aries pro/con.


⁃ Funny and brings the laughs

⁃ Really active and enjoy going out

⁃ Extremely playful and energetic

⁃ Cute and loveable

⁃ A good mix of independence and attached

⁃ Bubbly and pessimistic children, rarely in a mood for long

⁃ Brave and courageous children

⁃ Headstrong and know what they want


⁃ Annoying as hell, love teasing people

⁃ Can be extremely stubborn, don’t like being told what to do

⁃ Cheeky and rude at times

⁃ Attention seekers

⁃ Really aggressive towards children and possibly adults

⁃ Too much energy it can tire you out

⁃ Can be anti social & shy at times


⁃ Protective over their children

⁃ They can banter with their children

⁃ Good disciplinarians

⁃ Show their children love and affection

⁃ Passionate, supportive and encouraging

⁃ Courageous and inspiring

⁃ Listen to their children


⁃ Stubborn and may lack understanding and movement

⁃ They may think they know what’s best for you, even though it’s actually not

⁃ Erratic in moods, lack of patience

⁃ Prideful, don’t admit their wrongs and apologise to children

⁃ Strict w hierarchy, they expect respect as they’re the parent

⁃ Create rebel children


⁃ Helpful and good with advice

⁃ A blend of Serious and funny, they’re capable of doing both really well

⁃ ALWAYS down to have fun

⁃ Protective & always on 100

⁃ The boujie friend, expensive and will be generous with you too

⁃ Blunt and honest friends

⁃ Active and energetic

⁃ Supportive


⁃ Quick tempered, stepping on egg shells

⁃ Smart mouths

⁃ Can be intimidating and don’t hold back when angry

⁃ Impulsive and impatient

⁃ Can be so clingy and jealous when friends make new friends


⁃ Passionate and love so hard

⁃ Generous and give their all financially and mentally

⁃ They protect you and try build you and grow you anyway they can

⁃ They make the relationship and you their number priority

⁃ They’re good at showing you off and making you feel special

⁃ Sexual as hell

⁃ Goofy and silly


⁃ Can be too passionate it comes as craziness or aggression

⁃ Possessive and may become controlling

⁃ Emotional when angry yet don’t show their emotions in normal situations

⁃ You may not know where you stand w then as they struggle to show it

⁃ Sometimes unforgiving

⁃ Very closed off


⁃ BEST quality sex

⁃ Fiery passionate lovers

⁃ They’re not lazy in bed, extremely active and sexual. Will take control

⁃ Sexual and want it all the time

⁃ Great at teasing


⁃ Unemotional sexually

⁃ Sometimes it’s too energetic and some people can’t handle that

⁃ Aries can seem a million miles away sexually at times, making their partner confused what they’re thinking

⁃ Hot and cold sexually, they can be really active or completely not willing to do anything


⁃ Capricorn – 4/10

⁃ Aquarius – 7/10

⁃ Pisces – 5/10

⁃ Aries – 9/10

⁃ Taurus – 2/10

⁃ Gemini – 7/10

⁃ Cancer – 4/10

⁃ Leo – 7/10

⁃ Virgo – 5/10

⁃ Libra – 8/10

⁃ Scorpio – 2/10

⁃ Sagittarius – 9/10


⁃ They’re natural leaders and can manage people

⁃ Very independent and don’t need anyone to tell them what to do or hold their hand

⁃ Very opinionated and will not settle for less

⁃ Once passionate, they’re extremely hard working and can avoid distractions

⁃ Constantly on the go, nothing can stop them except themselves

⁃ Dislike being inactive and passive


⁃ They don’t like being told what to do

⁃ Extremely stubborn so may make a mistake due to their stubbornness

⁃ Can become stressed and unhappy due to being bored and dealing with the same thing and scenery over and over

⁃ Can mix personal matters with business if extremely angry

⁃ Can be silly with money and too generous causing them issues along the way and bad money management skills

Published by Zoraya Astrology

I am a 22 year old, self taught astrologer from London. I’m a Sagittarius sun, Pisces moon, Virgo rising. I got into astrology when I first liked someone and struggled to read everything about them. Being the over thinker I am, I hated wondering because I’d always fill in the blanks with my own assumptions. I wanted everything to be as transparent as possible, seeing as reading them was like attempting to read hieroglyphics. (They’re a Taurus btw, hopefully you can understand my struggle now) Anyway, I searched “what are Taurus like in love", which led to “how to know a Taurus loves you” which led to “Sagittarius and Taurus relationship”, everything they said was literally a mirror of my partner and also true of our situationship. Long story short, it ended. But I got into a longer and better relationship. One with myself and astrology! Since then I’ve looked up everything I could on everything I could. Still learning and still growing. So I’m basically here to share my knowledge and growth with you along the way. I hope you enjoy. Thank you.

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