love island s4 e44

Love Island Season 4 Episode 44

Multiple times we have seen Georgia (Aries) doing toxic things and masking it by screaming about how loyal she is.

Last episode Black Jack (Capricorn) told Sam, in an attempt to make him feel more comfortable about his decision that he made, that if he was in the same shoes as Sam (when Sam had to decide whether to leave the villa with Georgia (Aries) or stay in the villa uncoupled wirh Georgia and he chose staying in and splitting) he would’ve chosen to stay too. Sam told Georgia (Aries) this and she went to tell Laura (Taurus) this information. Laura is coupled up with Black Jack (Capricorn) so naturally, she would be irritated. It is even worse because of the fact that Laura is your typical dark side Taurus. She has major trust issues, she is super insecure and frankly she is very stubborn and headstrong in opinions. Georgia (Aries) tried to act as though telling Laura (Taurus) was in her best interest. But it obviously wasn’t. There was spite and malice involved. She aimed to hurt her and let her know what Black Jack’s (Capricorn) “true intentions” are.

Dark side Aries can be insecure and when channeled and not properly regulated, can be extremely bitter and attention seek to the highest degree. They can cause drama for attention and can spread spiteful rumours or tell people hurtful truths with the aim of lowering someone else’s confidence and boosting their own. Georgia is a prime example of this. You can see it through how she treats Josh (Cancer) and Kaz, Laura (Taurus), Black Jack (Capricorn) and others in the house. Luckily, everyone sees through “Loyal” G.

Some may find what Black Jack (Capricorn) said as disloyal to Laura (Taurus) seeing as he is coupled up with her and if he did like her, then he should want to leave the villa with her too. But Black Jack is a typical Capricorn in the sense that he is logical and realistic. He knows realistically, as he had mentioned before, him and Laura may not work long term. He also knows that their relationship currently is not in the best or strongest of positions. Capricorn men would never completely put their eggs in one basket unless they are totally in love with you. They could be happy with you, but if there is a better potential elsewhere and they are not in a relationship with you, they will leave. He could see leaving with Laura would put himself in a stupid situation because he came to find love and he would leave with someone he doesn’t necessarily love or realistically see working. His comments were not “snakey”, but honest, mature and realistic.

In other news, Wes told Megan (Pisces) that he loves her. In a cutely awkward and teen like scene. She also said she has fallen in love with him too. The news doesn’t come as a shock her being a Pisces. I know Pisces can be quick to catch feelings, but their feelings are often genuine. Even if it is short lived (due to their mutable nature) it doesn’t remove the fact it was honest and true at the time. Let’s just hope that in this situation Megan does not get bored like her fellow Piscean counterparts and her and Wes live happily ever after outside of the villa.

Dani (Leo) telling Laura that Paul is for her came from a genuine place. Leo’s enjoy giving their opinion and advice to people they care about, they are natural caretakers and leaders. Like a lion looking after their cubs. Leo’s tend to take a leadership role and look after the people around them that they have let in. That is what Dani was trying to do when she told Laura to talk to Paul as she is better suited to him, instead of Black Jack but Laura wasn’t having any of it.

Laura (Taurus) got offended by this gesture, and said she hates the idea of people sticking their nose in her business and telling her who to talk to and to not talk to Black Jack. Her seeing it negatively came from her typical Earthy nature. When the women become emotionally invested, they ride for their partners (to a fault). They are stable and the idea of pursuing other people is offensive to them and offensive to the person they like. They find it disrespectful to even insinuate they would get with someone else especially if they see nothing wrong in their partner. They find their partners perfect regardless of any ups and downs, but would rather any decision for leaving comes from them than the advice of others. So Laura naturally would find offence in what Dani said even though it did not come from a bad place.

Following, Laura (Taurus) went to tell Black Jack (Capricorn) about the conversation she had with Dani. She interrupted a conversation he was having with one of the new girls in which he was trying to get to know the girl more. It eventually led to him telling Laura his doubts about their age differences, the distance in where they’re from and other things. Although she was adamant in that she did not want to talk to any of the new guys, he was obviously not on the same page. This isn’t him being disloyal and her being loyal but rather her having fallen deeper for him than he has for her. So he doesn’t see the need to completely ignore any further options. But she is so devoted, she doesn’t see the need to entertain other options. There is definitely a conflict of interests.

The final discussion between the two of them Black Jack (Cap) and Laura (Taurus) is the most reflective of two of their signs. He ends it with Laura and tells her he wants to talk to other girls in the villa and keep his options over. Due to the fact that he doesn’t see it working outside of the villa. But the demise of their relationship was a domino affect. It really began with Laura ending it after the whole Black Jack and Georgia kiss fiasco. Which is a typical dark Taurus move. She ended it to be chased and reassured, she also felt very insecure in the relationship. It unfortunately isn’t her fault, it stemmed from a bad history with Wes and him leaving her for Megan. Unfortunately, it will be hard for her to not reflect these insecurities on future love interests. But many will not be able to hack it. A Capricorn like Black Jack definitely would not. Let’s hope she finds happiness and someone to reassure her and get her confidence back.

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