compatible signs.

Your sign could have another one it’s really compatible with but only picking a sign each or we’ll be here forever. Different thread per match to make it easier to navigate through.


Starts off well. Fixed Leo’s ways are tolerable for Gemini who is mutable and can bend to fit Leo. The two are popular, sociable and do not suffocate each other with rules and regulations. Gemini teaches Leo how to give and receive affection. Spoils Leo and Leo spoils Gemini material wise. Leo and Gemini both support each other. Gossip, fun, laid back conversations between two people who love and bend over backwards for each other causes them to be deeply connected. The two however both have tempers. Gemini is jealous outwardly, Leo is jealous inwardly. The two are very controlling and both seek dominancy. Both however don’t practise what they preach and can be contradictory. Controlling contradictory behaviour can eventually lead to explosive arguments. Leo can handle just about anything except disloyalty. Gemini can handle just about anything except boredom and sharing. The two can work if they share power.


Best friends. The two hit it off in a friendly manner. Play fighting, being silly and childish behaviour. Aquarius and sag both allow each other to feel comfortable and be weird around each other with no restrictions. Although the individually love their space and freedom, together they become codependent. Wanting to talk to each other constantly and becoming super clingy. They are not an affectionate couple as they shy away from expressing these emotions but still feel deeply for each other. This relationship however goes too quick and there can be a power struggle. No one in this relationship likes being told what to do. Sag is controlling and Aquarius dislikes it. Sag dislikes that Aquarius doesn’t listen. Sag can feel the conversation only reaches a certain level and doesn’t get deeper than that eventually getting bored. Aquarius gets tired of sag flaky mutable nature. There is no stability and it makes Aquarius uncomfortable.


Flashy couple. The two hold themselves to a high standard publicly so they are attracted to each other and what the two can potentially bring to the relationship. Both enjoy the idea of growth and can see it happening for the two of them in the relationship. Both are also impulsive and fast paced in relationships so this relationship moves quick with no hesitation. The two have a mutual understanding of freedom. They can accept being in an open relationship no problem. They are not annoyingly clingy or possessive of each other and sex as well as affection is shown a lot. They love spending and giving to each other, especially Aries who overly indulges and shares in their partner. Libra shows Aries off to all their friends which makes Aries feel very loved and admired. The two however start to clash when their flirtatious and petty nature mix. They want freedom but want each other’s to only be each other’s. It can cause jealousy, possessiveness and arguments. The two also argue out of boredom which can cause a toxic environment. The two are not as open in expressing things and can find themselves hiding stuff from each other which can cause distrust and anger in the relationship.


Cancer is the dopey one and Taurus is the one who keeps everything in line for cancer. Cancer tries to act tough and emotionless but crumbles as Taurus is actually tough. So Taurus ends up being cancers shoulder and ear to rant while Taurus keeps it strong for Cancer. Taurus and Cancer are a laid back couple who are more stay at home than go out but still don’t mind the go out. The two love each other’s company and are clingy but not in a suffocating way, they also respect each other’s space. Taurus loves cancers kindness and patience also obedience. Cancer loves Taurus’s dominance, intelligence and calm/aloofness. Cancer should just learn to stand ground more as Taurus is not always right. Taurus should learn to not be as stubborn and actually accept Cancers way and stop seeing themselves as right all the time. Taurus should learn to be a bit more affectionate with Cancers mood swings and stop being overly critical and dismissive, and Cancer should try articulate their moods better with more logic so Taurus can understand.


Cardinal/fixed mix works well as Capricorn can tolerate Scorpios fixed tendencies. The two are pretty similar in lack of trust, traditional values, hidden emotions and mysteriousness. So because of this, they understand it in each other and don’t force themselves out of that element. This makes for a happy relationship with the two actually opening up to each other slowly as no one rushes anyone. The two are very self motivated people who are constantly busy and on the go, so although they love each other’s company, they respect each other’s space and provide that. Scorpio and Capricorn both help each other progress onto the next level. They have nice intellectual debates and physical affection. The issue with this relationship is they are both paranoid and can suspect each other’s secrecy. They also lack communication skills which can lead to arguments from time to time. Patience is too much to the point Scorpio can let things slide more than they should. Possession and jealousy is high on Capricorn’s part, Scorpio May eventually feel drained and in a one sided relationship filled with hypocrisy.


Works but I usually hate two mutables together. They’re usually too wishy washy and flaky to ensure this relationship lasts. However on the occasion that they do. It works. Virgo is similar in Sag that they want friendships in a relationships. Pisces and Virgo have a good friendship, they have weird banter and Virgo loves bullying Pisces. While Pisces loves winding Virgo up. The two love laughing at each other and themselves it becomes a proper friendship based relationship. They’re comfortable around each other, with lots of debates that Virgo will win as Pisces starts arguing based on emotion after a while. The two are childish with emotions and can struggle showing them. Pisces acts hard out of protection, Virgo does too but out of shyness. Pisces is still very giving and kind, so is Virgo but Virgo can begin to walk over Pisces once starting to get bored. Pisces can begin to also get bored and irritated and cause problems and drama. The two can become messy long term as it is too friendship based they get overly comfortable with each other.

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I am a 22 year old, self taught astrologer from London. I’m a Sagittarius sun, Pisces moon, Virgo rising. I got into astrology when I first liked someone and struggled to read everything about them. Being the over thinker I am, I hated wondering because I’d always fill in the blanks with my own assumptions. I wanted everything to be as transparent as possible, seeing as reading them was like attempting to read hieroglyphics. (They’re a Taurus btw, hopefully you can understand my struggle now) Anyway, I searched “what are Taurus like in love", which led to “how to know a Taurus loves you” which led to “Sagittarius and Taurus relationship”, everything they said was literally a mirror of my partner and also true of our situationship. Long story short, it ended. But I got into a longer and better relationship. One with myself and astrology! Since then I’ve looked up everything I could on everything I could. Still learning and still growing. So I’m basically here to share my knowledge and growth with you along the way. I hope you enjoy. Thank you.

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