gemini pro/con.


Gemini children are typical of their planet influences – Mercury. From a young age, they love to communicate. This can be through many means like music, talking, sports, reading, role playing. They enjoy being active and find themselves constantly on the go, trying new things. Communication also comes through the amount of friends they make. They can find meeting new people easy and popularity may be high. They tend to be friendly children and devoted to their pals. Always wanting to be the host of a sleep over or inviting their friends over. They enjoy trying different and new things, so they’ll have a range of hobbies. Making people laugh, both adults and children is a hobby they particularly enjoy. They are strong and very laid back.


Their communication in other aspects may be high but in the emotional realm, they suffer. They may struggle expressing their own emotions or just understanding them. Gemini is the sign of the twins. One moment your Gemini child may be a bundle of joy and energy, the next minute they’re lazy, apathetic and moody. It can be hard dealing with the changes of moods in a child. They may be secretive of things as Gemini children keep their cards close to their chest. And their mouth as well as fickle behaviour, may get them into some trouble.


A Gemini parent is always looking out for their child’s needs. But take a particular interest in their child’s wants. A Gemini parents child will usually be the best dressed and the spoiled one. They are humorous and fun to be around, they love making jokes and making everyone laugh. Gemini parent is also known for their communication, they are logical thinkers so getting logical advice and help is perfect with them. Gemini parents enjoy going out and taking their children outdoors, usually will have the best holidays or enjoyable day outings.


Being a mutable Air sign, their characteristics will come out as a parent. Unfortunately sometimes Gemini’s just don’t feel like parenting. This don’t mean they’ll stop being a parent, but this means they can be inconsistent with the energy they give. A child who values stability and security (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) May feel very unstable and not secure. The logical thinking may cause them to understand their children’s emotional needs and neglect that side. Gemini’s lack of expressing emotions too can make their relationship with their children more superficial than emotional or an affectionate one. Routine needs to improve and remembering that spoilt milk can turn rotten. Money doesn’t buy happiness or love.


Gemini friends are the comedians of the group, they can make you laugh so much effortlessly. They usually are really generous financially and buy you the best gifts or offer to take you out for dinner on them. They’re really spontaneous, it is hard to keep up with them. They don’t stick by routine or pre-plan often. They’re usually going wherever the wind and their mood takes them so they’re fun and anything goes with them. They give the best gossip and can entertain you with what they know about everyone and anyone, being sociable makes it easy to find out the best tea. Parties, dinners, events etc, they’re usually the ones to invite you to them. As well as introduce you to new friends. They usually become part of the family or you become part of theirs.


Gemini can have too many groups of friends which can be difficult to maintain. Someone will always feel left out and someone will always feel unappreciated or undervalued. They can also sometimes remain equally loyal to everyone which doesn’t sit right with some because they see themselves as deserving of the most loyalty which can result in Gemini’s appearing disloyal. Gemini are a sign of communication, they may sometimes communicate things that they shouldn’t be to people they shouldn’t be. Although to them, there is no malicious intent. The deed in itself is malicious and it will hurt others. Apologies are too often and it can cause them to be both weightless and meaningless. People can feel as though Gemini’s are users or extremely fickle.


Gemini being ruled by mercury – the planet of communication are heavy communicators in love. They are great at picking gifts, wooing you with their charm, supporting and helping you with anything you may desire or just bettering you as a person, complimenting you, showing you off and boosting your confidence. You’ll never doubt that a Gemini loves you and if you do, then they simply don’t love you. A Gemini is passionate about the person they love and wants them all to themselves, but wants the world to know how much they love you and how beautiful you are. A Gemini can be happy so long as they are in a loving relationship with someone who understands them as they often feel misunderstood, someone who is patient with them and someone who doesn’t tell them what to do as they require support in whatever direction they decide to go through. They will provide you with the same time of comfort back.


These logical signs may struggle being emotionally equipped to deal with a more emotional lover (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer – especially moons). They may provide security in love through words of charm and gifts of love. But they struggle being emotionally available, understanding the emotional thoughts and behavioural patterns of others isn’t easy for them. Hence why they could result in doing things that hurt others without remorse because they think logically rather than emotionally. Sometimes they may lie or hide things when trying to think emotionally, thinking it’s the best solution when it is not. As lovers, their mutable quality of being fickle and easily bored may cause partners to always be on edge and feeling unstable in this relationship. Gemini’s are attracted to nice things, so their eyes may wonder. Not all the time however as ultimately their love for you is what holds the most weight. When the anti-social twin comes out, they may detach from all things romantic and people and want their own time and space including from you. A sigh who understands this is best for them (Gemini/libra/Aquarius) a sign who expects affection all the time and is extremely passionate (Sagittarius/leo/Aries) May struggle in a relationship like this, not respecting Gemini’s need for space and their own time. These are extremely busy people and struggle multitasking their groups of friends or ideas and sometimes lovers will take the burden.


Gemini is a talented sign with many ideas and capabilities of being the best in their field. They are intelligent signs and even if it is not in the educational sense, they have it in the worldly sense. They are capable of meeting people, building contacts and connections through networking and working hard to ensure they learn and progress in whatever they are trying to achieve. These people are motivated by doubters more than compliments as they already have big egos. They live to prove everyone who doesn’t understand them or doubts them wrong. They are independent workers and rarely need the help of others in terms of creativity and getting started. They are go getters and enjoy spending hard earned money from the fruits of their labour.


Gemini’s creativity can be an issue if they do not know how to channel it, plan how to properly execute it and determine when it is best to begin or end something. The problem here is that they have too many great ideas, they can sometimes be a jack of all trades and masters of one. Not knowing they can be masters of ALL trades with enough patience and endurance. They need to learn to not be fickle in ideas and stick through something till they reach the top and then try something else rather than trying to juggle everything at once or quitting things from boredom. Another issue is their lack of taking direction. Gemini are so dominant and self assured that they sometimes believe they know best and can be stubborn in taking and receiving advice and implementing it. Causing issues with working with people and if it’s a field in which they need them, they can create enemies. Gemini can also be extremely opinionated/temperamental and need good PR skills. Take Kanye West, Azealia Banks, Tommie for example. They are all talented and have the capabilities of exceeding in things but can let their emotions and opinions take control and cause irreversible damage to their brands and success. They can be their own worst enemy. Also sometimes they can get demotivated, lazy, apathetic and antisocial when the other twin comes out. Causing them a struggle of getting back into their mojo and not being interested in much. A type of depression and loss of direction and self worth. It is important to not get themselves into this trap through just seeing opinions of others as constructive, accepting help from others, being open minded, taking time off for fun and a break and therapy or meditation to ensure their emotional needs are not being neglected.


⁃ Capricorn – 3/10

⁃ Aquarius – 9/10

⁃ Pisces – 6/10

⁃ Aries – 7/10

⁃ Taurus – 4/10

⁃ Gemini – 9/10

⁃ Cancer – 3/10

⁃ Leo – 7/10

⁃ Virgo – 5/10

⁃ Libra – 9/10

⁃ Scorpio – 4/10

⁃ Sagittarius – 8/10

Published by Zoraya Astrology

I am a 22 year old, self taught astrologer from London. I’m a Sagittarius sun, Pisces moon, Virgo rising. I got into astrology when I first liked someone and struggled to read everything about them. Being the over thinker I am, I hated wondering because I’d always fill in the blanks with my own assumptions. I wanted everything to be as transparent as possible, seeing as reading them was like attempting to read hieroglyphics. (They’re a Taurus btw, hopefully you can understand my struggle now) Anyway, I searched “what are Taurus like in love", which led to “how to know a Taurus loves you” which led to “Sagittarius and Taurus relationship”, everything they said was literally a mirror of my partner and also true of our situationship. Long story short, it ended. But I got into a longer and better relationship. One with myself and astrology! Since then I’ve looked up everything I could on everything I could. Still learning and still growing. So I’m basically here to share my knowledge and growth with you along the way. I hope you enjoy. Thank you.

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