capricorn pro/con.


⁃ Independent and doesn’t need much guidance

⁃ Intelligent and enjoys learning new things

⁃ Enjoys teaching people and having conversations about the things they know

⁃ have a mature relationship with parents, not grow up fast

⁃ Foodies! Not the types of children who are picky with food

⁃ Very understanding because wild beyond their age

⁃ Not noisy children


⁃ Can be very disrespectful

⁃ They forget they are a child at times and can try play adult roles

⁃ Extremely bossy and controlling

⁃ Nosey in that they slyly listen to adult conversations

⁃ Can be knowingly hurtful as they are smart enough to understand what hurts people and when to use it

⁃ Can be anti social at times instead of interacting with others, can come across as shy or unwelcoming

⁃ Can be condescending unknowingly


⁃ Constantly trying to provide for the family

⁃ Hard worker which is inspirational to children and pushes kids to work hard too

⁃ Try their hardest to be the best version of themselves as a parent they can be

⁃ Extremely supportive

⁃ Authoritative and perfect at teaching and guiding children

⁃ Enjoy being entertaining


⁃ Not emotionally equipped to dealing with emotional children

⁃ Can sometimes place importance on hard work more so than spending time with children

⁃ Apply too much pressure on children with success, they miss out on an actual childhood

⁃ Can lack affection

⁃ Controlling and when losing control can manipulate to get what they want


⁃ Really funny friends with a weird/rude sense of humour

⁃ Relaxed and enjoyable to be around and good company

⁃ Good to talk to when struggling and to vent to

⁃ Listen without judgement and give good advice

⁃ When you get to know them, you can silly with them

⁃ They are helpful, go above and beyond

⁃ Protective


⁃ At first appearances can come across as really rude with their banter

⁃ Sometimes boring and blunt

⁃ They can be sensitive and don’t let things go

⁃ They can play innocent in situations they cause on themselves

⁃ They can be bossy and controlling


⁃ They do the most for you

⁃ Very generous financially with their partner

⁃ They put up with a lot when in love

⁃ Extremely sexual

⁃ They are not super clingy as they are independent and usually doing their own thing

⁃ Drama free

⁃ Always trying to give advice to grow their partner


⁃ Play innocent and can constantly feel sorry for themselves

⁃ Hard to read

⁃ Can manipulate and control the person especially to get what they want

⁃ Domineering but don’t like being told what to do

⁃ Not always affectionate, it is on and off

⁃ Cards close to their chest

⁃ Lie often


⁃ Usually have a kink

⁃ Not closed off in bed, somewhat open

⁃ Sensual and romantic lovers

⁃ Domineering lovers

⁃ High libido


⁃ Can be selfish lovers, focussing more on their own enjoyment

⁃ Can sometimes lie to get what they want sexually

⁃ Can treat sex like a business transaction and forget about being sensual and romantic after

⁃ Known to have weird/taboo fetishes.


⁃ Extremely self motivated

⁃ Good at networking and using people to get what they want or where they need to be

⁃ Can manage a group of people well as they are organised

⁃ Perfectionists

⁃ Hard working


⁃ Can be limited in trying new things

⁃ They are not risk takers

⁃ Some things need to be left alone, their incapabilities of letting go can have them working at something with little to no progress and not leaving it

⁃ Don’t take enough breaks

⁃ Can sometimes lack the ability to know whether a career just isn’t for them

Published by Zoraya Astrology

I am a 22 year old, self taught astrologer from London. I’m a Sagittarius sun, Pisces moon, Virgo rising. I got into astrology when I first liked someone and struggled to read everything about them. Being the over thinker I am, I hated wondering because I’d always fill in the blanks with my own assumptions. I wanted everything to be as transparent as possible, seeing as reading them was like attempting to read hieroglyphics. (They’re a Taurus btw, hopefully you can understand my struggle now) Anyway, I searched “what are Taurus like in love", which led to “how to know a Taurus loves you” which led to “Sagittarius and Taurus relationship”, everything they said was literally a mirror of my partner and also true of our situationship. Long story short, it ended. But I got into a longer and better relationship. One with myself and astrology! Since then I’ve looked up everything I could on everything I could. Still learning and still growing. So I’m basically here to share my knowledge and growth with you along the way. I hope you enjoy. Thank you.

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