capricorn pro/con.


⁃ Independent and doesn’t need much guidance

⁃ Intelligent and enjoys learning new things

⁃ Enjoys teaching people and having conversations about the things they know

⁃ have a mature relationship with parents, not grow up fast

⁃ Foodies! Not the types of children who are picky with food

⁃ Very understanding because wild beyond their age

⁃ Not noisy children


⁃ Can be very disrespectful

⁃ They forget they are a child at times and can try play adult roles

⁃ Extremely bossy and controlling

⁃ Nosey in that they slyly listen to adult conversations

⁃ Can be knowingly hurtful as they are smart enough to understand what hurts people and when to use it

⁃ Can be anti social at times instead of interacting with others, can come across as shy or unwelcoming

⁃ Can be condescending unknowingly


⁃ Constantly trying to provide for the family

⁃ Hard worker which is inspirational to children and pushes kids to work hard too

⁃ Try their hardest to be the best version of themselves as a parent they can be

⁃ Extremely supportive

⁃ Authoritative and perfect at teaching and guiding children

⁃ Enjoy being entertaining


⁃ Not emotionally equipped to dealing with emotional children

⁃ Can sometimes place importance on hard work more so than spending time with children

⁃ Apply too much pressure on children with success, they miss out on an actual childhood

⁃ Can lack affection

⁃ Controlling and when losing control can manipulate to get what they want


⁃ Really funny friends with a weird/rude sense of humour

⁃ Relaxed and enjoyable to be around and good company

⁃ Good to talk to when struggling and to vent to

⁃ Listen without judgement and give good advice

⁃ When you get to know them, you can silly with them

⁃ They are helpful, go above and beyond

⁃ Protective


⁃ At first appearances can come across as really rude with their banter

⁃ Sometimes boring and blunt

⁃ They can be sensitive and don’t let things go

⁃ They can play innocent in situations they cause on themselves

⁃ They can be bossy and controlling


⁃ They do the most for you

⁃ Very generous financially with their partner

⁃ They put up with a lot when in love

⁃ Extremely sexual

⁃ They are not super clingy as they are independent and usually doing their own thing

⁃ Drama free

⁃ Always trying to give advice to grow their partner


⁃ Play innocent and can constantly feel sorry for themselves

⁃ Hard to read

⁃ Can manipulate and control the person especially to get what they want

⁃ Domineering but don’t like being told what to do

⁃ Not always affectionate, it is on and off

⁃ Cards close to their chest

⁃ Lie often


⁃ Usually have a kink

⁃ Not closed off in bed, somewhat open

⁃ Sensual and romantic lovers

⁃ Domineering lovers

⁃ High libido


⁃ Can be selfish lovers, focussing more on their own enjoyment

⁃ Can sometimes lie to get what they want sexually

⁃ Can treat sex like a business transaction and forget about being sensual and romantic after

⁃ Known to have weird/taboo fetishes.


⁃ Extremely self motivated

⁃ Good at networking and using people to get what they want or where they need to be

⁃ Can manage a group of people well as they are organised

⁃ Perfectionists

⁃ Hard working


⁃ Can be limited in trying new things

⁃ They are not risk takers

⁃ Some things need to be left alone, their incapabilities of letting go can have them working at something with little to no progress and not leaving it

⁃ Don’t take enough breaks

⁃ Can sometimes lack the ability to know whether a career just isn’t for them

aquarius pro/con.


⁃ Quiet

⁃ Get along with everyone

⁃ Shy but sociable

⁃ Active and energetic

⁃ Involved in the arts/creative 🎭

⁃ Respectful

⁃ They don’t need too much affection

⁃ Independent


⁃ Hard to get to open up

⁃ Keep things to themselves

⁃ Stubborn and can be rebellious

⁃ Can give into peer pressure/easily influenced

⁃ Hard to understand

⁃ Attract children who may not treat Aquarius’s the best but Aquarius still value them

⁃ Unaffectionate


⁃ Active and constantly getting kids busy and doing things

⁃ Give children access to freedom

⁃ Good listener

⁃ Extremely supportive

⁃ Not strict

⁃ Allow their children to express themselves


⁃ Not strict enough

⁃ Lack of affection

⁃ Sometimes too self involved and not paying attention to child’s personal life

⁃ Stubborn

⁃ Spoiling and too materialistic

⁃ Childish and not adult enough


⁃ Value friendships and hate disloyalty

⁃ Supportive constantly

⁃ Good listeners

⁃ Reliable, always attend important functions

⁃ Allow you to be yourself

⁃ Great sense of humour

⁃ Chilled out, no drama


⁃ Disappear when in relationship

⁃ Selfish

⁃ Get annoyed but don’t express it

⁃ Sensitive in the things they get annoyed about w friends

⁃ They don’t listen to advice


⁃ Extremely patient and understanding

⁃ Independent and not overwhelming

⁃ Feel partners pain too

⁃ Weird/funny/laid back type of relationship

⁃ Relationship becomes a friendship too

⁃ Always looking after their partner


⁃ Lack of passion

⁃ Hard to read emotions which also register to lack of passion

⁃ Emotionally manipulative

⁃ Run away from problems, struggle admitting fault and handling issues

⁃ Too much of a pushover at times

⁃ Can have underlying anger/trust issues, react in a way which is unforgivable


⁃ Open sexually

⁃ You put pleasing your partner above pleasing yourselves

⁃ Introduce new things to the bedroom, creative

⁃ Can swap from submissive and dominant

⁃ Always want it


⁃ Separation from emotion and sex

⁃ May struggle making love

⁃ Lack of exclusivity, their sex skills is shared w whoever they decide to be with rather than it being specially for you

⁃ May not have fetishes


– Capricorn – 3/10

– Aquarius – 8/10

– Pisces – 6/10

– Aries – 6/10

– Taurus – 3/10

– Gemini – 9/10

– Cancer – 3/10

– Leo – 6/10

– Virgo – 5/10

– Libra – 7/10

– Scorpio – 2/10

– Sagittarius – 9/10


⁃ Hard workers and stick to it

⁃ Patient and humble business people

⁃ Always down to learn new skills and things

⁃ Capable of working with others

⁃ Laid back


⁃ Laidback!!!

⁃ Can not lead and manage groups

⁃ Too much of something. If hard working too hard working, if lazy, extremely lazy and hard to motivate

⁃ Can be bad with money

⁃ Can’t handle responsibility

same sign relationships. (incomplete)

Scorpio & Scorpio

The two are fiery and affectionate. Lots of romantic, affectionate and sexual passion is involved when these two connect. They have a friendship, not the most usual one, it can be slightly controlling from both parts and others may not understand it but to them, it’s a friendship that works and makes sense 🤷🏾‍♀️. They love each other and show it physically and verbally however they both don’t always trust and believe it mentally, these two are skeptics of each other and can never fully commit mentally as they always have doubts. Both are charmers but are not the best at reassuring each other through actions instead of words. This relationship is good for business as two as both are extremely motivated and success hungry individuals with creative ideas. Unfortunately their temper, suspicions and tolerance is low and it can result in constant fiery blows and disagreements. The words they use are like venom and hurt and sting each other. When things go too far they can become spiteful and hurtful with lots of petty behaviours with destructive intentions. The two need to just calm down, learn to actually talk to each other as well as trust.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius

This relationship is built on friendship as well as good conversation. Sagittarius are suckers for a good conversationalist and someone who can make them laugh. These two find this in each other. They both enjoy having fun, being laid back and just taking life each step as it goes. Both of them having an unserious approach to life makes the obstacles they cross day by day easier to bear as they have an equally optimistic laid back partner who won’t add to their stress and will help calm them down. Unfortunately these two can begin to be so lazy they see it in each other and themselves and dislike it. Sagittarius need a push, and a fellow Sagittarius won’t do that for them. They also have a power struggle in the relationship. Sagittarius look for opposites, whatever the Sagittarius is like, they want their partner to be the opposite, it’s fun, it’s a chase it also allows them to learn and study them which Sagittarius like. Predictability is boring and this relationship becomes that long term with lots of frustrations and feelings of entrapment and lack of fulfilment as well as passion.

Capricorn & Capricorn

The two understand each other well. Capricorn always feel like many people are not on their wavelength and calibre, so when they meet another Capricorn it’s like FINALLY! I don’t have to pretend or dumb myself down. They have fun with each other and don’t feel a constant need to impress the other, as they’re both aware of each other’s real personalities and don’t need to pretend to be something they ain’t. Unfortunately Capricorn’s have a tendency of needing to work on something, they are perfectionists and feel bored as well as unhappy in a relationship without something to work on and fix, and they avoid looking into fixing themselves because it would mean acceptance of the fact they ain’t perfect. Their partner may not have any faults to fix or their partner may highlight their own faults in them. This relationship can have lots of self realisation that Capricorn’s have been living life trying to avoid. Their arguments will be hypocritical as they both want things from the other they both don’t do as they are one in the same!

Aquarius & Aquarius

This relationship works because Aquarius are always on the look for someone who is an outcast, a rebel, different, unique like them and with an Aquarius they find that. However this relationship may become a battle of the weirdest and both will try to outshine each other’s differentness. The two make great friends, the relationship is based on a foundation of great friendship, however this is the reason for its downfall. The romantic and emotional effort is lacking from the two parties. It can cause too much friendliness and not enough romance, causing them to eventually drift and never actually maintain the little passion they had. The two can butt heads with no movement and no understanding, communication isn’t the best with this relationship but feelings are strong. Showing them is what they struggle with and should work on together without feeling shy and awkward about it.

Pisces & Pisces

The two are attracted by each other’s affection and sweetness initially. They enjoy the fact one another give each other time, affection, love and kindness without having to ask for it. Something they both usually struggle to find in other relationships as they are some of the most giving in the zodiac. The two can be silly together, document it, sexual, show each other off and just be great friends and lovers. Unfortunately the two are always looking for more and don’t express this. A lot of the thoughts in their head is “hmmm there might be better” or “my partner is annoying me with this” “my partner is annoying me Cos they ain’t doing that.” It’s just a mixture of constant complaints and distaste. This is why this partnership may begin to go downhill. Inner thoughts, boredom and secret behaviour comes to light and both get irritated by the other. Both are turned on by each other’s temper but the relationship can become very dramatic and toxic if they’re undeveloped Pisces. They need to stop being so picky, learning how to voice opinions without being so mean and not being so sensitive. With these things in mind, the relationship can work long term.

signs & heartbreak.


When hurt, Capricorn’s feel the pain on a surprised level. Due to the fact that they do not let everyone in, they’re surprised that someone they allowed in could hurt them. They automatically think “I need to make better choices”. This is a sign capable of moving on, especially as they’re cardinal signs. Saturn might restrict them from directly confronting the issue, so most of their pain will be hidden or shown through indirect ways. They try take a logical and mature approach, but if the person they’re handling is petty, they end up responding back. Capricorn’s will go on and try keep themselves busy to forget about the issue, although it will remain in their heads and they will be genuinely hurt by it.


Aquarius deal with heartbreak through not dealing with heartbreak. Aquarius leaves the situation alone and tries to act unbothered by it all, the person who did the heartbreaking will be fooled but inside Aquarius will be deeply hurt. They disappear from friends and others until they’re at a place where they’ve had their own time and are ready to communicate again. Aquarius pride as well as logical response will not allow them to approach the issue and discuss things, until it gets too much and they realise they can’t run from their pain forever. Aquarius also try find a plan B, someone to take their mind off the other person. It can be through friends or a new potential partner they may not actually care about. Throughout everything they will beat themselves up about how they’re to blame and how they could’ve been better. This is a sign that runs from most of their emotions as they don’t like drama or bothering anyone.


Pisces cry, seek revenge, plan revenge, don’t act on it, then cry again. Pisces feel sorry from themselves when hurt. They think of all the times the person wronged them, how good they were to the person and how much they need to let the person know that this treatment won’t run. They make threats/plans in their head of what they will do, then pussy out and just cry. They tell themselves that they do not want a relationship and want to focus on bettering themselves. This doesn’t last that long, Pisces then finds someone else to distract them in hopes they get over the last person. Then the cycle continues.


Aries is emotional, so they deal with heartbreak through impulsive reactions. It can be breakdown in tears, verbal abuse, physical abuse. They will release this energy somehow & they can’t hold in their emotions when it comes to you. Their issues have to be addressed, you NEED to know their angry and you MUST feel bad about it. This is not a sign that humbly gets hurt and goes into hiding. The person must feel it. They don’t feel sorry fo themselves. They usually see it as your loss. They’re also a cardinal however, so when they’ve had their moment, the do not struggle in moving on and seeing someone else. They are capable of packing up and walking away. However sometimes they look back and check your tweets/social media accounts and indirect about you here and there to see if you’ve moved on or remind you that you’re still trash.


Taurus deal with heartbreak through complete struggle. They will try keep busy with work or school but the person remains in their head. They will try move on with someone else, but the person remains in their head. They will try go back to the routine of spending time with their friends after abandoning them for their partner, but the person remains in their head! This is a fixed sign, they can pretend to be over it through being so nonchalant about the situation but when they’re free, available, in bed at night alone with their thoughts, they will feel it and cry and miss you. Their heartbreak comes through blame of you, then blame of themselves, then wishing things would go back to the way they were and missing the memories as well as the routine of what is now missing. They never truly get over anything but the pain does get easier.


Don’t deal with heartbreak well as they’re usually the ones not too emotionally attached. When a Gemini does eventually become emotional attached it’s after years of unserious relationships with a lack of emotional attachment. You’re the one they chose. So when you break their heart, it hurts. They become extremely emotional, crying, cussing, begging, all sorts. Eventually this sign retreats & can not face their emotions publicly. They need time to recuperate. They usually want to discuss things but at the same time, they want to show that they’re above it all & that they don’t need you. They may focus on work but still make it impossible to get through to them and disappear, sometimes even running a smear campaign, letting everyone know how trash you were. Eventually once they’re over it, they are usually capable of being your friends again.


Cancer can’t handle heartbreak. They don’t know how to deal with that emotion because they love deeply. They feel pain and cry, their usual tough behaviour is impossible to show because of the fact they just want things sorted out. They will try hide the fact they’re emotional, but can’t not address the situation. They need to speak to you, try reason with you and come to some type of arrangement that will suit everyone where everyone can be happy and in love again. But their delivery comes with lots of restrictions because although that’s what they want in their heads, they can’t get themselves to tell you that so they eventually end up just hoping things get good without verbalising how important it is to them out of pride and embarrassment. Cancers will listen to sad music, surround themselves with friends and family, go out and be wild till they find someone else to love them. They are capable of moving on and once gone, although they’ll always somewhat have love for you, they won’t return as their loyalty then lies with their new partner.


Deal with heartbreak inwardly. Food is usually related to how they deal with it. They either over indulge or stop eating altogether, so most lose or put on a lot of weight during heartbreak. Leo can’t deal with being hurt, they just don’t know how to channel their emotions properly. They dedicate their time to trying to have fun with friends or being a protector to their family. They don’t show their upset outwards, they know they’re everyone’s shoulder, so showing weakness would not be best as they’ve gotta be strong for everyone else. But behind closed doors, Leo will cry and think about everything and cry again. Leo will try to talk to you about the situation but end up getting themselves hurt again through what they hear and can sometimes find themselves in a trap of being unable to move on. Once Leo eventually does find someone, they leave the situation properly and find happiness in the fact they finally got over the dark place they were in and thought they’d never leave.


Deal with heartbreak through continuing on with life and suppressing their emotions and trying to forget about the person. These lot are logical, they know pain and emotions can be a setback and illogical, so they’ll toughen up, get busy and pretend to not care about you. They won’t talk about you, tweet about you, message you. They may even ignore you if you message them if what you did is totally unforgivable. They can miss you however and if your name happens to be a part of the conversation, they’ll mention funny memories about you and not speak ill of you. They aren’t childish or petty when hurt. When it comes down to it, all the ignored feelings and repressed emotions does eventually get taken out on their next partner. Their heartbreak and pain may get ignored but stuck in their subconscious and they don’t move on from it because they don’t grieve and heal properly. Future partners usually suffer from the pain of Virgos. They will try keep themselves entertained by someone else however, this is a sign that isn’t best at being alone.


Libra’s initially want to act as though everything is normal and fine and dandy to the rest of the world. They like to keep up appearances and don’t like nosey haters in their business, so although they know they’re upset and hurt. They act cool and calm to the outside world because they know there are people lowkey watching waiting on the downfall of the relationship and they’re not gonna give them that satisfaction. They will also try to move on. As cardinal signs, they want to keep moving on and keep it stepping. Moving on is their way of ensuring they’re distracted with a new person giving them love and affection that they’re currently missing from the old partner. Libra’s can’t let go however so many time’s behind closed doors they may still try patch things up with you. Even when they’ve been wronged, they still don’t like animosity and anger between two people especially someone they once upon a time loved, so they may try keep peace between the two of you once they’re really over it. This is another sign which is not petty however so they won’t try be messy or hurt you.


Scorpio deal with heartbreak by acting like they don’t care. They seek their friends, as they usually disappear from them when in a relationship, and get closer to them as they help the Scorpio be busy and happy and not in the mindset of hurt. Scorpio want to talk it out, not with the person so much but more with people around them like their friends. They go on and on about the situation, while keep mentioning the fact that they don’t care even though they obviously do as they wouldn’t keep talking about it. Scorpio heartbreak leaves them wounded, the distrust and pain remains. They’re not likely to go back to that same place of pain, so instead they dislike the person who broke their heart and cut all communication because they become disgusted by the person. They try keep occupied with hobbies and their careers while constantly mentioning that they don’t want a relationship again and they want to remain single, and don’t want to open up or give themselves to anyone else. But then, the right person comes and here they go again.


Sag deal with being heartbroken by feeling sorry for themselves. They can’t let go of the situation and overthink everyone. This sign is a knowledge and truth seeker sign, so constantly they’ll put themselves in more pain by thinking of potential previous warning signs they didn’t notice before, or try to talk to the person and ask leading questions to receive hurtful answers that clarify what they always assumed. The answers they’re looking for are negative and will not stop asking until you give them a negative answer or they’ll take it as a lie. This sign wants to keep talking about their issue with anyone who will listen as they need insight on ways to get over it as well as just reassurance. They’re cry babies so they’ll likely cry about the situation and struggle actually letting go of the person who broke their heart. They feel distraught and unable to trust again especially since all they want is you. Eventually Sagittarius picks themselves up again, makes life plans on how they can come back and better and reminds themselves that downs are a part of life’s circle. Also they make sure they glo-up to spite you and show you what you’re missing.

gifts for each sign.


Capricorn’s are perfectionists that look at everything in a critical/could be better view including themselves. So the present you get them may be welcomed with open arms but still critiques in their head. When buying Capricorn a present you should also think of the fact their lives are filled with lots of restriction, being ruled by Saturn they struggle to actually get out of their comfort zone and tend to feel they need help to release and be free without constant overthinking or worrying about things others tend to overlook. The final thing you should consider when shopping for a Capricorn is they like success, success is not just having it but looking the part too. They like nice things, they don’t usually mind the cost if they know they can afford it and it can make them look great and wealthy. Remember I said Capricorn’s critique themselves, find something that can help them feel a little less self assessy and more on a “I look great” level. On the gifts, don’t be too out there and random, they won’t like it. Get them something you know they will like and appreciate.

Best gift for Capricorn:

Jewellery, a car, pay for something in their career (like studio time), branded shoes/clothing.


Aquarius are appreciative of anything when it comes to gifts. They are “it’s the thought that counts” type of people but even with that being said, you can get them a gift to suit their interests. Aquarius are children at heart with lots of energy, they enjoy anything that counts as a group activity and gets them active as they get bored easily. When buying them a gift consider the fact that they are ruled by Uranus, they don’t mind random out of the ordinary gifts. The weirder, the better. As an air sign they still have a materialistic tendency and want for nice expensive things. So more than one gift may be necessary with these signs, one crazy fun not so expensive gift, mixed with one showy offy expensive gift. Aquarius find themselves in a trap of comparing themselves to others, so the gift should be a thing that allows them to feel on the same level as others, once again expensive and show offy.

Best gift for Aquarius:

Alcohol (if they drink)/weed/Karaoke machine/speakers/surprise party/meaningful paragraph/games/PS4/Xbox AND designer clothing


Pisces like meaningful things with effort put inside as they are more effort over money. Pisces characteristic is very self sacrificing, they want to help, give, love even if they aren’t getting much back. It’s in their nature to just be that way. So Valentine’s Day would be a good way to say thank you to a Pisces for all that and get them a gift which also helps, gives and loves them back. Pisces is a creative sign, usually like art, poetry, music, fashion, books, rap etc anything that allows them to be creative and show their creativity. A gift tailored to their craft whatever it is or just a craft that they enjoy would be a good present for them. It doesn’t have to be expensive at all, it just has to be meaningful. The fact you got them a gift is a gift in itself.

Best gift for Pisces:

Something hobby based. Something created by hand with lots of effort and very meaningful that they can keep forever.


Aries are hard to impress because they have high standards in what they consider good. They place value in quality rather than anything else. But quality to them instead of what is quality to you or the world. They have their own interests in what they consider amazing and it would help for you to know what this is. Aries is an impulsive sign, that is adventurous and has aggressive energy. Aries present would be best if it is something that allows them to be on their feet, preferably out and about looking lavish and spending lavish. Aries are self indulgent especially when it comes to food, they love spending on food and eating things they consider nice, they can rarely stick to a diet because they don’t know how to say no to themselves. A gift that involves food would be good but too boring for Aries so add some materialism and adventure to it. Aries will not shy away from showing they do not like the gift you buy them so if you’re trying to be random and different, be prepared to disappointment & don’t risk it if you’re a sensitive soul.

Best gift for Aries:

Going out to eat somewhere expensive, mini hotel break for adventure, spa (gym included so they don’t feel guilty after pigging out) and a specific present they’ve most likely told you they want or given hints.


Valentine’s Day is basically Taurus’s day. Being ruled by venus they are all about affection, love, romance so the gifts should reflect all of that! It should be something that is well thought of and lots of effort was made. It should also look extremely presentable, this is a sign that will not appreciate effort only if it doesn’t look good. Being ruled by venus also gives an eye for quality and luxuriousness, the beautiful things in life. They want to be around nice smells, nice aesthetics (including yourself where a nice suit, clean boxers, nice lingerie, sexy dress) all their senses have to be enhanced that day. I would say five gifts for Taurus would be great, one for each sense. Something for the eyes, has to look really good, like jewellery. Something for their smell, could be perfume/cologne/scented candles, something for taste like dinner as they are the biggest foodies the way to their heart is through their stomach, something for touch which is yourself, and good music playing for their ears. If you have a simple Taurus, do something for their financial stability. Pay one of their bills for 3 consecutive months. They’ll really appreciate that.

Best gift for Taurus: a gift that enhances all five senses at once or one gift for each sense, payment of something in their lives that can increase stability


Gemini’s are ruled by Mercury. This is a planet that is associated with communication and expression. A gift of a Gemini should allow them to do both of those things, communicate and express. How does your partner communicate? Are they sexual, are they romantic, do they love a good debate, do they like meeting new people, are they the laughing/joking type. Gemini’s communicate in different ways, find your partners way and associate their first part of their present with that. It should be something that allows them to not be at home as Gemini’s get bored easily. The first part of the gift should be indoors but not at home, something like tickets to a fashion event, a concert, a party for them or someone important, a dinner surrounded by lots of important people, a comedy show. These are different things according to their communication style. It can also help them get tips for whatever business they’re trying to get into and Gemini’s mind never shuts off. If they can have fun while learning about how they can improve their craft, they’ll be appreciative. Gemini’s are also lovers of finer things and hard workers to get the finer things. Take them somewhere they can also relax, this is another part of the first gift. Give them a massage, let them unwind and vent to you. Gift part 2 should be an item that is expensive that they can show off and make people jealous. They love the envy of others and being the talk of the haters. Give them something expensive to flaunt.

Best gift for Gemini:

Two part gift to fit their dual personality – something out of the household, that eventually leads back into a relaxing indoor setting with a calming relaxing massage. Follow and end the night with an expensive gift like jewellery/branded clothes/shoes and lots of sex.


Cancers are homebodies. Although they like being outdoors when bored, they’re happiest having fun indoors whether it be in their house or someone else’s but only their friends/loved ones houses. Home is important to cancer, so a gift that allows them to decorate their home would be something they’d like. Cancers also like hotels, that is another version of a home. A holiday that includes a perfectly decorated room with other features like a swimming pool, spa, garden, balcony that they can relax and feel comfortable in is important. Cancers have a tendency of being moody and not knowing how to channel or understand their moods. They’re affectionate people who are usually concerned and worried about whether their friends/partner really love them like they say they do. This is an amazing opportunity to do something romantic which can help express your feelings and thoughts of them, something they can keep so they can look over when moody or when in self doubt or simply missing you. Take your thoughts, use words and write everything down. Allow a cancer to read and know how you feel. If you’re not the best writer, say it and record it. Put it in something creative that can play back at a button so the cancer can always hear it.

Them just spending time with you that day is enough. Dedicate your whole day to them, phone away, concentration all on them and that will be a gift in their eyes.

Best gifts for Cancer:

Interior decor spree (including paint shopping), expensive MEANINGFUL gift which reminds them that they are loved more than they know, something comforting to allow them to calm their moods, a cute picture of the two of you (get a photo frame when going on your decor spree)


Centre of the zodiac because they are ruled by the sun. Valentine’s Day gift has to be all about them! The whole day should include flattery because as vain as Leo’s are, they doubt themselves when no one is looking. They want to hear compliments and be wined and dined and admired and worshipped and adored and so on! The outfit they wear on the day should be provided by you in advance, something expensive, something flattering and don’t forget to compliment them when you see them in it. The day should be tailored to fit them. Leo love adventure but not dirty or anywhere type of outdoorsy type of adventure. But fun adventure that allows them to meet people and be around nicely decorated and extravagant things. Take LOTS of pictures so they can show all their friends how amazingly treated they are because they’re loved and admired by their partner. They want a memory based gift, a gift they can experience rather than a physical gift because they appreciate physical gifts momentarily until they come across something better and it’s left in the back of their wardrobe. Whatever it is, make it an experience to remember. Focus on them, compliment them and allow them to be Centre of attention.

Best gift for Leo:

Expensive clothes for the day, dinner paid for them, a classy party/bar after (don’t allow the day to end early without them showing their outfit off or they’ll be pissed/bored), lots of compliments and pay people to compliment them too. End it with a small gift even like a card which expresses how you see their beauty and importance they have to your life.


Virgo’s are not fussy at all. They are also ruled by mercury which is a planet of communication and self expression, with that being said, they always have something they are obsessed over. For some, it’s trainers/sneakers, for some they have a favourite brand and nothing else matters for them, for some its holidays. They express themselves through this obsession they have with this one thing. That tends to be their favourite thing and they really will be content with just that. You know your Virgo, so the present you get should be something like that. Virgos are analytical and logical, they do this through seeing how YOU express your love to them. This can be through a cooked meal with them in mind or another gesture where you thought of them personally, it makes them feel wanted and appreciated. Virgos are really affectionate and giving people when in love, so the day will likely be them trying to make it a special day for you. You just being there and happy with their efforts makes them happy, so don’t hold back on showing your appreciation of their efforts. They may shy away from compliments but they definitely feel happy when receiving them. Lastly sex! Virgos communicate and express themselves through sex so that is the best gift you can give them. Especially sensual sex with lots of love making and cuddling and touching. Virgos like to touch, cuddle and feel, this is another form of expression. That will be a perfect gift to them although it is not your typical idea of a gift. I did say Virgos aren’t fussy.

Best gift for Virgo:

An item they are obsessed with/consider their favourite – they’ve likely spoken about it numerous of times, just being present, a cooked meal or something dedicated to them, being appreciative of them/a day of no complaints, sex w lots of cuddling after

compatible signs.

Your sign could have another one it’s really compatible with but only picking a sign each or we’ll be here forever. Different thread per match to make it easier to navigate through.


Starts off well. Fixed Leo’s ways are tolerable for Gemini who is mutable and can bend to fit Leo. The two are popular, sociable and do not suffocate each other with rules and regulations. Gemini teaches Leo how to give and receive affection. Spoils Leo and Leo spoils Gemini material wise. Leo and Gemini both support each other. Gossip, fun, laid back conversations between two people who love and bend over backwards for each other causes them to be deeply connected. The two however both have tempers. Gemini is jealous outwardly, Leo is jealous inwardly. The two are very controlling and both seek dominancy. Both however don’t practise what they preach and can be contradictory. Controlling contradictory behaviour can eventually lead to explosive arguments. Leo can handle just about anything except disloyalty. Gemini can handle just about anything except boredom and sharing. The two can work if they share power.


Best friends. The two hit it off in a friendly manner. Play fighting, being silly and childish behaviour. Aquarius and sag both allow each other to feel comfortable and be weird around each other with no restrictions. Although the individually love their space and freedom, together they become codependent. Wanting to talk to each other constantly and becoming super clingy. They are not an affectionate couple as they shy away from expressing these emotions but still feel deeply for each other. This relationship however goes too quick and there can be a power struggle. No one in this relationship likes being told what to do. Sag is controlling and Aquarius dislikes it. Sag dislikes that Aquarius doesn’t listen. Sag can feel the conversation only reaches a certain level and doesn’t get deeper than that eventually getting bored. Aquarius gets tired of sag flaky mutable nature. There is no stability and it makes Aquarius uncomfortable.


Flashy couple. The two hold themselves to a high standard publicly so they are attracted to each other and what the two can potentially bring to the relationship. Both enjoy the idea of growth and can see it happening for the two of them in the relationship. Both are also impulsive and fast paced in relationships so this relationship moves quick with no hesitation. The two have a mutual understanding of freedom. They can accept being in an open relationship no problem. They are not annoyingly clingy or possessive of each other and sex as well as affection is shown a lot. They love spending and giving to each other, especially Aries who overly indulges and shares in their partner. Libra shows Aries off to all their friends which makes Aries feel very loved and admired. The two however start to clash when their flirtatious and petty nature mix. They want freedom but want each other’s to only be each other’s. It can cause jealousy, possessiveness and arguments. The two also argue out of boredom which can cause a toxic environment. The two are not as open in expressing things and can find themselves hiding stuff from each other which can cause distrust and anger in the relationship.


Cancer is the dopey one and Taurus is the one who keeps everything in line for cancer. Cancer tries to act tough and emotionless but crumbles as Taurus is actually tough. So Taurus ends up being cancers shoulder and ear to rant while Taurus keeps it strong for Cancer. Taurus and Cancer are a laid back couple who are more stay at home than go out but still don’t mind the go out. The two love each other’s company and are clingy but not in a suffocating way, they also respect each other’s space. Taurus loves cancers kindness and patience also obedience. Cancer loves Taurus’s dominance, intelligence and calm/aloofness. Cancer should just learn to stand ground more as Taurus is not always right. Taurus should learn to not be as stubborn and actually accept Cancers way and stop seeing themselves as right all the time. Taurus should learn to be a bit more affectionate with Cancers mood swings and stop being overly critical and dismissive, and Cancer should try articulate their moods better with more logic so Taurus can understand.


Cardinal/fixed mix works well as Capricorn can tolerate Scorpios fixed tendencies. The two are pretty similar in lack of trust, traditional values, hidden emotions and mysteriousness. So because of this, they understand it in each other and don’t force themselves out of that element. This makes for a happy relationship with the two actually opening up to each other slowly as no one rushes anyone. The two are very self motivated people who are constantly busy and on the go, so although they love each other’s company, they respect each other’s space and provide that. Scorpio and Capricorn both help each other progress onto the next level. They have nice intellectual debates and physical affection. The issue with this relationship is they are both paranoid and can suspect each other’s secrecy. They also lack communication skills which can lead to arguments from time to time. Patience is too much to the point Scorpio can let things slide more than they should. Possession and jealousy is high on Capricorn’s part, Scorpio May eventually feel drained and in a one sided relationship filled with hypocrisy.


Works but I usually hate two mutables together. They’re usually too wishy washy and flaky to ensure this relationship lasts. However on the occasion that they do. It works. Virgo is similar in Sag that they want friendships in a relationships. Pisces and Virgo have a good friendship, they have weird banter and Virgo loves bullying Pisces. While Pisces loves winding Virgo up. The two love laughing at each other and themselves it becomes a proper friendship based relationship. They’re comfortable around each other, with lots of debates that Virgo will win as Pisces starts arguing based on emotion after a while. The two are childish with emotions and can struggle showing them. Pisces acts hard out of protection, Virgo does too but out of shyness. Pisces is still very giving and kind, so is Virgo but Virgo can begin to walk over Pisces once starting to get bored. Pisces can begin to also get bored and irritated and cause problems and drama. The two can become messy long term as it is too friendship based they get overly comfortable with each other.

scorpio non-dark side.

Most people already have heard of or experienced Scorpios dark side. So I thought it would be important to shed LIGHT on what would be seen as dark Scorpio behaviour and hopefully explain how they could be misunderstood.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Which makes them not only emotional sensitive people, but also stubborn & immovable at times. It is one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac especially as it is traditionally ruled by mars which is fiery, destructive, direct, impulsive and selfish. Their ruling planet makes them different from the other water signs, they are like the fire signs of the water but with a lot more emotion.

Some of scorpio’s dark sides can be explained through a close look at their symbol – the scorpion. Scorpions have negative symbolism and used to be symbols of death, evil and self interest. Scorpions are creatures than can live underground and overground, symbolic for a Scorpios capability of being both dark/mysterious/low and light/open/taking the higher ground. This shows that Scorpio have the capabilities of being both bad and good, what we need to realise firstly is Scorpio usually starts off good, they CHOOSE to be bad, but what makes them become bad?

Scorpios are honest signs. They are blunt and direct – being ruled by Mars, they dislike lies and dishonesty. When a Scorpio feels as though they are being fooled, lied to or played, they do the same back. They are impulsive, yet calculating. Their water sign emotional nature allows them to be sensitive & quick in sensing deceit and dishonesty. Also opens up their emotions allowing them to be hurt which clouds their judgment. Their fixed nature makes them stubborn, which makes them unlikely to want to let the situation go without the person receiving their punishment. Their mars allows them to be impulsive, angered and aggressive in their approach to the situation. They are not people you can compromise with. However their nocturnal Scorpion nature allows it to be a slow bubbling type of punishment where they put a lot of thought on the petty punishment they will give.

The final aim is to expose the persons lies and deceit, so they too will usually become deceitful and play mind games. When actually in proper communication w a Scorpio, they are kind hearted, open, honest individuals. Dishonesty towards them, gets dishonesty back or complete cut off from Scorpio. They don’t play that shit. If you start it, they will end it.

Scorpios are defensive people. They rarely attack first. Just like the Scorpion which is a venomous animal that doesn’t hunt prey, it sits back and waits until they come to it and then it attacks. It’s similar to a Scorpios approach to people in life. They’re calm, still, relaxed for the most part. They will only erupt as a defensive mechanism because YOU tried to fuck with them. And they will usually win.

Many people say they have been hurt by a Scorpio who has “pretended to want them” then left them or was “cheating on them”. Looool these stories are most likely figments of the persons imagination. They read their role in a Scorpios life wrong. (Or the person has other unfaithful elements in their chart) Scorpios are not chasers or cheaters. As explained above, Scorpios do not approach and come to you. Being a feminine sign, they are more reclusive in their approach to people. They want you, wait & their energy pulls you to them. They are highly analytical and have a very strong gut instinct, so after good analysis, if they like what they see and it seems genuine, they keep you. If they don’t, you’re either dropped or kept a long as someone to satisfy them. But even while satisfying them, they won’t lie to you and allow you to believe your role is more important than it really is. They most likely won’t say anything unless asked. The confusion usually comes from their sensuality and genuine flirtatious and nice nature. They may cuddle you after sex, buy you food, treat you like a lady/man but in their heads, you’re just a play toy. It’s your fault if you read it for something it isn’t.

The issue with Scorpios is they have major trust issues. So a lot of their gut instinct is actually paranoia. Scorpios are fixed emotional water signs, so not only do they feel things on a deeper level than most, they retain things and hold them forever. This shapes their views, attitude and behaviour to people and the world. Most have been through some type of trauma or pain & struggle to erase their memories of how they were treated, what they went through and how they felt. They have usually been through too much and seen too much. Instead of speaking about it openly, they lie to avoid it or hide things from people. They go into relationships/friendships treating people as though they are the ones that put them through it or treat them as if they will also do the same to them which isn’t fair. People entering Scorpios life do not enter with a clean slate like they should. Hence Scorpios reluctancy to be honest, open sometimes and let people in.

Scorpio is a very possessive sign fuelled by emotion and jealousy. Their territory is heavily protected usually when they’re alone, so when a Scorpio loves someone and decides to allow them in their journey, they become part of their territory and protects them too. They become venomous, angry and aggressive if someone tries to take something away from their territory. When a Scorpio loves you, they love you. To some people it may not be obvious to see because they can be secretive emotionally, holding back and not knowing how to express their emotions. They are more open in expressing them sexually. They are loyal lovers to the point of fighting for them & not letting go even when things get toxic. The males are more likely to become cold and detached sooner than the females in a toxic relationship especially when hurt. The women are more loyal in holding on, but when they realise it is not going anywhere. They are very much capable of moving on, and become very cold and detached.

So Scorpios are not all bad, most of their bad and negative traits come from a place of previous hurt and pain they have not dealt with and spoken about and let go. Most Scorpios need counselling, but usually sweep issues under the rug and try move on. It doesn’t work out well as they end up hurting people around them and hurting themselves. They need to learn to be more open with their pain, let go of their pain and only move on when they’re willing to let go and let the new person fully in.

toxic leo mother.


Leo (Sun, rising, moon) mothers are mostly going to feel toxic with earth/water sun sign children, rising or moon sign children more than Air/fire although they can feel some of the affects.

Leo mothers toxicity comes in the form of their emotions, reactions and expectations towards/of their children which can psychologically affect the children long term and their relationship with their mother.

Leo mothers are extremely prideful. Their pride comes in many different toxic forms.

1. Leo mothers have an inability to admit at fault pride. When a Leo mother has done wrong they are unlikely to give an explicit apology (unless they have a sign in their mercury/mars etc that is apologetic). They can show apology in other forms like suddenly being nice or trying to make conversation and gossip. Unfortunately for some children, they expect apologies because some Leo mother actions can be very hurtful & it’s only right they receive an apology. Leo mother is likely to refuse to give an apology because it lowers their rank on the hierarchy. “As a child, you should respect they are the mother, they will make mistakes but they shouldn’t have to lower themselves and apologise to you because mothers don’t do that” is their toxic mindset. They are incapable of admitting their mistakes.

2. Another toxic side of their pride is their inability to show emotional affection. Leo mothers can be too shy to show affection, if the “I love you”s haven’t always been said then it’s likely they never will. They can struggle giving a hug and comforting at times when is needed (they comfort in other ways) but to a sign who is more emotionally sensitive like water, they can find themselves and their emotions being ignored. Leo mums can also expect their children to toughen up and see crying and emotions as annoying/attention seeking and unable to see the side of the person going through this. Children end up hiding emotions or sharing it with others, not feeling a connection with their Leo mother.

3. Caring what people think is a pride leo mothers have. Leo can have expectations for children due to the fact that they think people are watching and even if there are people watching, they really care when they shouldn’t. Children make mistakes. Leo mothers care about popularity and children being a personal medal of success and perfection. A mistake a child makes hurts them in the “what will people think of me” sense. Which is toxic for children who just want to be showed the way.

4. Disrespect is a pride Leo have. Leo mothers can sometimes feel disrespected easily and become emotion. Leo mothers even when wrong feel like a child should shut up and not defend themselves. You simply pointing out their fault or why they’re wrong about something. Leo will feel disrespected and feel like you’re a rude child who has gone wrong and bad somewhere. Silencing children and not allowing themselves to defend themselves when they should is toxic. Leo mothers are very sensitive and have a warped view of respect. What they find respect is usually fear.

Leo mothers can be emotionally manipulative. Silent treatments are number one tactics with Leo mothers. When they are angry they have two ways of reacting:

1. it can come in the form of extreme petty anger where they throw verbal abuse and physical violence sometimes. The verbal abuse comes in the form of making people feel less than what they are, lowering their opinions of themselves through physical cusses or making them feel like idiots.

2. The other way of reacting can some in extreme silent treatment where they go multiple days not communicating with you. They will respond to what you ask, or ask questions directly to you. But mostly ignore you and so snide comments about you while you’re around so you can hear how they feel about you without telling you. They can also take their anger out on the people around them instead of you which can be toxic to other siblings around.

Leo mothers can be controlling. Especially towards their children and lovers, a lot of times they don’t like their children having a partner simply because it’s one less child to admire them also it takes away their own possession and some Leo mothers can view their children as their personal possession.

Leo mothers also do not allow the word no and can result to their silent treatments when a child says no to a favour they wanted done. They can behave like a child and throw their toys out their buggy and some children will result in saying yes for the simple fact of not wanting to be ignored by their mum.

One other toxic way Leo mothers can behave without them realising is through the company they keep. Leo mothers love popularity and can find themselves attracting a bad crowd or bad people who should not be around them or their children. Leo mothers will see this and ignore it or may completely not see it as they can be naive. Being a fixed sign they are unlikely to get rid of these friends unless they feel wronged but they’re likely to not get rid if they wrong them through their children. It can lead to children feeling like their mother is the popular girl at school while they’re the unpopular lot trying to fit in with her friends. Some children will find themselves growing resentment towards their mothers and being secretive especially since Leo mothers hide a lot of their lives from their children and lie a lot. Some children will grow up feeling insecure from their mothers constant verbal insults and how easy to disappoint and sensitive Leo mothers can be. The feeling of walking on egg shells can be high for some children in the household as they never know what mood their mother is in that day and even if she’s happy, they’re under whether she’s a bomb waiting to off.

sagittarius commitment thread.

Sagittarius (sun/venus/moon) have a bad rep for not being able to commit to someone which isn’t necessarily true.

The focus is all wrong, the issue is not whether or not they can commit because they can. The issue is whether or not they are ready to commit and this is something Sagittarius dont even know in themselves.

This sign is one of adventure and freedom, Jupiter is a planet of expansion. The biggest planet in our solar system. So naturally they want the freedom to be able to expand, grow, explore, roam and just be themselves and free. They are natural loners of the zodiac and are actually okay with being alone and don’t tend to run away from it (unless they have water placements in their moon/mars/mercury/venus then affection is needed so being alone and wanting company is a battle they face a lot)

Sagittarius love the idea of being in a relationship. Not because of the same reasons as signs like water who want affection or earth who want stability or Air who want sociability. Sagittarius don’t want to put their lives on pause and they romanticise on the idea of living their lives alongside someone. All their adventures, their success, their happiness, they want someone to share it with. Their knowledge, wisdom gained from research and/or travel, they want someone to teach it to. The truth/honesty/secrets in life they seek, they want to learn it from someone. This is what Sagittarius are seeking in relationships, this is why they want it. They’re also very animalistic and want someone they can release to sexually.

The issue is what comes with the rest of the nice part of commitment. The responsibilities. Sagittarius want all that fun, enjoyment, optimism and cheer with no responsibility of someone else’s emotions and happiness. Sagittarius are their own happiness and can sometimes struggle remaining happy around what they would consider negative people with negative moody energy. This is why relationships can be something they shy from. They are impatient people, although they would love to wipe your tears and cuddle you till you’re happy again, there’s only so much of that they can do. It gets boring and miserable and eventually turns them boring and miserable.

Sagittarius also get heavy relationship anxiety. Sag are not aware usually that their nature is to be alone until they are ready to commit. This comes at different stages for different people. But sag lead with emotions and impulse. They allow passion and the chase to take over everything else and focus on the fact that they want you. Ignoring the fact that once they have you, they may actually not be ready to take it to the next level. Once they have you the chase is over, so they are forced to face the facts that they are now either in a relationship or going to get into one. This realisation puts them in positions where they start to withdraw or realise, it isn’t for them.

Sagittarius women especially struggle with this. They can sometimes feel unworthy of love and although they are confident, they are fearful. That optimistic trait comes with a wanting to latch onto happiness and allowing themselves to emotionally commit sometimes scares them that later someone may not love them anymore once they really get to know them. Sag women are not super affectionate, so receiving affection is something they have not learned how to handle or absorb. They can reject it and lower their own value mentally through this. Seeing themselves as tough women who may not seem cute to a partner when that is not the case at all! It’s not that they can’t be in relationships, it’s that they didn’t realise they were not yet ready for one.

Sag men are mummy’s boys. Not all of them realise it but the relationship with their mothers can be at such a level they place a strong admiration on her and look for someone to mother them too. Especially the unruly mummy’s boys. The ones who went off the rails and now want someone that can steer them in the right direction and look for a mother in a woman. Sag men want to be babied and mothered. This can cause relationships to not be legit as it is a warped type of romance rather than a pure emotional one it should be. They don’t last, as mummy’s boys are entitled, spoiled and capable of ignoring guidance and rebelling.

The biggest reason why sag commitments don’t last is the serious tone relationships bring. Sag want a friend in a partner. They don’t want that extra seriousness that comes with it. The moment relationships turn into that the more claustrophobic sag feels, especially if all you do is argue, fight, see each other all the time (contradictory because they can be super clingy but long term can cause them to become too use to and eventually bored of you), stay at home etc. Even for anti social sag who do not want to go out, boredom in a relationship is suffocating. This can cause them to either want to leave it or sometimes just look for fun elsewhere. Cheating is not a sag thing however they are not anti it. It can happen. If it happens, it was not an emotional thing. Sag (depending on placement) can have unattached and unemotional sex just to feel that sense of freedom for a bit. For the sags that can’t get themselves to physically cheat on a partner, they can find themselves flirting and entertaining other people simply for fun and boredom purposes. They definitely do not like the person they’re doing it with. They’re in love with the one they’re doing it too. They just need stimulation and to feel as though they are not tied down with the boring parts of relationships.

So all in all sag can commit. They just need to learn to stop being super passionate and impulsive in decisions and actually look in themselves to see whether they are ready or not. If not, they should make it as clear as possible to all parties involved.

aquarius & cancer similarity.

Aquarius & Cancer Sun/moon/venus are similar in the way they view friendships and express their love to friends. It is a communicative expression of love & care rather than an emotional one. Also an attentive and reliable one, rather than a mental or material one.

Aquarius & Cancer are attentive to their friendships. They will usually check up on their friends well being & become active in ensuring their friends are okay and letting them know they were on their minds and they haven’t forgotten them. They do this differently but the idea is similar.

Aquarius tend to be more trusting and open than Cancer in making new friends. Little friends, or many friends they don’t mind. They just usually tend to have a lot of friends out of their dislike of cutting people off and forgiving nature. An Aquarius is capable of distinguishing friends from associates and has their select few friends with a heavy amount of associates. Instead of cutting off a friend, after constant violations which may take a while. You’ll just go lower in rank and become an associate instead. In a friendship Aquarius enjoy the company of their friends, whether it be chilling at home, going out to events, going to do activities with them or just checking up on their friends over the phone. Aquarius show love to their friends through saying yes. Aquarius will ensure they are always around for anything one of their friends invite them to or when a friend needs them emotionally. They are reliable because they are humanitarians of the zodiac. They want to be of aid and service to people. Their aim is to fix the world and make it a happy and better place. Aquarius show of love is the exact same show of love they want back from their friends. They want to feel needed and wanted. They want to feel missed. They can feel they are the ones doing the checking up on. They can also feel people cancel on them although they are always yes people, they can also sometimes feel alone when in pain (although they don’t always accept their own emotions, understand them and let people in). However they can sometimes feel that if they were checked up on, then their friend would be able to relieve them of their sadness or overthinking. But they don’t although Aquarius are always there through people’s sadness. Aquarius are not clingy in friendships like Cancer as they tend to have quite a lot of them than the average person, but they can still tend to feel alone. They value the company of others, they place a value in actually seeing their friends and people just aren’t as available as Aquarius are for them. Aquarius just need to try understand the different shows of affection. Friends are busy firstly and may not be able to handle the levels of attentiveness Aquarius wants. Friends may also just show their love through other ways. Once Aquarius understand there isn’t a right way, they’re likely to be less disappointed.

Cancer is similar too but different. Cancer has close friendships w a select few. They are also open to making new friends, but it’s not their goal, they’re okay either way and their clinginess and attentiveness is only shown to their close group. Aquarius on the other hand are not clingy at all, only to their partner. Cancer in friendships shows their love through also being attentive. You’re not far from a Cancers mind when you’re friends. Anything that happens to them, funny they see, gossip they have, event is going on, you are who they want to share it with. Even if it is to speak about nothing. You are who they want to share it with. Cancers are moody and emotional and can randomly begin to overthink and get in their feelings. Their feelings can sometimes be unbearable and although they don’t want someone to come fix it for them, they want to know the people they care about them show that they are there to be a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on when they wanna complain or vent. Cancers constantly feel as though people don’t care enough, aren’t as attentive as they are or fear that they bother people with their emotions. Cancers want to share especially since they’re secretive about their emotions with most people except their friends and partner. What Cancers don’t understand are friends who say no, friends who don’t check up on them to the point they are not aware that they’re going through something, friends who are selfish and don’t attend to their emotions and friends who are not as supportive as cancers are for them. Even when seeing this cancer will not drop you out, Cancer May likely not even voice their opinion and just keep in it until it gets too much or someone complains about them in friendships and makes them seem like rubbish friends and they take pride in being good friends. They tend to keep their close friends for life and only leave them if they get left and then they will leave with dignity and not beg for them back. What cancers need to try understand is the same as Aquarius. They should realise people’s support and help sometimes needs to be asked for rather than expected. People aren’t psychic and a lot of them have their own emotions and things to attend to. People are also battling their own demons which doesn’t allow them to be the best of friends. Not everyone is open about their problems like you are. Try to understand and not see things in the most pessimistic way possible.