libra dark side.

Libra dark sides are harder to clock onto because Libra are aware of how to brand themselves to look well. They are their own personal PR and branding team. They have gift of the gab & they’re charmers but this is because they care about others opinions of them (which is a dark side inContinue reading “libra dark side.”

sagittarius pro/con.

SAGITTARIUS CHILD PRO – Adventurous yet obedient – Sporty – Enjoy learning, reading and education – Good conversations/non-judgemental/understanding – Life of the family/party – Have lots of friends so rarely need your time – Can have adult conversations but capable of remaining innocent like a child – Independent and not clingy/needy SAGITTARIUS CHILD CON –Continue reading “sagittarius pro/con.”

aries dark side.

Aries are a walking dark side to certain signs. Especially sensitive ones like Cancer, Leo, Taurus etc. Their dark sides are more based on personality differences and misunderstandings rather than actual malice, however some are influenced by insecurity & entertainment at the expense of others which means it’s a choice instead of accidental. The firstContinue reading “aries dark side.”

virgo dark side.

Virgo is an Earth sign. Associated with practicality, reliability & reclusiveness. Virgos are dark when they exhibit the extremes of Earth sign tendencies. They are very stubborn & immovable people when they want to be. Although Virgo is a mutable sign, which makes them way more flexible than the fixed Taurus Earth sign, it’s EarthContinue reading “virgo dark side.”

aquarius dark side.

Everyone somehow knows an Aquarius or has that one Aquarius friend because they’re sociable and friendly with everyone. But not many people actually KNOW an Aquarius? How many have actually WITNESSED their dark side? It’s so hidden because their outer persona is always positive & nice and people enjoy their company and benefit from theirContinue reading “aquarius dark side.”

capricorn dark side.

Capricorns are forever described as pretty bland. Business, business, business. When there’s way more to them than that. It’s a perfectionist picky sign that doesn’t allow just anyone into their lives, hence the confusion about what they’re really like or about. Unfortunately, I’m not here to flatter them. This is a DARK side thread, soContinue reading “capricorn dark side.”

pisces dark side.

At first appearance, Pisces are cute, bubbly, funny, weird and friendly type of people. Welcoming you with a smile, friendly conversation & outgoing personality. But the more you get to know a Pisces or enter their hit list, you see this is an aggressive Chihuahua with a sharp bite. Pisces is a water sign. WhichContinue reading “pisces dark side.”