unable to get you to like them, they attack. They feel unhappy and emotionally distraught. Like why don’t you like me? It becomes a thing where instead of simply taking it on the chin, they take it personally. Libra’s have a habit of taking anything negative towards them even if the intentions aren’t negative, personally. Cardi B, is an example. Her constant responses to hate online and incapability of ignoring it. It stems from a dislike of being disliked.

Harmony and balance once again links with another dark side. Blissful ignorance! Libra’s are happily ignorant and blissfully ignore the pain of others in order to not feel pain themselves. Libra’s are very emotional, although they act like they are tough. Their emotions want and crave harmony even within the emotions of others, so if a Libra hurt you. They will likely ignore that fact in order to make themselves not have to deal with the realisation that they indeed contributed to your pain. This is why Libra’s never accept anything or are filled with justifications. Libra is ruled by Venus, they enjoy pleasures and beauty and nice things. So clouding their vision with negativity, even if caused by then comes with denial and resistance. They need to look good for themselves and others. In result, when approached with something negative, Libra’s know they are capable of overthinking themselves into a dark place of depression, anxiety and sadness. Libra can’t stand to hate themselves or be hated. They also can’t stand to hear negativity even if they are the negativity. They will purposely come up with justifications as to why they did it and how it wasn’t their fault and everyone else was to blame. They can also take a more emotionally manipulative role and blame their upbringing or some-type of emotional past in order to get the sympathy vote and be excused of the blame. Another way they can avoid it is simply disappearing and not communicating with anyone negative until they’ve gathered their thoughts together and realise “I can’t avoid this”, then they likely come back and do one of the above or simply apologise to end the discussion so the negativity does not continue after. They can be judgemental and patronising when backed into a corner. Also very rude or aggressive especially if they have a fire sign in their Mercury/mars.

Another dark side is the self indulgent side of Libra. Libra has specific pleasures and dark Libra’s pleasures can come in the form of feeling powerful and perfect. They can do this is specific ways which cause some type of disruption to someone else’s harmony. The ego boot that comes from it makes them feel good and disregard the damage caused. A dark Libra can find themselves making friends with rich, popular people that they couldn’t care less about just to feel better about themselves. They can find themselves being in friendship groups for the sake of their status hopefully reflecting onto them. It’s very calculating and self interested.

Libra’s can do this in a relationship too. In relationships, Libra can leave someone or cheat on someone they love simply because they don’t fit the outer image they want to. If libra is dark they care a lot about society and their opinion, if their partner is deemed as undesirable or just not high on the social ladder. Libra may hide them or find themselves wandering around other people they don’t necessarily love but attracted to because they fit the standards of beauty and reflect well on them of they just admire them more than the person they admire. They want to be wanted and adored, so they’ll unlikely be the one to leave anyone in this situation and thus hurt and lie to a lot of people. If this isn’t seen in themselves they can find themselves living a lie and trying to impress a society that will never care and being unhappy chasing an unrealistic lifestyle.

The final dark side is their charm and lies. Libra’s are a cardinal sign so movement and sociability is important to them than most. They are amazing talkers and will talk themselves out of any situation. The problem with this is the fact that they can never openly tell you how they feel about you, a Libra hates conflict and will avoid telling you the truth of their distaste towards you. They will charm you into believing they want you even if that isn’t the truth. Simply because they know the truth will hurt you. Libra’s know the truth hurts them so they avoid telling others that. What they fail to understand is not everyone wants to live in blissful ignorance. Signs especially like earth and fire would rather be hurt with truth than comforted with a lie. So Libra’s can be seen as liars and hiders of true emotion. Especially if they see you’re hurt. They’ll tell you what you want to hear. When Libra’s are causing pain on others, rather than leaving it as that and leaving you alone. They’ll come back and be more aggressive in trying to keep you in their lives moreso in relationships. They won’t let go if you hate them because they can’t swallow that pill. They’ll chase you down and lie to you some more until you forgive them then they’ll be back to their usual business. This is why Libra’s can be seen as indecisive. To others it’s “how can you want me today and not want me all of a sudden tomorrow, make your mind up.” To them, they know they don’t want you, they just don’t want you to hate them so they lie to make you happy and keep you around. It’s once again selfish and self interested.

Libra dark side can be changed if they just accept not everyone’s going to like them and they don’t need to fit in with society to be liked. Being an outcast ain’t a bad thing and finding comfort and friendships in fellow outcasts can be way more comfortable and rewarding than chasing a life that is impossible and unrealistic. Love yourself and treat others with the respect they deserve. If you can’t, leave them alone.

sagittarius pro/con.


– Adventurous yet obedient

– Sporty

– Enjoy learning, reading and education

– Good conversations/non-judgemental/understanding

– Life of the family/party

– Have lots of friends so rarely need your time

– Can have adult conversations but capable of remaining innocent like a child

– Independent and not clingy/needy


– Mouth gets them in trouble

– Moody/bratty

– Hard to keep entertained

– Bossy

– Holds emotions to themselves and doesn’t share much

– Can’t take no for an answer

– Can accidentally spill personal family gossip to other family members


– Affectionate

– Open minded and adventurous

– Forgiving and apologetic

– Educator (very smart)

– Supportive

– Wise and has had many adventures where they can give you lots of tips


– Places child in bubblewrap

– Bossy and inflexible at times

Intense temper w childish punishments

– Domineering

– Can be like walking on egg shells speaking to them. Smiling one minute, next minute something they didn’t mind before, pisses them off


– Optimistic

– Selfless & always willing to help

– Allow people to feel comfy being themselves around them

– Honest & loyal

– Gives true advice and will ride for you. Takes matters into their own hands for you

– Best phone conversations filled with gossip but always willing to educate and share knowledge

– Silly, loves being the performer/comedian


– Mood swings & silent treatments

– Too emotionally involved in friends drama, they can create bigger problems

– Overly sarcastic and honest, it can just be rude

– Dislike hearing criticism & will get angry and defensive if you’re telling them that they upset you somehow

– Bossy and possessive friends (they’ll swear they ain’t)


– Affectionate (after a while)

– They will help push you to become a better person than when they met you, also enjoy learning from their partners to be a better them

– Financially generous

– Respectful if introduced to family

– Can come across as innocent and cute even though to everyone else the opposite

– Very freaky and open sexually

– Adventurous and big foodies


– They can manipulate you emotionally, make themselves seem innocent, well behaved and dependant so you feel bad

– Sly in telling you enough about them to shut you up and make you think they’re honest although the full truth would be really bad

– Hypocrites, stop you from doing the things they do

– Can be unemotional and unattached – especially if they didn’t like you

– Materialistic and gold diggers


– They’re not boring sexually, will experiment just about anything

– Animalistic stamina’s and sexuality, very aggressive

– Can have sex without the messiness of emotions being attached

– Capable of doing one night stands

– Not lazy in bed, always willing to please


– Lack of emotions sex can mean incapable of actually making love

– The women play hard to get a lot before sex and if you’re being difficult, they usually come on too strong. They do the opposite of whatever sexual energy you’re giving out

– Will not take tips on improvement, become defensive and unwilling to listen as they’re very cocky


– Creative and is unique in the business aspect. Usually doing their own thing and okay with standing out

– They are capable of working together with others to achieve something

– Kind leaders, there is no hierarchy when working w a Sag. You’re treated as an equal

– Can teach and learn

– Has a solution for most things


– Easily bored and easy to distract

– Can be very dopey and make massive mistakes

– Unreliable, here today, gone tomorrow

– Motivated by haters, incapable of self motivating

– Settle for okay when feel there’s no competition instead of competing with themselves

aries dark side.

Aries are a walking dark side to certain signs. Especially sensitive ones like Cancer, Leo, Taurus etc. Their dark sides are more based on personality differences and misunderstandings rather than actual malice, however some are influenced by insecurity & entertainment at the expense of others which means it’s a choice instead of accidental.

The first Aries dark side is that they can be harsh critics of others. Aries is a fire sign, fire signs value honesty and openness from others (even if they can be liars themselves). The importance they place on that is evident in the way they express themselves, they try to be honest with what’s on their minds and Aries dislike feeling restricted and censored. Aries will bluntly tell you what’s on their mind, with no regards to your feelings (which will link on to the second dark side). Things have to be clearly expressed to them and they try to do the same back with you. If you can’t dress, you’ll be told. If you don’t look good, you’ll be told. However even with how harsh they criticise others, they do know to restrict it with their close friends and loved ones. They may still express themselves but let it come out as banter rather than full on criticism like they do with others. This is because they also place an importance on their loved ones happiness and value having them in their lives. They wouldn’t want to risk losing them so they will tone it down. Unfortunately, toning it down isn’t enough for some and would rather Aries just shut up and learn to keep their criticisms to themselves. Aries may find themselves losing friends because of this. Once you’re an enemy or even a stranger to an Aries, you’re defo not immune to criticism. It can come across as bitchy and sometimes insecure. Also very unnecessary and just bitter/mean.

Their criticism of others does not stop there. Aries are heavily self critical, especially in friendships and relationships. As touched upon in the previous Aries thread, Aries are heavily self conscious. Throughout life, many Aries find themselves being repressed emotionally or left or even shared w someone else. Aries being first of the zodiac want to be #1 in every aspect, however people they come across rarely know how to satisfy that. Aries tend to feel like they’re sharing the people they love with others, which doesn’t sit right to them. However because of insecurity and possession, rather than leaving the situation, they find themselves staying in order to “triumph” and be the one who wins. Unfortunately, it’s not a win. It leads to them constantly feeling insecure, undervalued and not actually knowing their self worth. Aries personalities can be too much for some to handle as well, and result in people not having patience and leaving them. Which also has the same result. Aries find themselves picking faults in others to feel better about themselves or picking faults in themselves and comparing themselves to others which is toxic. They try pick up on what someone likes about someone else, other peoples favourable traits and try adopt them, which isn’t right as they are not being themselves, but Aries sometimes feel being themselves hasn’t gotten them anywhere, so it must be done. However this is not the approach to take. Aries should be themselves understanding that the right person will love the things they don’t love about themselves. The wanting to be w someone so bad is toxic as it makes Aries stay in relationships way longer than they need to and accept things in relationships they shouldn’t because of blaming themselves. Can put them in situations of fighting others and being petty for the love of someone who doesn’t even deserve it. Sometimes even accepting sharing someone. Self criticism is only helpful if it’s for growth. Not when it aids in removing self esteem.

The second dark side is their inability to emphasise and sympathise. Aries can be unable to understand or even just feel the emotions of others. They can be heavily selfish in the choices and decisions that they make and very self interested and self motivated. Their symbol being the ram is symbolic of their approach to life. Head first, impulsive, unrestricted and reckless. It can put them in positions where they don’t think before doing/saying things. The lack of ability to think through consequences puts them at a position of constantly hurting others for self gain & also not being able to understand how and why it will hurt others. Aries see their gain and move first without second thought. Their lack of ability to empathise and sympathise is hard for others to handle as they expect that from you. Aries can be hypocritical in that they are sensitive and want their emotions protected and their best interests to be at heart w everyone before doing anything. Which once again is selfish as they don’t do the same. Their recklessness ana lack of remorse mixed with self interest and blame puts them in positions where they constantly feel right and justified for whatever they do and restricts their understanding of other people’s situations and how their actions affected it.

An Aries dark side is how egotistical they are. Even with their underlying insecurities, it does not stop them from being heavily arrogant. They constantly overtly self compliment and share self appreciations and how great they are. They also won’t deny their vanity and will express it as if it’s something to be proud of. Self appreciation and confidence differs from arrogance and neon conceited. Their egotistical ways mixed w their selfishness can make them force others to also view them the same way. It can come as forceful mixed w aggression, they can expect you to be attracted to them especially the males, you NEED to get w them and appreciate that they even approached you and took an interest in you. Then you need to work and do what they tell you to do in order to make them happy, they have a “my way or the high way” approach to life especially because of their overbearing personalities. Anyone who does not do as the Aries wants or see the Aries the way they see themselves gets the aggressive childish side out of them.

Which links to the aggressive side of Aries. A dark side many have seen. Aries are ruled by Mars which is associated w action, anger, temper etc. Aries are not afraid to take action which is positive in certain situations. Negative when used in confrontational situations. Aries have a short fuse and temper, very impatient, intolerant, high standard and easily angered. They find themselves getting worked up over not getting their way. They are very domineering, even your most submissive Aries is domineering I’m some sense. They have requirements and requests that are hard to meet, they expect to be listened to and feel people have the option to say no but this doesn’t mean they should. Aries don’t even understand the meaning of no. They’re so pushy it can come across as harassment. They’re heavily self entitled. Because of this they find themselves easily angered and frustrated because of not getting their way. Their expression of this could be through arguments if mars/moon/rising is in Gemini or another verbally confrontational sign, could be through extreme childish silent treatment if chart is water/earth dominated or if chart is heavily fire dominated could be extremely physically violent and aggressive. Tbh they need to let out this aggression in some way as holding it in can lead to depression but they need to find a healthier way that doesn’t affect and hurt others or themselves.

A final dark side is their boredom. A bored Aries is a bully. A bored Aries also picks faults and feels annoyed and suffocated. Aries hate being bored, that’s when they go out and play (at the expense of others). Aries enjoy petty arguments and teasing in relationships when bored. They can find themselves pretending to be irritated about something they don’t actually care about for the simple fact that it’ll cause an argument and the person will react and they get to see their temper and it makes them laugh triggering people. They can also do it through lots of rude jokes and making fun of people, to them it’s light hearted banter. To others it’s rude and hurtful. It can seem like it’s bullying. When an Aries is bored, seeing others crumble is funny to them. They can be intentional unintentional bullies. They basically wanna laugh at your uncomfortableness but still not totally offend you.

In relationships a bored Aries is the worst. They want a relationship that’s humorous, fun, light, adventurous w the correct amount of chasing and drama. When bored in a relationship, they can start finding faults in their partner and the relationship which can increase arguments. They can also want to speak to others and not put all their eggs in one basket. They share the same fire sign mentality when bored as the others, the whole “the grass is greener on the other side” mentality. Which can cause infidelity, entertaining of others, commitment issues and lies and hiding stuff in order to have security incase the thing they’re in flops. Basically don’t allow your Aries to be bored.

Aries dark sides are only tolerable if you have thick skin and capable of moving past things quickly without taking much personally. The more easy going the less you’ll be bothered by an Aries. The more sensitive and emotional you are, the more likely you are to clash and create enemies w them.

taurus dark side.

Taurus dark sides are quite obvious because Taurus don’t care enough usually to try and hide the dark side and sometimes they don’t even notice it in themselves as a flaw, they always feel justified or pushed to it. But they only show them once you’ve actually gotten to know them, something not everyone gets the chance to do as they’re usually introverts and antisocial. (The ones w fire/air placements are much more sociable)

Taurus is a fixed Earth, making them the more grounded, stubborn and immovable of the Earths. Their fixed nature is the cause of most of their dark sides, the first and most commonly spoken about dark side is their stubbornness.

The Taurus symbol is the stubborn bull, it cannot be moved and doesn’t usually want to be moved. This is due to the fact that Taurus think through everything in detail so their thoughts have time to mature and solidify which results in them being permanent choices, ideas, decisions etc and the outside opinion of others holds no weight or importance as the Taurus has already thought it through. The negative in this is it can lead them to ignore warnings and learn new things. Taurus stubbornness can make them ignorant to the view of others and delusional to the importance of their opinion and thinking their ideas are full proof, they end up missing something that could’ve been caught by the others they do not want to listen to. Long term it results in Taurus having many regrets, many I told you so’s from family and friends of Taurus and lots of wrong and strong debates from Taurus. It can also result in wasted time that could’ve been prevented by listening to others and losing loved ones permanently.

Their stubbornness is also a dark side in the form of their physical, mental and spiritual attachments to people. They can get very used to people and find it difficult to let go. Taurus value the small number of people in their lives, they are their loved ones and tend to feel a mental connection and understanding with them that they do not feel elsewhere, this is what made them become close to them in the first place. The feeling/fear being misunderstood & judged puts them in positions where they are shy and withdrawn to being their total comfortable selves. When a Taurus finds people they can be even some of themselves with (they rarely find someone they can be ALL of themselves with) they hold onto them. Especially as there was a strong decision in their mind on whether they can trust the person or not. Letting go becomes a challenge, they fear not finding the same level of understanding and comfortability in another. It puts them in a position where they fight for the friendship/relationship or they let it go but keep thinking about it never really moving on from the situation even though it may seem like they have. Taurus will replay the whole friendship, especially the good memories which makes them unable to move on and let the past be the past. On a really dark Taurus this stubbornness can lead to psychotic tendencies, with stalking and controlling/petty behaviour being a problem.

This links to their second dark side. Their possessiveness. Taurus claim they are not jealous because they don’t feel it in the typical insecure way. Taurus jealousy comes in the form of possession, not “I feel unappreciated” way. They feel their partner/friend or anything else they are jealous over is their personal property. They have an only child type of mindset. Mine mine mine. They don’t like sharing and their jealousy comes in the form of they will have to share which takes away the value of the thing they love. They struggle to realise they can’t always get what they want AND somethings are meant to be shared. It can cause them to become ugly. Either withdraw from the thing they’re unwilling to share or become annoyingly clingy and controlling. They can be manipulative by changing their attitude temporarily to suit the thing they’re trying to win over, just to show that they’re what the other needs. Once they get them where they want them, they’re back to their normal selves. Jealousy brings out the competitive side in Taurus which can be very ugly.

Taurus are insensitive sensitive pessimists. Being Earth signs, they are feminine signs and tend to be sensitive in emotion but try hide it unlike water signs the other feminine signs. Taurus hide their emotions by building a tougher exterior, but this is because they are aware of how sensitive they can be, they would rather protect themselves by not allowing others to see that. They protect their emotional vulnerability by not letting people know about their lives, that is why they tend to be anti-social. They are aware people probe and ask questions, they are also aware that their unwillingness to answer it can come across as rude and Taurus care more about their personal privacy than your feelings, and seeing as people don’t understand this. They will avoid people. Hence the point above of how they hold on tight to people who actually understand the way they are. But as emotional as Taurus are aware they are, they make no effort in trying to not offend others. Taurus can be moany, picky, straight forward “my way” signs, that don’t care about rubbing people the wrong way. Taurus implement their lifestyle and opinions on people at times with the mindset that it is the correct way/one. Their delivery can be patronising, rude and insensitive to some, so others may return it in the same way. But Taurus can’t handle retaliation and will end up being offended or find it funny if the person doesn’t retaliate, and gets upset. They can be insensitive and not understanding. Your reactions to them will be seen as dramatic and unnecessary. If you then hurt their feelings in retaliation, they will not be able to see what they did wrong in the situation, they lack the “cause and affect” mindset. Leading to the next dark side.

Taurus are incapable of seeing their wrongs, most apologies come from a place of just wanting to end the situation but not from a place of actual remorse. You’ll be lucky if you even get an apology from a Taurus anyway.

Taurus always feel justified in what they have done to hurt or offend someone, even if they were the start to the situation, they will not feel bad and manipulate the person into thinking they are the cause rather than the Taurus.

When a Taurus does apologise, it comes in the form of “I’m sorry but you..” which isn’t actually an apology, as they’ve managed to deflect and blame the other for something they done. They are similar with Cancer, Capricorn, Libra emotional manipulation and not accepting responsibility in their wrong.

Taurus can be very comfortable people. Just like the lazy bull, they can settle even though it makes them unhappy, it is the safer comfortable option.

This dark side comes in many forms. One of which is motivation wise, Taurus are usually explained as hardworking self motivated people but that is not true for the dark Taurus. They need a push, as they will settle with not doing anything and being as relaxed as possible. It limits movement in the workplace as some may never try risk and push for a new better job or promotion. It is negative as Taurus is ruled by Venus which rules material and aesthetics. Taurus loves nice things but is unwilling to work for it. Their laziness can make them hard to push, motivate and very self indulgent.

The second form this comfortability can come in is in the form of relationships. Taurus can sometimes feel so comfy that they do not want to move things onto the next level with their partner especially the men. They may stop themselves from marrying or even committing to someone because what they have going on is working and don’t want to risk losing it or ruining it. They end up just coasting and not pushing the relationship to progress. Their comfortability in relationships can stop them making an effort to try and please their partner and allow the relationship to become routine and boring, with sex eventually becoming mundane, conversations, romance and adventure not being pushed. With them not opening up emotionally to their partner. The relationship can eventually just be s convenience one. Comfortability will make them not realise their partner is unhappy and be unwilling to see or hear it.

The final dark side is that Taurus ruled by Venus are heavily materialistic and often arrogant. Image and perfection is important to them, so the world must view them as such. They tend to over indulge and spend money they sometimes don’t have on materials and aesthetically pleasing stuff like cars, jewellery, nice clothes, perfumes, home decor, foods etc. While doing so, it is important for them to tell people about what they have or what they are capable of getting. They are show offs and forever boast about their accomplishments and give their unwarranted opinions as they view themselves as intelligent, successful and worthy of praise and listening to. They very often give themselves the role of advisor or teacher way before anyone has asked them as it can annoy others. The funny part is that they are unwilling to listen to advice of others. Taurus is that friend that will come to you for advice and completely ignore it.

Taurus dark sides are not that secretive but seem secretive as the people in their trust space are the ones that get the brunt of it. And as we have seen, not everyone gets to become part of that space and ignite the dark sides of the Taurus anyway.

virgo dark side.

Virgo is an Earth sign. Associated with practicality, reliability & reclusiveness. Virgos are dark when they exhibit the extremes of Earth sign tendencies. They are very stubborn & immovable people when they want to be. Although Virgo is a mutable sign, which makes them way more flexible than the fixed Taurus Earth sign, it’s Earth grounded element still plays its part in Virgo. Virgos listen and can be told what to do, and pushed around quite a bit, even if it takes a bit of convincing, so they are not stubborn in that sense. Their stubbornness comes in the form of their mindset. They can be very argumentative & difficult. When a Virgo has made up their mind or has an opinion on something, their mind can not be changed and they will shove their opinion down your throat in a childish manner even if they don’t know much on the topic. Virgo ALWAYS has an opinion. It tends to purposely be against yours as well for the sake of an argument. Although willing to listen, they are not willing to change their mind & expect you to change your mind to fit theirs. It can come across as judgemental, difficult, argumentative, annoying & childish for the ones caught up in the unnecessary stubborn pointless argument. But Virgos find it fun & entertaining especially if you are getting riled up by it.

This links to their other dark side. Their humour. Virgos humour tends to be at the expense of other people. The light Virgos may banter you, laugh at you, purposely annoy you to get a reaction and laugh. The dark Virgos may purposely bully you, pick on you, start fights, initiate drama between people for their humour, start arguments for the sake of a reaction. Reactions make them laugh, usually light hearted but for sensitive people it can bother them and make them feel uncomfortable. When it is coming from dark Virgos it can lead to more extreme consequences with actual fights breaking out, major drama and it can cause unhappiness, depression, anxiety & loneliness for the other people involved. Virgos enjoy a laugh and can be funny people. They ALL know where the line is. Virgo is a mutable sign making them highly empathetic, the issue is sometimes they can get carried away by bad environments and friends (they’re easily influenced individuals) or they can get carried away by their stubbornness and unwillingness to leave the argument alone, or simply carried away by the emotional response that the person gives them. Virgos can have slightly narcissistic tendencies, these reactions definitely give them pleasure.

Virgos negative thinking is another dark side they exhibit. Virgo Earth element makes them critical thinkers & slight pessimists. Traditionally Virgos tend to have a bad relationship with at least one of their parents. Trad being Virgo men poor relationship w father & women w mother. This is not always the case but very common especially while growing up in the puberty years. Virgos tended to be scorned, shouted at, told what to do, criticised and basically parented in a way that Virgo didn’t see as beneficial for them or rewarding for them. Most Virgos grew up feeling like they were always being dominated by their parents and not respected. Their feelings during their upbringing and what they faced plays a strong role in many things. One of them is how critical they are of themselves. Virgos criticise themselves in every aspect in life, they always feel they can do better! Especially because they were likely brought up under a critical lense. They can undermine their achievements and themselves, talking it down or playing it off as if it’s not that deep. Receiving compliments on their achievements or other things, makes them really happy yet uncomfortable. They don’t know how to take and appreciate a compliment, although it makes them feel good & motivates them, their opinion on what they just got complimented on is more likely going to remain the same.

They also criticise others. Virgos can complain and bitch about unnecessary shit and how YOU have not done something the way you should have done it or how YOU are failing at something. They can be very hypocritical and blind to their own faults at times in order to criticise yours. Sometimes Virgo seeks perfection and if they can’t, they’ll point others imperfection in order to feel better about themselves as they have not acknowledged theirs which is an unhealthy method of dealing with their issues. Also unhealthy for the people around as they feel, you can never be good enough or do right for the Virgo.

Virgo can also be negative in their mindset of things, they would call it realism however. They have high expectations and dislike poor standards of anything, they call it as they see it and do not sugar coat. If that upsets you and seems negative, then that’s your personal problem. To them, they are realistic and see no need to be fake or pessimistic/optimistic about things when that’s not what life is. It gives you false hope or leads to disappointment. To them, the glass isn’t half full or half empty. It’s a glass with liquid inside.

Virgo hypocrisy is another dark side. While they complain about the love of consistency, reliability & steadiness. Virgos are inconsistent, unreliable and unsteady until they are ready to be. Virgos do not hurry in a relationship, they lead by logic rather than emotion. (Most of this applies to the men, but also some Virgo women) However at first impression, especially if it is to get what they want, they may come on strong & seem emotional, jealous possessive but it is usually fake as they do not feel these emotions for people until wayyyyyy after they have fallen in love with you and decided you’re the one. Which is a hard decision for them to even get to. While they are coming to this decision. Virgo will give into temptation from others, Virgo will test the waters, Virgos will lie/hide/charm/pretend to get what they want from you until they see that you can be trusted and fit their idea of perfection and what they want in a partner. You need to show you’re the perfect partner by not giving them any reason to doubt your loyalty, trust or reliability & security. However if you do one small thing that makes them doubt you, it sets them back to square one again. Especially if you’re very clingy in the sense that ruins their day to day life and causes them to go off balance. Also while you’re doing the most to show them you’re the perfect partner, they will be out there doing whatever they wanna do. (Not telling you though because they don’t wanna lose you) Which is hypocritical as hell. They will try justify it, and blame you for their behaviour and actions but really and truly the truth is they’re just greedy hypocrites who want their cake and want to eat it too.

A dark side Virgos have is their secretive nature. Virgos live double lives. There’s the frigid, shy, reclusive, virgin maiden version of them they show to the world & people they know. But that is not the true version of themselves. Although most are quiet but funny, introverted but sociable people. They are not as holy, tame and shy as they seem. They are ruled by Mercury, the thinkers and sign of communication. So quiet & withdrawn is defo not in their real nature. It’s likely that Virgo hides their sexual life from others. This side is only seen by their lover or someone they really trust. They are wild, exploring, uninhibited perfectionists, who aim to please in bed. Although dislike sleeping around as they prefer one partner, quality is valued over quantity and would rather perfect their skills w one sexual partner who can see them at their worst till their best than have average sex w multiple partners. They want to please and get to know their partners while getting comfortable enough for their partners to get to know them sexually and it can only be achieved w the same partner. This doesn’t mean they don’t sleep around. Until they find this partner, Virgos may go through lots of trial and error. Like a project. It’s something they don’t share with others however, being very private and appreciating their personal life being hidden, friends and family may suddenly be shocked when they hear rumours going around about the Virgo. But don’t be surprised because they are kinky fucks. This links with the fact they lie a lot. Virgos may lie to get themselves out of being open about something they feel doesn’t concern the person or may incriminate them. They hate being found out and even after being found out may lie to get themselves out of the first lie. They sometimes even lie out of boredom. They’re actually unnecessary compulsive liars. I think it has a lot to do w the fact they’re inbetween Leo/Libra the biggest liars of the zodiac.

In relationships, Virgos offer long term stability and reliability as they are unlikely to go anywhere as it ruins their routine. They can also be very clingy and physically affectionate and very sexual. However the dark side is that they sometimes struggle in vocalising their feelings and putting it in words. Relationships with Virgos may lack verbal affection & romance. They’re shy when it comes to telling people how they feel romantically and would rather show it through being practical and helpful. It can make signs like water signs who need constant reassurance feel unloved because the type of love Virgo shows is a more motherly/fatherly type. But it can make someone feel very protected and secure. Their shyness in expressing verbal affection mixed with their banter can make people in relationships with them get irritated. Virgo is likely to be rude and as a joke and call you ugly when they think you’re looking beautiful because they’re uncomfortable with just coming right out and saying it. They’re big babies.

Virgos lack of emotional communication also comes in the form of being unwilling to talk situations through and sweeping them under the carpet. They do this in relationships and friendships. Virgos are hard to irritate to the point of cutting off as they have a high tolerance for people in their lives. So when a problem arises, they may argue with you or give you the silent treatment. Regardless, they do not communicate it in a mature and healthy manner. After the argument/silent treatment, they will come back as if nothing happened and try to reconcile. This is also when they have done something wrong, they may take a few days and blame you while feeling sorry for themselves, after they begin to miss you and realise they can not avoid taking responsibility, they come back with an apology. Either way, issues are not resolved properly and swept under the carpet. Usually ending in a way that favours them because their apologies actually don’t mean shit. 😭

Their final dark side is their manipulative tendencies. Virgos have a strong ability to be emotionally manipulative, similar to cancers. They can make you feel guilty for something they did to you by pointing out issues they kept to themselves from long ago and using it as ammo during an argument. While you had no clue they had a problem, Virgo kept it in their heads and pulled it out at a time they were being scolded for their wrongdoing with the aim of turning it back onto you and guilt tripping you. They do this & try justify their actions w the fact that if you hadn’t made that mistake, they wouldn’t have made this mistake. They would rather do this than own up to an issue. Another way they try to emotionally manipulate is through silent treatment and sulking, Virgo may do this to get what they want even if they don’t deserve it. They will ignore the person and live their lives in a way that is purposely showing the other person they don’t need them and are moving on/happy, it makes that person feel they need them. When threatened by someone that they’re gonna cut them off, Virgos pull out the big guns. They’ll manipulate by either reminding the person of what they did for them & how much they helped them as were there for them and now it’s selfish for them to leave because it caused them so much stress. Or they will try make out they’re currently going through something and being left at a time like this will break them but being really nice to make the person feel guilty and stay. Whichever way, Virgos can be highly manipulative to get their way.

Virgos are really good helpful people however. Most of their dark sides are based on their expectations and ideals and obsession with reliability and routine. Also boredom. The moment Virgo finds ways to work through things healthily the better.

aquarius dark side.

Everyone somehow knows an Aquarius or has that one Aquarius friend because they’re sociable and friendly with everyone. But not many people actually KNOW an Aquarius? How many have actually WITNESSED their dark side? It’s so hidden because their outer persona is always positive & nice and people enjoy their company and benefit from their niceness. However the dark sides of Aquarius show if you look through the cracks. Many feel & are broken but patch it up for others. The cracks are visible for the more observant people.

Many of the dark sides Aquarius possesses are due to their fixed immovable nature. Aquarius is a fixed sign, which gives them the undesirable quality of not being easily swayed and very stuck in their ways. This characteristic shapes them negatively in different ways but has an involvement in all the dark sides that will be mentioned.

First Aquarius dark side is their separation from the crowd. Aquarius are different, being ruled by Uranus. Uranus is associated with freedom, uniqueness and revolutionary ideals. These help Aquarius be v unique in their behaviour, which is good if utilised positively. Aquarius dark use of it makes them rebellious & potentially destructive especially to themselves. Their separation from the crowd comes from a desire to only rely on themselves, comfortability in being different and a want to be able to express themselves how they choose. Unfortunately for Aquarius they are also traditionally ruled by Saturn, which is associated with limitation & restriction. The two combine together to make a toxic mix of attitude. The Saturn influenced restriction, restricts Aquarius abilities from being able to do things that will help them progress, it can make them fixed, immovable & lazy. Restricting their achievements and success in basic day to day things. It can make them lazy and incapable of helping themselves. This is where society (school, family, friends, community etc) would come in & help Aquarius fix their lives up and get it together. Especially since the Uranus may cause them to make a lot of stupid damaging decisions. Sadly, Uranus also makes the rebellious, fixed Aquarius very hard to speak to and get through to. Aquarius may see these bad decisions and choices, and be unwilling to accept the opinions of others and delude themselves by thinking “it’s my life, you’re trying to restrict my personality” or they could see their wrongs, accept it but struggle changing their ways because of their fixed unwillingness to be able to listen and accept opinions of others & make changes to their lives. Aquarius can be their own worst enemies and stop themselves from learning from others. They can notice how each decision they make is hurting their progress, health etc, but still be apply changes to their lives or compromise. Then they end up moaning about it to friends, which is boring and same old. It’s very hard to help someone who is unwilling to help themselves.

A second dark side linking to the top is their unwillingness to admit to their faults. Aquarius do not listen and absorb the opinions of others very well. Their air and fixed nature makes them lack empathy. Although they are sensitive to the feelings of others, they lack the understanding of WHY people feel a type of way. They can’t get their heads around it. An Aquarius may apologise for doing something without actually understanding why it bothered someone. Some Aquarius are so stubborn they will refuse to apologise and try justify their actions w reason. “I did this because you did this..” which makes it very hard to speak to and reason with them. They can run away from their problems & ignore them, their dismissal of issues is a major problem because it doesn’t take the issue away. It is still there and many people/things are left unresolved because of Aquarius unwillingness to face issues head on in a mature healthy way.

A third dark side is their emotional, unemotionalness. This is one of the most complicated sides of them. People are always wondering whether Aquarius’s care. Aquarius’s are careless with themselves. They can be pretty reckless, toxic and damaging to themselves. Also careless to the world, they’re very laid back and nothing really bothers them or annoys them. However when it comes to the feelings of others, Aquarius then become emotional but don’t know how to act, register or respond to these emotions. Aquarius is the wateriest of air signs. They have the typical air qualities of being masculine, optimistic, laid-back and freedom loving. But at the same time, being the water bearer, they have a lot of water qualities in them. One of them is their sensitivity, insecurity and emotional nature. They overthink usually send themselves into a place of doubt. Aquarius are logical beings, so although they may feel something negative, whether it be anger, upset, confusion, insecurity or whatever. They will think logically and react logically. Saturn’s restriction comes into play with their emotional responses because it limits it. It stops them from having any type of emotional response and behave the best and most desirable way possible which will benefit everyone in the situation. They’re capable of detaching reason from emotion and acting on things through understanding instead of emotion. It also comes through the dislike of showing emotions & people seeing them hurt/angry/jealous etc. Any emotional response from Aquarius is stifled out of embarrassment & awkwardness. Aquarius see any show of emotion as dramatic or feel very uncomfortable, they dislike annoying people or seeming overwhelming. Being self reliant, they would rather they deal with their emotions than plant it onto you. Hence why some will disappear, seclude themselves and wallow in self pity or some will just pretend everything is okay and not show that the negative situation is bothering them. They are capable of detaching themselves from emotional situations, this doesn’t mean they’re heartless robots. It is just annoying for partners as they can lack passion and a fight. Aquarius do not fight for their lovers in a passionate, dramatic way water signs/fire signs would want. They can just accept things as they are & it will seem aloof & uninterested to their lovers.

Fourth dark side is their giving yet self depreciating nature. Aquarius are very giving, being the water bearer they are there to give their water to others to ensure everyone else is good. Their symbol is very representative of themselves as they give to others, even if they lose out, just to make sure everyone else is okay. Their logic allows them to put their needs aside to make others happy. They are the humanitarians. Aquarius find themselves being used, unappreciated and in toxic unhappy situations because they want to make others around them happy. This links to their self depreciation as well. Aquarius seem very vain but are usually insecure behind their self flattery. They can find themselves questioning whether they deserve to be loved, will ever be loved, know how to love, good enough, funny enough, smart enough, successful enough. Basically filled with negative self talk. They know how negative they speak on themselves & how bad it makes them feel, this is why Aquarius spend their time trying to make their friends and others feel good about themselves out of knowing how shit they feel about themselves. They’re sometimes filled with self pity a lot like Pisces which can be annoying for the people around them. The two link because Aquarius tend to not value themselves enough to walk away from situations that no longer benefit them because they benefit others, and so long as the other is good, they’re good. Aquarius happiness is through others happiness which in turn can mean a lifetime of mistreatment. Their fixed sign nature and Saturn restriction doesn’t help them know how to move on from the situation. Even if they do leave the situation, they’ll somehow hang on keeping the negative person in their lives somehow as a friend, just to ensure they’re okay. This is so toxic because water bearer will keep giving water until they have nothing in their own bucket.

The fifth dark side is the manipulative ways of Aquarius. Aquarius aren’t as sweet as some may think. They can sometimes be very calculating. The dark Aquarius which is insecure will latch onto people to feed their insecurity. Aquarius have tendencies of being very jealous signs, once again it is not shown. They dislike rejection and are afraid of others being better than them. They constantly compare themselves to others. Flattery & love from others, makes them happy, even if they don’t feel the same back. Aquarius enjoy keeping those people that make them feel good around them, even if it means lying to them to keep them around. The moment the Aquarius realises their ego boost is being taken away from them, they turn on the charm, flirt and manipulation. If they see this isn’t enough, they turn on the sob stories and emotional manipulation. Because they’re so sweet and giving to others, people constantly feel they’re very innocent, vulnerable and indebted to them. So when Aquarius turns on the emotional manipulation or charm, people will go back to Aquarius to ensure they’re happy and okay. Falling victim to the manipulation and trap. Aquarius do not like people moving on and can hinder future relationships of their exes. Aquarius are usually known as the ex that won’t go away or the ex that loves you all over again when you’re moving on. It can be very selfish, calculating and hurtful to innocent parties involved. It is second nature to Aquarius and not something they do on complete purpose but more something they feel they need to do for their emotions. Letting go is not an option. The fixed sign dislikes that.

capricorn dark side.

Capricorns are forever described as pretty bland. Business, business, business. When there’s way more to them than that. It’s a perfectionist picky sign that doesn’t allow just anyone into their lives, hence the confusion about what they’re really like or about. Unfortunately, I’m not here to flatter them. This is a DARK side thread, so people can get to know the undesirable sides Capricorns possess that will only be found out after they let you in their lives. (Some can be found out before that too).

Capricorns are goal oriented, not just business oriented. This comes from their sign the goat, which is usually compared to the mountain goat. Mountain goat climbs higher in the mountain for security. Similarly Capricorns first dark side is their goal orientation and restlessness. Capricorn are constantly on the move in order to feel stable, they strive and seek reliability in life to feel at ease. Reliability to them comes in the form of financial stability, relationship stability, job stability etc. Everything in their lives must be stable & this is why they will be unstable, climbing up the mountain and constantly pursuing something to achieve better and be at a high level where they can feel comfortable enough to relax. This is a dark side because they can overwork themselves and constantly feel overworked & underachieved. This also links to the dark side that Capricorns (although independent) may seek stability in someone else when their life isn’t stable on their own. They can be linked to gold digging and seeking someone who can help them be financially stable. Their goal orientation can make them be in relationships that they treat as tasks to accomplish, so they may stay in shit relationships or in relationships with bummy partners in order to fix them and build them up. It’s another one of Capricorns goals. They’re always seeking goals to accomplish. It can also be annoying for the people around them as their time and love can be limited, Capricorn multitasking skills aren’t the best. They can find themselves ignoring people in order to complete something that they had set their mind to.

Another dark side is why although they’re constantly always on the go, whether it be business/school/relationship, seeking for better opportunities and situations for themselves, they’re never actually satisfied and find themselves in the same types of situations. They don’t take risks! Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is associated w discipline and prudence. It can hold back Capricorn & make them hesitant to act and restrict their natural movable Cardinal & goat like quality. It’s annoying for Capricorns as Saturn’s restrictions can affect their lives in many ways, from perusing certain relationships because they seem unrealistic or different, pursuing business opportunities because they seem too heavy of a risk and may not work out, pursuing even letting go of something because they feel the situation is what they’re most used to, so they should just stick to it. The hesitancy controls their life and can make them stick to what they know, causing them to feel stuck & confused of their purpose in life and self worth.

Capricorns second dark side is a their mysteriousness and reclusiveness. Back to the symbol of the mountain goat, it separates itself from others and enjoys seclusion. Capricorn is a sign that does not seek others approval or acceptance, this causes issues amongst others as they can view them as stuck up, awkward or stiff. However Capricorn is very independent and individualistic. They love company of close people but also rely on themselves & even when surrounded by others, their mind is separate and different. They make their own choices and don’t mind ruffling a few feathers if it means having their own personal opinion which differs from others. They can be slightly controversial. The goat symbol has a tail of a fish, showing the conflicts between land, earth, material world and waters/ocean. The ocean represents Capricorns mysteriousness, the unknown secrets of the ocean, knowledge & depth shows how deep, closed off, intelligent and mysterious Capricorn can be mentally. The goat upper body shows how they will fit into the material world. They will be logical and rational in most of their thought processes, realistic & grounded, but their inner core is filled with vast knowledge, wisdom. Something Capricorn will find if they slow down and take the time to get to know and find themselves. Something people get to see when they slow down, get the time to speak to and understand Capricorn. It’s hard though leading back to the reason of this dark side as they will not easily let people in to even do so.

Another dark side of Capricorn is their behaviour in relationships. Capricorns struggle in relationships due to Saturns fixedness & their earth sign foot on the ground nature. It can make them very shy & nervous in emotional & verbal expression romantic relationships. A Capricorn may struggle pursuing someone because of this and if by chance, they manage to pursue someone they can find it hard showing them love the way a partner who wants affection would expect. Capricorns can be charming but it can be confused for actually liking someone. Capricorn dislike negative communication and hurting someone’s feelings, so if they sense someone is flirting w them, they may naturally flirt back even though it’s meaningless to them. This can cause someone to assume Capricorn feels a certain type of way about them which isn’t true. Capricorn is capable of being very nice to you and feel absolutely nothing. They are also capable of having sex with someone they have no romantic feelings for, just attraction. This causes confusion for some as they could genuinely believe Capricorn had sex with them because they like them seeing as they’re always flirting back. But to Capricorn, they were being nice and just having sex – something which they both enjoyed. The goat is a sexual creature w a high sexual appetite & if someone is willing, why not? Capricorn will only say no if they see things are getting messy, people are getting hurt and feelings are getting way too caught up. They are sensitive of others emotions, if it hurts you. They are very capable of withdrawing and restricting themselves.

When a Capricorn loves though, they are capable of being in a committed long term relationship. However their other dark side is that they are perfectionists who constantly seek better. They’re also realists. Realism can be negative depending on who’s viewing it. A fellow earth sign would view realism as a good quality. A fire sign would view realism as a depressive pessimistic quality which holds you back from trying things as you have already placed a barrier on it. If the Capricorn realistically doesn’t see things with someone working out as they don’t fit their idea of perfection & what is expected from a partner, the person can remain a sex buddy until the right person comes along. Capricorn has no issues with this as they live life with logic and can separate their emotions from a situation if need be. This can have some people feeling used and cheated by Capricorn as Capricorn hold back their feelings a lot and may not necessarily make things clear on what it is.

Capricorn are jealous partners with the tendency of being manipulative, possessive and controlling. Capricorn dislike the idea of anything they worked for getting taken from them, even if it’s something they don’t necessarily value. Capricorns are capable of being possessive and controlling to people they don’t even care about simply because they love the power and admiration they get from the person. It boosts their confidence and they don’t want it to go. Capricorn can be suffocating in relationships to some, pass controlling situations as jokes when called up on it, but genuinely restricting their partner from having friends, a life and fun even though they’re doing all the stuff they don’t want their partner doing. A Capricorn can sometimes punish people for things they’re doing or know they’re capable of doing which isn’t fair. Some find the arguments and mind games in a relationship fun & entertaining but this is only usually early on. The longer the relationship gets the more they try fix up and make it as stable as possible.

With friends Capricorns are very loyal and helpful friends. Their dark side is they can put their friends on a higher pedalstall than most people in their lives including even their partner. Always spending time with them (especially the men) and it can get annoying trying to fight for the attention of their partners. But Capricorn is not the most understanding of partners and can see certain things as overreacting if they don’t see it as that deep.

Capricorns dark sides aren’t as apparent as others. They’re definitely hidden well and only shown to certain people. How the dark sides are taken defo differ from element to element. Earth/Air signs may not see Capricorns dark qualities as much especially since Air sign is one of the only signs capable of getting a Capricorn to chase them and turn them soft, which is weird for them. Water signs who expect more affection & sensitivity may find Capricorn too unaffectionate, sneaky, sly & insensitive for them. Earth signs may sometimes find Capricorn as too negative but they’re capable of dealing with it more long term. Fire signs may find Capricorns okay in a friendship but suffocating in a relationship because they’re too negative, controlling and may find them too boring and closed off for their usual flashy, passionate display of love.

leo dark side.

Leo, as with other signs, has multiple dark and good sides. The dark sides of this sign are due to their fiery nature, being a fire sign; their fixed nature, being a fixed sign & their ruling planet. Their negative affects can cause them to be erratic, out of control, aggressive, stubborn, egotistical, self centred & more.

Leo symbol is the lion which is representative of a Leos behaviour. Lions are the “kings of the jungle”, & similarly (in a Leos perspective) they are the kings of everything around them. The rulers and everyone must bow to them and give them attention. This is the first dark side Leos have. Leo is ruled by the Sun. The sun is the heart of our solar system. The planets revolve around it. They have a tendency of demanding attention & respect from people and admiration because of their own opinion of how mighty and important they are. Leo are extremely egotistical and although they have a natural gravitational pull which brings people around them naturally and effortlessly, they also do tend to add emphasis on their behaviour especially in public for attention and dramatic affect. They also expect the attention and people to view them how they view themselves – important. What they don’t realise is not everyone shares this same opinion. It can cause tensions with the people in their circle or around them, making people purposely disrespect Leo to humble them, remove themselves from the situation from becoming tired or become jealous of Leo because Leo does end up getting the attention they demanded.

The second dark side is how territorial Leos are towards friends, family, their partners or whatever they view as their kingdom. Towards friends, they can become jealous if their friendship group is being penetrated by a new outsider, especially if the friends like the new outsider & Leo is not one the that introduced that person to the group. It’s EVEN WORSE if the outsider is getting more attention than Leo. They handle this situation by being fake nice towards them but bitching behind their back. With family, they’re territorial in the sense that they live to protect and help their family members. Just like a Lion does. If they feel anyone or anything is trying to hurt their family members they go on attack mode (same w their friends) which isn’t a bad thing. However the dark side in this is it is also if the family/friend go find help elsewhere but to the Leo, Leo will be offended and hurt that they were not considered. Leos want to always feel needed and wanted. They are territorial w their partner too and they do it through marking their territory. The world must see their partner, know it’s their partner & no one else’s. It’s nice for some but for others it can be suffocating. Their territorial behaviour can show through work and expecting to be head of the office, or smartest in the class, or funniest. They have to be top of the chain in their kingdom and if they don’t, it can make them become very unreasonable & difficult.

The fact they’re a fire sign, ruled by the sun and symbol is a lion makes their aggression and anger one of the fiercest of the zodiac. This is the third dark side they possess.

Leo can be very “bestial” w their reactions to situations. Leo are angered very quick & it can come as a surprise to the person the anger is being directed at. Leo become angry through what they consider disrespectful situations that make their pride feel wounded and thus responding in a animalistic manner. Their kingdom is under attack, they must protect and attack back. However the definition of “disrespect” differs & Leo are known to be sensitive. Mixing in with the dark side #4. Their sensitivity. Leo are known for being sensitive and in tune w their own emotions, however Leo can be incapable of understanding the emotions of others. So although the disrespect may have come from disrespect that the person feels Leo did first. Leo may dismiss the others feelings and put their emotions first, ready to attack. Their fire/sun mix makes them very passionate in emotion, hence the sensitivity. But unlike other signs who would react by crying, Leo is more likely to attack until they feel they have the victory. So dark side number four – their sensitivity mixed with their dark side number three – their anger, can be a bad mix when a sensitive Leo pride is wounded or kingdom is crumbling and they’re ready to attack.

Leos do not always respond with aggression to situations. Unlike Cardinal Aries their fellow fire sign, Leo is fixed and is not as impulsive. Some thought and consideration goes towards a lot of Leos day to day life which can prevent them from putting themselves in danger or unnecessary situations because of their anger. It sometimes is uncontrollable but usually can be tamed. Leading to dark side number 5. This is a weird one but it is dark because sometimes Leo’s fixed sign hesitancy to react to situations can cause them to forgive people who don’t deserve it and not leave when being used. Leos are givers. Ruled by the sun, their energy is needed to help us grow & provide us w warmth. Just like the sun, it is natural, Leo does this willingly. People see this, and are instantly attracted to Leo’s warm, helpful, advisory, giving nature. Some will appreciate it, some will use it and go, and then some will use it and treat them undeservedly. Those are the types of people that Leo still try to keep in their lives. They don’t mind losing people they don’t care about, but the people in their kingdom are the ones they can’t let go of. They want their kingdom to remain constant and in tact, a Leo can explode, get angry or remain calm in situations when hurt by a member of their kingdom but will not leave them for good. Their fixed nature won’t allow it, they’ll notice they’re being mistreated, swear they’re moving on and even begin the process of doing so while somehow keeping that person in their lives. Letting go completely is never a total option. They may demote your position, but you’ll forever be in their kingdom until it’s too much.

Dark side number 6 is their wishy washy behaviour in relationships even in friendships. Leo love hard but unfortunately struggle to find someone they love more than they love themselves. Leo is Leos number one fan. In love they will be your fan too! Show you off, buy you so many things, take you many places, want to spend lots of time with you. But right after, disappear, go cold w their display of emotions and communication, hide things and deal w their issues alone. Then after come back and do the exaggerated display of affection all over again to make up for the distance they did. This is especially worse if they’re going through a lot, Leo overthink and can drown in negativity going on their lives. They can’t handle it and take it out on the people around them. Drowning everyone out or cussing them out. It can be confusing for their friends/lover. Especially the secrets. It can lead to raised suspicions (especially as they can be flirtatious w others) or just feeling shut out. Leos do not let people help them w their problems and can hide/lie (a horrible tendency of lying) just to ensure they don’t have to open up. Leos are hard to commit to or stay in commitment w because they have specific fixed moral values of the way love and life and their partner should work and be and it can cause many conflicts in partnerships. They can find their expectations very high and hard to reason with because they’re inflexible and see their way as the correct way, making relationships end simply because Leo is unhappy w the way they’re being ran or if they don’t end, lots of arguing and complaints from Leos side of how something should’ve been done (especially female Leos).

The final Leo dark side is their blind optimism & materialism. A lot like Sagittarius. Leo can be blindly optimistic w the view that “things will turn out okay in the end” or “everything happens for a reason” mixed w their materialistic ways, Leo can be very bad at saving. When a Leo is hardworking, they’re v hardworking but they need constant change and to enjoy what they’re doing. If they don’t, they get demotivated and lazy and don’t do any work at all. Leo can find themselves spending money they don’t have just to live the lifestyle and show everyone they live the lifestyle. Leos like nice things, designers, jewellery, nice cars etc but a Leo who has no money forces themselves into a position of struggle just to impress and make themselves believe “it’s okay, the money will show up somewhere” which is delusional and foolish. They also spend a lot on their lovers and friends, which isn’t necessary. They’ll make themselves broke ensuring everyone else around them is good. Leos are not like Libras however, a Leo is v aware they don’t have enough money and are a bit more smarter w their saving. Libra is likely to borrow and put themselves in debt to look good. Leo will NEVER borrow. It cheapens them and their personal brand. They will either work really hard or if things get too tough, begin to look into their finances and save and make budget cuts. This hurts Leo a lot but they recognise it must be done in order for them to live good, the way the king of the zodiac should.

quick dark side that I thought of while uploading this thread – their reaction to criticism. Leo can not take criticism, although they’re pros at dishing it out. Thebmoment they get criticism from anyone, they take it as a personal attack. Leo can feel people are against them and out to get them, when it’s simple criticism. They can be so deaf to it, view it pessimistically and feel hurt from it. They’re actual big babies.

Leo have very noble traits. They just need to learn to be a bit more open, less forgiving, less temperamental, learn to let go and become more flexible in order to get on w people and make friendships and relationships last. With acceptance of love from others, patience & honesty, Leo can fix a lot of their dark sides.

pisces dark side.

At first appearance, Pisces are cute, bubbly, funny, weird and friendly type of people. Welcoming you with a smile, friendly conversation & outgoing personality. But the more you get to know a Pisces or enter their hit list, you see this is an aggressive Chihuahua with a sharp bite.

Pisces is a water sign. Which makes them extremely sensitive & emotionally vulnerable. Their symbol is fishes which differs from the other water signs like Cancer (crab), Scorpio (scorpion) because fishes have no outer shell. The outer shell in the other two is a metaphorical amour to defend/protect themselves from hurt, rejection, disloyalty & emotional vulnerability. Pisces missing this makes them more vulnerable to the worlds disappointments, it makes them open and accessible to pain & likely to be hurt the most from whatever they go through.

This is a dark side but more damaging to themselves than other people. Their lack of armour & openness to the world puts them in positions to be used & abused, and more than likely forgive or not learn from their lesson. Which is a never ending cycle. Pisces need to hold back more & not give themselves openly. You can’t keep blaming others when it’s you not learning from your mistakes. If you wise up, you won’t need to toughen up.

Pisces symbol is two fish swimming in different directions. It is dualistic like Gemini but very different in the affect it has. Gemini twins are contradictory forces that work together, Pisces fish do not support each other thus straining each other. It represents a battle between brain & action, how Pisces thinks in comparison to the action they commit. This will be important later on. Also it can represent Pisces brain vs outside influences, the battle between listening to themselves & also being easily let by others which always ends up in Pisces ignoring their own minds & listening to words of others. Which adds on to the previous dark side of their vulnerability & naivety. Pisces can be very naive both in relationships & friendships. Pisces are dreamers and have a romanticised idea of everything whether it be love or friendship. They expect people to be true to their words & tend to not doubt or be skeptical of anything. This is why disappointment can be high for them when expectations, hopes, dreams & the things people said to them aren’t met. Because they hoped it would be true & give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

In relationships, they have a side which is only considered dark if the person they’re doing it to isn’t deserving. They give all of themselves. Their lack of armour, mixed w their romanticised nature & naivety allows them to literally fall deeply & stupidly in love. A Pisces who has found the person they love gives themselves & the world around them to their partner. Because they’re not rational people, in love they will not be critical but just intense & passionate it can lead to stupid life changing decisions that can affect so much including career, family, friends, health etc. Pisces have a self sacrificing dark side that makes them believe love is pain & pain is love. The more it hurts, the more they try fix it or the more they want it as they cling onto every dream that was sold to them still believing it holds some type of truth.

Pisces are spiritually connected & can sense things. They are usually very good at sensing issues before or as they’re taking place because they have a strong intuition. Their dark side comes from how they handle their intuition & suspicions. Fishes have no defence & are usually preyed animals. The only defence a fish has is to swim away. This is a lot like real life. Rather than confronting an issue head on (unless they have a confrontation sign in their mars like Aries/Leo) Pisces is likely to give silent treatment, be passive aggressive, disappear, indirectly complain, do anything except confront the issue head on. This links to my previous statement of how a Pisces brain doesn’t co operate w their actions. They wanna fight, cuss, yell, scream but don’t. Which causes more problems than it does good as it either eventually gets ignored and unresolved or pushes the person away to the point of explosion or frustration & leaving them for good. Pisces handle suspicion & anger in a childish/petty/annoying way. Leading to their next dark side.

Pisces may not be physically capable of hurting you. But they can mentally & are definitely capable of being bullies. Pisces know they aren’t capable of half the things they say they will do when they’re angry. However they will poke & poke until someone snaps then play victim. Pisces love seeing people react, they also love feeling dominant and incontrol which is a blatant ego boost as they know they’re usually the ones not in control. The moment they realise they can bully someone, they take up on the opportunity & can be mean/harsh & treat people bad. The moment the person reacts, they flip it and play victim which makes no sense. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. You can’t do to them what they do to you.

Also in friendships, after being “let down” by their friends, they can’t let it go until they get revenge. Pisces are very vengeful. I put “let down” in quotation marks because Pisces are easily let down as they are very sensitive/negative & enjoy playing victim. Pisces can believe they’ve been let down but to someone else, it’s not that deep. Pisces will then react and plot on how to make you feel how you made them feel. Usually trying to publicly humiliate you and turn others against you, or just bothering you & sabotaging your life until you can’t take anymore. But they only hurt themselves because they end up feeling bad about it after, which is kinda pathetic 😂

Following on what I said earlier about them giving themselves up in love. Pisces are not this perfect partner to everyone. Pisces are a mutable sign, which makes them unreliable & restless. They can be on the verge of starting something romantically or anything else then decide it isn’t for them anymore because of being bored or just simply losing interest. Their brain can go from wanting you today, to not feeling it the next and wanting to be alone and not in a relationship. This is 100% your fault and theirs too. You’ve done something or not done enough to capture their attention & Pisces can sometimes enjoy their own company as they seek spiritual calmness & wanna be relaxed as possible.

The final dark side is how manipulative Pisces can be. They avoid the truth if it is something they feel they can not handle as it is too painful for them to confront head on. So they lie & manipulate their way out of situations in order to avoid the full painful truth. It can be delusional & annoying for the person it is being done to.

Pisces need to work on themselves & protecting themselves before getting into anything. They also need to not hurt others based on the pain they have received. Don’t use someone to get over another because when they fall in love, you know you can’t reciprocate it because you’re emotionally preoccupied. Stop seeking looking for love & stop avoiding love. Just live your life & allow whatever comes to you to come to you. Let go of hurt & pain because being vengeful only puts you in the same negative atmosphere & stop feeling sorry for yourself. Pick yourself up, move on. Drown yourself in hobbies & productive work rather than in your tears.

understanding gemini.

Understanding the dark side of Gemini will need you understanding that there are two sides of Gemini. Everyone has two sides, but they do not mix, people are one or the other at different times. Gemini one is dominating of their persona as they are a sign of duality – the twins. They are opposite forces: anger vs happiness, black vs white, evil vs kindness, ignorance vs understanding. Gemini shows how contradiction can coexist and depend on each other. This is why Gemini is not easily understood by others as they are capable of being multiple contradictory forces at once. Their mind is complex & wide, something the simple mind can not grasp.

One of Gemini’s dark side that is rarely spoken on is their anti-social behaviour. Usually described as sociable and funny, they have bouts of moodiness & reclusive behaviour. They can be introverted as much as they can extroverted (duality), their moods however are very inconsistent hence their capabilities of being friendly & there one moment. Next moment giving you the cold shoulder & ignoring your entire existent or treating you like trash. Occasionally they need a break from the outside world & basic chatter, to self reflect & scold themselves.

However with scolding themselves & self reflection, they also scold the world and reflect on them too. Duality right 🙄 Can’t have one without the other. Geminis are extremes of which ever side of the spectrum they’re on, this is why their moods can be OTT. When reflecting on the world, it’s not something basic, it’s heavy & deep, usually really negative or really positive. But when negative, their reclusive behaviour gets worse. They can become unresponsive, irrational and hard to reason with. Hard to communicate and get in touch with, skeptical and cynical, just completely isolating themselves from everyone especially if it’s a person they are reflecting on. That person will receive the coldest shoulder possible.

Gemini’s are the communicators. Even the anti-social ones. Communication comes in many positive forms, like being comedic, advisors, therapists etc. But it also can come in dark forms: like being good at playing games, trickery, sly, slick etc. Gemini’s are capable of both. Duality 😤. Their ruling planet Mercury, known as the messenger of the Gods, is associated with communication & expression but also, thieving, lying, opportunism, indecisiveness & nit picking. It enables them to be able to work their charm, use their skills and get what they want out of a situation even if it is only to benefit them. Gemini is not above getting down & dirty to get what they want from someone, even if it means hurting them & taking away what isn’t there’s, unlike other signs like Sagittarius, Pisces etc, they don’t have a strong moral compass. It can leave people feeling hurt, used, lied to, left high & dry and confused. Because Gemini can talk the talk, allowing someone to feel something even though in their heads it is a completely different thing but yet exactly what they are telling you. Duality 🤢.

Gemini does not fall deeply into most things because they are a curious sign. This allows them to only reach the surface of most communications & even romantic/friendly relationships. They are constantly on the go to learn more & find out new things. This is why they are good conversationalists, they are capable of picking up a little bit from each conversation they have allowing them to know a little about each topic they engage in. Allowing them to know lots of people rather than limiting themselves to a small tight nit group. The dark side is that you are not getting to know the real them or their real interests unless they want you to. They are capable of being what you want them to be in order to form a bond/connection w you through their knowledge of topics they have picked up in the past through conversation. It can come across as fake. This highlights how their friendships can form over mutual interest or disinterest. A Gemini is capable of making friends with an enemies, enemy through that common interest. Gemini are masters of playing games & dislike feeling wronged, when a Gemini convinces themselves that they have been mistreated, a Gemini (who was once a friend) can turn into an enemy that will hang on & hold onto their hatred of you. They can be very petty in the way they handle their hatred and try make your life a misery, which is only hurting them because usually the other person has moved on with their lives & over the situation. They hold onto dislike even though their anger has long gone.

Linking to their romantic dark side. Gemini struggle with their emotions & being tied to people emotionally as well as being emotionally intense. They lack that type of passion. For them, romance & life is about freedom of expression & emotion. They dislike being tied down & restricted. They’re happiest in a relationship they can be free to flirt, friendly, speak to others. The male Gemini’s especially are happy in situations where they can be in open relationships as Gemini’s are capable of loving more than one person at once. Something others don’t understand. Gemini are intense in their love through wanting to make their partner happy, comfortable & set. So long as they let them run free while being totally faithful and submissive to them. It can be very contradictory as well as selfish. They will sweet talk, charm, love their way into your life then spoil you like crazy, while at the same time possibly doing the same with someone else. This does not mean they love you less and love them more. They’re capable of loving you both equally. Duality 🤷🏾‍♀️

Once Gemini realises they can not have the type of relationship they want from you, they will lie to get it. If that is then impossible, they will leave you for someone who can give it to them. But don’t you dare think about moving on, Gemini can be selfish in the sense of doing whatever makes them happy even though it can be at your expense. But will not want you to make you happy, even though it’s a result of what they did to you. They become verbally abusive, cold, angry, sometimes physically abusive, immature. Basically big babies.

Gemini need to work on building stronger connections and relationships with people rather than seeing them as conquests to quench their curiosity. They need to wrap their minds around the fact that not everyone is an unemotional as they can be. Emotions are strong feelings people possess and deserve to be protected rather than seen as things that aren’t that deep. Once they learn to understand and empathise with people on a deeper level. Gemini’s can begin to see the world the way others see it too & form better friendships, communications & relationships with people.