virgo pro/con.


Virgo children are independent from a young age, they usually don’t need much from their parents and can do things alone. All they really need is someone to comfort them when they get things wrong, be there for them to communicate with and provide them with attention in the form of affection when needed and they will have everything else under control. This is a child that enjoys being babied through physical affection, compliments and acts of service and but also wants to be treated like an adult through being trusted, not being told what to do, being given freedom and not being shouted at. With those wishes abided by, they can be a bundle of joy. These kids are patient and have a high tolerance, most things they are pretty laid back by so they will rarely react to people pushing their buttons. Their laidback behaviour allows them to be funny children, they can make jokes out of their shortcomings, and even lighten moods where the parent is angry at them, so it is not so tense and awkward. They can be helpful kids because they do enjoy providing acts of service, but do not take advantage of them because you can burn them out. In their friendship groups, parents can expect them to get on with their friends at the beginning and rarely be the spark of the issues they are in. They are street smart and have a lot of wisdom through experience, trial and error and just trying things head on, so you can ensure that they can be left alone in the world and not be worried about your Virgo child. 


The issue is that these kids can sometimes want independence to the point they don’t allow a parent to be a parent. When these children do wrong, they do not want to be corrected, they just want comfort which can be annoying for a parent who can see a pattern of mistakes emerging and having a child who is too stubborn to listen. Virgo children become defiant when told what to do, they will purposely ignore the person and do what they want to do, to prove a point that they are in charge and to let the parent know they dislike being told what to do. This immaturity if not fixed early can go into adult age. Their fear of being told what to do is also mixed with a fear of disappointing people and being told off. They hate doing wrong or stuff their parents may not approve of because they hate the idea of people shouting at them or being disappointed in them, this fear breeds a lot of secrecy and doing things in private. The bad behaviour won’t necessarily stop, it will just be hidden to ensure they do not get told off and even after being caught, the likelihood of admittance is unlikely unless there is solid evidence. They will likely lie to get themselves out of situations. These children can be big liars and story tellers, but never for no reason, it is often to avoid blame or trouble. There dislike of answering to people and being subservient to others can go into the world of education where they can get into trouble due to disrespecting teachers or being cheeky and not following rules. Other school troubles can come from their friendship groups, Virgo kids can begin to see their friends as family and feel pressure to impress them. It can cause them to be easily influenced or pushed to do troublesome things. They also are wind ups and it can get them into a lot of trouble with others. 


Virgo’s love children, they are naturally maternal so because of this they naturally make very good parents. They provide children with fun and affection and communicate their love for them through buying them things and taking them out to places they can have fun. They show their love for their children through acts of service and helping them out with things and just being very hands on. Virgo parents are comedians and are usually naturally funny and make everyone laugh, without even trying. They laugh at their failures and allow themselves to be laughed at, the fact they don’t take things seriously allows the vibe at home to be very casual and light hearted. They behave silly with their children and allow their children to embrace their funny and silly side along with them. They are not very strict, so because of that, children are more their friends than they are their children. They tend to have a good casual and loving relationship where they can be themselves and Virgo parents do not judge much in that sense. They can make comments but they will unlikely try to dominate your personality and get you to be something you are not. They also are very understanding so through communication, things can be understood. Their flexibility allows them to not always be stubborn regarding things and minds can be changed. Virgo parents are not nosey so they generally mind their business and let you do your thing and live your life. They will ask about you but due to showing interest or being concerned instead of actually just asking to be nosey or judgemental. Their affection comes in the form of small kisses and hugs here and there but not a suffocating type, they are known to be very affectionate but also respectful of peoples space. 


Virgo parents issues are usually financially based. These parents can be greedy and selfish with their money in the sense that they want more and there’s no such thing as my “daughter/son” when it comes to finances. They will charge you rent or other financial things and treat you like a stranger with little patience if you do not commit to the rules set out for your payments. They can also make you feel guilty for asking for things because they don’t want to spend but will make it as though you’re ungrateful and ask for too much. Spoiling has to come naturally with them but when they’re asked, you’re unlikely to receive. Another is how busy they are, home life can be very mundane from time to time because Virgo can’t multitask and they will put effort towards their business while ignoring everything else. This can make them neglect important things, making them extremely unorganised which reflects on the children’s lives. Virgos communicate best with children, they are not that familiar with how to speak to adults even if they themselves are adults. Once their children are no longer kids, they may not know how to communicate with them and treat them the way they would like to be treated. It can become a very detached relationship with communication here and there but feelings of neglect from the children. 


Virgos love their friends as they don’t have many close ones. They tend to know a lot of people and have many associates and have many people who like them as well as dislike them but close friends are very minimal because they are so guarded and private. So when you are close to a Virgo that in itself is a privilege, you get to unlock a side of them a lot of people don’t have the pleasure of witnessing and experiencing. You get a defender, you get someone who will fight for you, someone who will do whatever they can do help you succeed and who will do whatever they can to ensure your requests are fulfilled and they help you with any troubles you face. You also get to see their vulnerability and emotional side as well as their personal side they hide from the world. Virgos are not open emotionally, they keep most of their emotional strife to themselves so seeing them be so willing to discuss this with you feels so rewarding to close friends of Virgos as they are usually the shoulder for others. Virgos will go above and beyond to do things for you, if you’re in financial need and they have it, they will help. If you need errands done, they will do them for you. If you need help starting a new business, they will give you advice and do the research necessary and be hands on with it initially to ensure your business thrives. They will always ensure you are working hard and they will motivate you when spirits are running low. Virgos will embarrass themselves defending you, Virgos are known to get involved in matters that do not involve them if their friends need the help. Although their help doesn’t exactly help simmer the situation down, you know their intentions are to defend your honour. Virgos rarely speak bad about their friends behind their backs, usually if they do, it’s an undeveloped Virgo. Bad mouthing someone who they have genuinely created a bond with and become close with is unlikely. They value friendships and being stable Earth signs, they will try to remain friends with you for a long time. 


The issue with Virgo friends is their lack of expressing how much they love and appreciate their friends. They can feel so much for you and of course show it through the ways they know how but unfortunately that’s not how everyone wants to be shown love. Especially if Virgo friends may do many other questionable things that can get their friends to doubt the respect they have for them. Virgo’s loyalty makes a lot of sense to them, I defend you when I don’t know the person but if I do, I am going to remain impartial. To some people, that’s not how loyalty works, they know their friendship means more to them than the other person involved, so they want Virgo to prioritise and be loyal to just them. Virgos priorities do not make sense to many of their friends and it can make people question their loyalty and wonder if many years of friendship means nothing to a Virgo. Virgo can live double live in regards to what their friends know about them and what they show to their friends. Virgo want to uphold this perfect image and dislike any form of judgement they forget that their friends won’t judge them so they end up lying and hiding things from their friends. It can make people wonder if they truly know their Virgo friend, there’s so much that you probably don’t. Virgo friendships can sometimes invite disrespect after there has been too much comfortability, more so with the female Virgos. They can have a petty streak, especially once they are comfortable enough to express their opinions without a filter. Their unfiltered version can be hurtful to some friends. Especially mid September Virgos. These struggle to multitask as been mentioned multiple times in this thread. So because of this when they’re busy with business, a new relationship, a new friendship or anything that can take their time. They will likely put their time on that and less time on you, this friendship is likely to become one where you speak here and there. And although you can always kick off where you left off the friendship, it is hard to have a consistent friendship unless they decide they want one. It can be selfish and you can go through many things alone. They are easily manipulated and swayed, new friends they now value can easily change their minds about you and get them to communicate their distaste towards you based on false information or a fake idea of you that has been fed, making them feel justified to go against you. 


In a relationship Virgos are very clingy partners. They enjoy spending every minute with you and being around you even if it means you’re both doing different things, the fact you’re together or close to them makes them happy. They are affectionate and love cuddling and kissing, as well as sex. Their sex style is usually love making and anything that involves them being affectionate and touchy feely in sex. They get pleased the more passionate the session is and are not the biggest fans of one night stands. Sex must have a meaning and they have to feel something for you so they can freely express their emotions during or it just won’t be a memorable experience for them. Their love language (giving rather than receiving) is often acts of service (their receiving love language is often acts of service, quality time and words of affirmation). When in love and in a relationship with you, they will provide and literally be your personal assistant.  Their aim is to make sure you’re served, taken care of and if they haven’t, they will feel like they’re useless and actually get stressed out because they feel as though they’re not doing their job properly. So long as they feel appreciated, this behaviour will continue. They will also try grow you as a person, support you through everything you decide to do and also try ensure you become successful, they’re so hardworking they don’t want you being left behind. Their happiness is both of you being at the top together, you being self made and them being self made too but even then, they still will likely forever provide. They will always want to travel with you, that is a part of their clinginess and restlessness. They want to be out and about with you wherever you go, they will likely follow and where they go, they will invite you. Holidays together will be common so long as they don’t have business to attend to. Another positive is the fact they will always defend you, their natural communicative nature will not allow them to allow you to be disrespected (unless they have venus influences) they will come to your defence in all things, even if you’re wrong. They will also believe you over rumours because you’ve entered the zone where they trust you and that trust is unwavering once you enter that place. (Even though at times, they’ll act as though it has wavered, this isn’t true, just a defence mechanism)


The cons of Virgos in a relationship is due to their mutable and earth qualities clashing. Their mutability can sometimes make them a little bored and lazy in a relationship. They can stop putting in effort and begin searching for something new to put effort into, but they are unwilling and unlikely to let you go because of their stability. They know you’re who they want, they know they don’t want anything new forever, they just know for the moment they want some fun. This can cause insecurity from the partner and confusion. It can cause infidelity from Virgo if it goes too far.  Another issue is the fact they don’t trust much, even though they trust you and have let you in, there’s always that part of them that typically does not like to let anyone in their emotions and understand their head fully. It’s because sometimes they see people as unreasonable beings and think they won’t understand or comfort them the way they wish they would or emotions are just a waste of time. The issue with this is, ignoring their emotions through communication they end up living and acting out their emotions. So for instance if they are angry at you, rather than verbalising that they are angry, they will likely do something they shouldn’t due to their anger. Causing more damage than good because more often than not, they end up regretting it. Their tunnel vision is another issue, many of these understand the world from their own eyes and romantically it can make their partner feel misunderstood, not fully fulfilled or judged a lot by their Virgo. Petty little arguments are common with Virgos. Their communicative sign dislikes letting issues go and will likely keep fighting an issue. Or sometimes they will purposely wind you up to get a reaction which can be annoying for partners involved. Lastly, the issue is multitasking. For signs who enjoy quality time and basic communication, Virgos may not be the best with this. They are very similar to Taurus in that they can’t juggle their time and sometimes the partner will have to deal with not receiving good mornings, or messages and when confronted, Virgo will not understand and go on defence mode. Defence mode Virgo doesn’t allow communication or space for constructive criticism. 


  • Capricorn – Virgo feels affection and is comforted, there isn’t much spark here – 8/10
  • Aquarius – both couples love each other but not passionate enough, more platonic – 5/10
  • Pisces – this coupling is messy but common, they make good heated passionate friends but both want more – 8/10
  • Aries – Virgo doesn’t understand Aries, Aries doesn’t trust Virgo, both play games – 5/10
  • Taurus – A couple with a lot in common, capable of making happy but always seem to meet at the wrong time – 8/10
  • Gemini – both tryna tame each other but not focusing on themselves – 5/10
  • Cancer – can work well if cancer stands their ground and Virgo doesn’t manipulate – 7/10
  • Leo – Leo doesn’t understand what Virgo wants, however they are what they need – 5/10
  • Virgo – They can both be a hot mess together 💜 – 9/10
  • Libra – This is what Virgo wants but not what Virgo needs, passion dies when Virgo realises that – 5/10
  • Scorpio – danger danger, HIGH VOLTAGE – 3/10
  • Sagittarius – Common match, one that can go either way, either of them can let the other down, question is who will do it first – 6/10

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I am a 22 year old, self taught astrologer from London. I’m a Sagittarius sun, Pisces moon, Virgo rising. I got into astrology when I first liked someone and struggled to read everything about them. Being the over thinker I am, I hated wondering because I’d always fill in the blanks with my own assumptions. I wanted everything to be as transparent as possible, seeing as reading them was like attempting to read hieroglyphics. (They’re a Taurus btw, hopefully you can understand my struggle now) Anyway, I searched “what are Taurus like in love", which led to “how to know a Taurus loves you” which led to “Sagittarius and Taurus relationship”, everything they said was literally a mirror of my partner and also true of our situationship. Long story short, it ended. But I got into a longer and better relationship. One with myself and astrology! Since then I’ve looked up everything I could on everything I could. Still learning and still growing. So I’m basically here to share my knowledge and growth with you along the way. I hope you enjoy. Thank you.

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