sagittarius dark side.

Sagittarius are usually described as optimistic, friendly, outgoing, fun, adventurous, positive, funny, open minded, sociable, non-judgmental, calm people. And although many of this MAY be true. A lot of times they are not and they are prone to be some of the rudest, shittiest, moodiest, stubborn, emotional, sensitive, anti-social people. This is the dark sideContinue reading “sagittarius dark side.”

libra breakdown.

Let’s break down Libras today, help people understand their mentality towards most things. Complaints they may hear throughout their lives are: “why you such a push over?”, “why can’t you pick a side?”, “why don’t you have no time for me but lots of time for your friends?”, “why you got bare friends?” The answerContinue reading “libra breakdown.”

cancer dark side.

Cancers are forever described as kind natured/sweet people as they are part of the water signs which makes them sensitive. Apparently “empathetic”. Motherly and maternal. Also due to their ruler being the MOON which is “cold and moist” in nature they are in tune with their emotional side. Moistness representing tears and the basis forContinue reading “cancer dark side.”

understanding aries.

People don’t get Aries and it’s because although Aries are big personalities (whether introverted or extroverted) they have a wall up and don’t give much of themselves away to certain people. Aries are uncertain of how people will take their real raw uncut selves because growing up they were most likely told to calm down,Continue reading “understanding aries.”

taurus possessiveness.

Taurus are extremely possessive but their reasons are justified. Taurus symbol is a bull. A bull is stubborn and can not be pushed, only pulled from the front. Remember this. Mixed with the fact Taurus is a fixed sign which is also stubborn and immovable. It makes it impossible to change a Taurus mind aboutContinue reading “taurus possessiveness.”

do aquarians have emotions.

Simple answer is yes, a lot. Especially when something that is theirs & constant is being shared or they have a chance of losing it. Aquarius is a fixed sign & fixed signs are stubborn, firm and stable. They focus on maintaining things & keeping them as they are. This makes them possessive & jealousContinue reading “do aquarians have emotions.”