incompatible signs. (incomplete)

Pisces and Libra

This is a match of water and air as well as mutable and cardinal. The first reason is their bigger cause for downfall, the second is a possibility for a troublesome relationship if they don’t use their qualities well.

The two are usually attracted to each other heavily, Pisces are attracted to Libra because they challenge them. They’re not just people who take shit, Libras have an attitude, they’re natural comedians and they’re capable of debating and argument. These are things Pisces fall for in a person, someone they can laugh with and someone that can be slightly dominant and aggressive when they’re misbehaving. Pisces don’t like a boring easy ride relationship, they want fun w the tiniest bit of drama (only if they’re the ones bringing it) and someone who can handle it. Libra’s are attracted to Pisces devotion, their affection and kindness, the way they make them feel loved but also their humour, sarcasm and annoyingly cheeky nature. Libra enjoys someone they can be friends with, have fun with but can make them feel loved and admired. Initially the incompatibility will be there but nothing too drastic. They have petty little arguments here and there, sometimes get heated sometimes don’t. But they always make up because their feelings for each other outweigh the stupidness. Libras issues w Pisces is their incapability of ignoring temptation. They feel Pisces can sometimes act out of impulse and emotion and do unforgivable things, especially because Pisces don’t come out and admit their issues, Libra usually has to find out themselves or elsewhere. Pisces feel they can disrespect libra due to the fact libra is pretty naive and trusts Pisces. Pisces however sometimes breaks this trust and comes back w apologies that Libra eventually will no longer accept. As forgiving as they are, they have a breaking point. Pisces issue with Libra is their sly behaviour. Pisces have strong intuition and can sometimes feel as though libra isn’t as innocent as they make out they are. Libra give it as good as Pisces give it, difference is libra can hide it better, and even when caught Libra refuses accountability and can make Pisces feel at fault for their own wrongdoings. The two struggle to see each other’s POV, their both what each other wants but not what each other needs. Pisces needs affection, loyalty, transparency and someone who can put them in line. Libra needs love, to feel valued, to be respected and someone they can show off. Libra doesn’t give Pisces the affection and honesty they want, Pisces doesn’t give libra the respect and love they want. The arguments increase to the point of no return and they usually eventually have to leave. This is just sum however, other placements can improve this Union. Pisces being mutable is capable of changing and being what libra wants, Libra has to not be so forward moving and focus on changing their bad traits to also improve the relationship they’re in.

Taurus and Leo

This relationship is weirdly common considering they’re two fixed signs with two completely different out looks on life but they’re also infuriatingly similar. Taurus is stubborn and fixed and so is Leo. They are usually attracted to each other based on the emotion they both give each other but this is exactly why they fall out. Taurus enjoys Leo’s capability of being outgoing, out spoken, charming, and outwardly attractive and popular. Taurus being venus charged love all things beautiful and anything that shares that same love for beauty, Taurus finds attractive and intriguing. Leo is that as they are extravagant, bold, generous and frivolous in their spending. It’s that carefreeness Taurus wishes they had. Leo is attracted to Taurus’s gentle and loving nature. Taurus makes Leo feel like royalty, they’re generous with them and constantly want their time and don’t want it shared. The fixed possessiveness of Taurus is attractive to Leo at first because it makes them feel wanted, craved and admired. Leo likes the attention Taurus gives them but at the same time, the fact Taurus doesn’t give everything away all at once. It makes Leo work for it and they are the lions who want to chase.

This union messes up because of THESE EXACT REASONS. Leo wants freedom and wants to live life with no restrictions, Taurus can become suffocating and possessive. They can be extremely immovable and unable to see Leo’s POV. Leo thinks Taurus is selfish and also hides things as well as emotions, so they’re undeserving of a Leo’s love. Taurus view Leo as unreliable and untameable. Taurus want stability and can begin to doubt whether Leo is the person to bring that and when a Taurus is in doubt, even if they’re there physically, their mind begins to wander and spiritually, mentally and emotionally they leave. By the time Taurus leaves physically, it’s too late because they had disconnected time ago. Leo and Taurus lack communication, leo has too much pride and feel chasing Leo and explaining themselves to them to reassure them is so tiresome and unnecessary. Taurus refuses to communicate because sharing their emotions is counterproductive and frankly, they see it as you should have got it right the first time because it’s obvious. The two just butt heads constantly, debates turn to arguments, distaste isn’t properly spoken about, they just drift without proper closure. It can work if the two have more mutable placements but if they’re strongly fixed, it’s DOOMED!

Aquarius and Capricorn

This is a blend of fixed and Cardinal as well as Air and earth. A mess. I always say fixed and cardinals should stay away from each other because fixed’s are too set in their ways to change and cardinals are too forward thinking to worry about changing what’s here right now. These two are initially attracted to their capabilities of being free and natural with each other. Aquarius are extremely laid back people who are about being goofy, playful, energetic and silly. Capricorn take themselves more serious, have a dry sense of humour with a need for stability. Capricorn becomes a lot more laid back, free and goofy with Aquarius while Aquarius learns responsibility, has fun and learns new things through the many intellectual discussions and conspiracy theory talks the two have. They become really good friends with a lot of love and respect for each other. Aquarius brings different energies in the relationship, dominant as well as submissive which fits well with Capricorn as they’re also capable of being both too. The issue here is the commitment issues present from the start. Sometimes Cardinal signs, in this case Capricorn can be too forward thinking they move too fast and can be too forceful for Aquarius who gets scared or slightly put off by all this affection and need for them. Aquarius love love but would rather be the aggressor in the situation than the ones being the aim of it. Aquarius withdrawal can eventually lead to Capricorn moving elsewhere to something which seems it can actually be conquered. Aquarius don’t like the feeling of letting go, in this situation, the inner fighter comes out and they could find the tables turning completely with Aquarius becoming super jealous, possessive and needy and Capricorn not understanding where this came from and doing their own thing while playing around with Aquarius feelings. Point is, the two mess around with each other too much they both act right either too early (Capricorn) or too late (Aquarius) and it ends up being a hot mess with each party feeling justified for their behaviour and wronged by the other. These two signs can lack accountability and lack movement in ideals, causing them to clash and not really change for each other. The two can work if they have more easy going flexible placements, and can just stop the games and act right with each other. If not, they should just settle on being friends.

Gemini and Scorpio

Devil mix! Lol joking. This is a mixture of mutable Air and fixed water and funnily enough, it could actually work. The initial attraction is hardcore sexual energy and physical attraction. They love the vibe the both of them give out. Gemini’s great conversation skills, humour and I don’t give a fuck attitude is what attracts Scorpio to them. They want to change them and make them “give a fuck” about them. Gemini’s are attracted to Scorpios humour, their fiery and watery blend of Dont fuck w me and I’m an emotional wreck mixed with their mysterious sexual sly aura, it makes Gemini see them as perfect to be long term partners with as they will be a challenge as well as provide them with the affection they need and want. This attraction remains lasting long however the relationship, peace and harmony doesn’t.

Published by Zoraya Astrology

I am a 22 year old, self taught astrologer from London. I’m a Sagittarius sun, Pisces moon, Virgo rising. I got into astrology when I first liked someone and struggled to read everything about them. Being the over thinker I am, I hated wondering because I’d always fill in the blanks with my own assumptions. I wanted everything to be as transparent as possible, seeing as reading them was like attempting to read hieroglyphics. (They’re a Taurus btw, hopefully you can understand my struggle now) Anyway, I searched “what are Taurus like in love", which led to “how to know a Taurus loves you” which led to “Sagittarius and Taurus relationship”, everything they said was literally a mirror of my partner and also true of our situationship. Long story short, it ended. But I got into a longer and better relationship. One with myself and astrology! Since then I’ve looked up everything I could on everything I could. Still learning and still growing. So I’m basically here to share my knowledge and growth with you along the way. I hope you enjoy. Thank you.

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