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virgo pro/con.


Virgo children are independent from a young age, they usually don’t need much from their parents and can do things alone. All they really need is someone to comfort them when they get things wrong, be there for them to communicate with and provide them with attention in the form of affection when needed and they will have everything else under control. This is a child that enjoys being babied through physical affection, compliments and acts of service and but also wants to be treated like an adult through being trusted, not being told what to do, being given freedom and not being shouted at. With those wishes abided by, they can be a bundle of joy. These kids are patient and have a high tolerance, most things they are pretty laid back by so they will rarely react to people pushing their buttons. Their laidback behaviour allows them to be funny children, they can make jokes out of their shortcomings, and even lighten moods where the parent is angry at them, so it is not so tense and awkward. They can be helpful kids because they do enjoy providing acts of service, but do not take advantage of them because you can burn them out. In their friendship groups, parents can expect them to get on with their friends at the beginning and rarely be the spark of the issues they are in. They are street smart and have a lot of wisdom through experience, trial and error and just trying things head on, so you can ensure that they can be left alone in the world and not be worried about your Virgo child. 


The issue is that these kids can sometimes want independence to the point they don’t allow a parent to be a parent. When these children do wrong, they do not want to be corrected, they just want comfort which can be annoying for a parent who can see a pattern of mistakes emerging and having a child who is too stubborn to listen. Virgo children become defiant when told what to do, they will purposely ignore the person and do what they want to do, to prove a point that they are in charge and to let the parent know they dislike being told what to do. This immaturity if not fixed early can go into adult age. Their fear of being told what to do is also mixed with a fear of disappointing people and being told off. They hate doing wrong or stuff their parents may not approve of because they hate the idea of people shouting at them or being disappointed in them, this fear breeds a lot of secrecy and doing things in private. The bad behaviour won’t necessarily stop, it will just be hidden to ensure they do not get told off and even after being caught, the likelihood of admittance is unlikely unless there is solid evidence. They will likely lie to get themselves out of situations. These children can be big liars and story tellers, but never for no reason, it is often to avoid blame or trouble. There dislike of answering to people and being subservient to others can go into the world of education where they can get into trouble due to disrespecting teachers or being cheeky and not following rules. Other school troubles can come from their friendship groups, Virgo kids can begin to see their friends as family and feel pressure to impress them. It can cause them to be easily influenced or pushed to do troublesome things. They also are wind ups and it can get them into a lot of trouble with others. 


Virgo’s love children, they are naturally maternal so because of this they naturally make very good parents. They provide children with fun and affection and communicate their love for them through buying them things and taking them out to places they can have fun. They show their love for their children through acts of service and helping them out with things and just being very hands on. Virgo parents are comedians and are usually naturally funny and make everyone laugh, without even trying. They laugh at their failures and allow themselves to be laughed at, the fact they don’t take things seriously allows the vibe at home to be very casual and light hearted. They behave silly with their children and allow their children to embrace their funny and silly side along with them. They are not very strict, so because of that, children are more their friends than they are their children. They tend to have a good casual and loving relationship where they can be themselves and Virgo parents do not judge much in that sense. They can make comments but they will unlikely try to dominate your personality and get you to be something you are not. They also are very understanding so through communication, things can be understood. Their flexibility allows them to not always be stubborn regarding things and minds can be changed. Virgo parents are not nosey so they generally mind their business and let you do your thing and live your life. They will ask about you but due to showing interest or being concerned instead of actually just asking to be nosey or judgemental. Their affection comes in the form of small kisses and hugs here and there but not a suffocating type, they are known to be very affectionate but also respectful of peoples space. 


Virgo parents issues are usually financially based. These parents can be greedy and selfish with their money in the sense that they want more and there’s no such thing as my “daughter/son” when it comes to finances. They will charge you rent or other financial things and treat you like a stranger with little patience if you do not commit to the rules set out for your payments. They can also make you feel guilty for asking for things because they don’t want to spend but will make it as though you’re ungrateful and ask for too much. Spoiling has to come naturally with them but when they’re asked, you’re unlikely to receive. Another is how busy they are, home life can be very mundane from time to time because Virgo can’t multitask and they will put effort towards their business while ignoring everything else. This can make them neglect important things, making them extremely unorganised which reflects on the children’s lives. Virgos communicate best with children, they are not that familiar with how to speak to adults even if they themselves are adults. Once their children are no longer kids, they may not know how to communicate with them and treat them the way they would like to be treated. It can become a very detached relationship with communication here and there but feelings of neglect from the children. 


Virgos love their friends as they don’t have many close ones. They tend to know a lot of people and have many associates and have many people who like them as well as dislike them but close friends are very minimal because they are so guarded and private. So when you are close to a Virgo that in itself is a privilege, you get to unlock a side of them a lot of people don’t have the pleasure of witnessing and experiencing. You get a defender, you get someone who will fight for you, someone who will do whatever they can do help you succeed and who will do whatever they can to ensure your requests are fulfilled and they help you with any troubles you face. You also get to see their vulnerability and emotional side as well as their personal side they hide from the world. Virgos are not open emotionally, they keep most of their emotional strife to themselves so seeing them be so willing to discuss this with you feels so rewarding to close friends of Virgos as they are usually the shoulder for others. Virgos will go above and beyond to do things for you, if you’re in financial need and they have it, they will help. If you need errands done, they will do them for you. If you need help starting a new business, they will give you advice and do the research necessary and be hands on with it initially to ensure your business thrives. They will always ensure you are working hard and they will motivate you when spirits are running low. Virgos will embarrass themselves defending you, Virgos are known to get involved in matters that do not involve them if their friends need the help. Although their help doesn’t exactly help simmer the situation down, you know their intentions are to defend your honour. Virgos rarely speak bad about their friends behind their backs, usually if they do, it’s an undeveloped Virgo. Bad mouthing someone who they have genuinely created a bond with and become close with is unlikely. They value friendships and being stable Earth signs, they will try to remain friends with you for a long time. 


The issue with Virgo friends is their lack of expressing how much they love and appreciate their friends. They can feel so much for you and of course show it through the ways they know how but unfortunately that’s not how everyone wants to be shown love. Especially if Virgo friends may do many other questionable things that can get their friends to doubt the respect they have for them. Virgo’s loyalty makes a lot of sense to them, I defend you when I don’t know the person but if I do, I am going to remain impartial. To some people, that’s not how loyalty works, they know their friendship means more to them than the other person involved, so they want Virgo to prioritise and be loyal to just them. Virgos priorities do not make sense to many of their friends and it can make people question their loyalty and wonder if many years of friendship means nothing to a Virgo. Virgo can live double live in regards to what their friends know about them and what they show to their friends. Virgo want to uphold this perfect image and dislike any form of judgement they forget that their friends won’t judge them so they end up lying and hiding things from their friends. It can make people wonder if they truly know their Virgo friend, there’s so much that you probably don’t. Virgo friendships can sometimes invite disrespect after there has been too much comfortability, more so with the female Virgos. They can have a petty streak, especially once they are comfortable enough to express their opinions without a filter. Their unfiltered version can be hurtful to some friends. Especially mid September Virgos. These struggle to multitask as been mentioned multiple times in this thread. So because of this when they’re busy with business, a new relationship, a new friendship or anything that can take their time. They will likely put their time on that and less time on you, this friendship is likely to become one where you speak here and there. And although you can always kick off where you left off the friendship, it is hard to have a consistent friendship unless they decide they want one. It can be selfish and you can go through many things alone. They are easily manipulated and swayed, new friends they now value can easily change their minds about you and get them to communicate their distaste towards you based on false information or a fake idea of you that has been fed, making them feel justified to go against you. 


In a relationship Virgos are very clingy partners. They enjoy spending every minute with you and being around you even if it means you’re both doing different things, the fact you’re together or close to them makes them happy. They are affectionate and love cuddling and kissing, as well as sex. Their sex style is usually love making and anything that involves them being affectionate and touchy feely in sex. They get pleased the more passionate the session is and are not the biggest fans of one night stands. Sex must have a meaning and they have to feel something for you so they can freely express their emotions during or it just won’t be a memorable experience for them. Their love language (giving rather than receiving) is often acts of service (their receiving love language is often acts of service, quality time and words of affirmation). When in love and in a relationship with you, they will provide and literally be your personal assistant.  Their aim is to make sure you’re served, taken care of and if they haven’t, they will feel like they’re useless and actually get stressed out because they feel as though they’re not doing their job properly. So long as they feel appreciated, this behaviour will continue. They will also try grow you as a person, support you through everything you decide to do and also try ensure you become successful, they’re so hardworking they don’t want you being left behind. Their happiness is both of you being at the top together, you being self made and them being self made too but even then, they still will likely forever provide. They will always want to travel with you, that is a part of their clinginess and restlessness. They want to be out and about with you wherever you go, they will likely follow and where they go, they will invite you. Holidays together will be common so long as they don’t have business to attend to. Another positive is the fact they will always defend you, their natural communicative nature will not allow them to allow you to be disrespected (unless they have venus influences) they will come to your defence in all things, even if you’re wrong. They will also believe you over rumours because you’ve entered the zone where they trust you and that trust is unwavering once you enter that place. (Even though at times, they’ll act as though it has wavered, this isn’t true, just a defence mechanism)


The cons of Virgos in a relationship is due to their mutable and earth qualities clashing. Their mutability can sometimes make them a little bored and lazy in a relationship. They can stop putting in effort and begin searching for something new to put effort into, but they are unwilling and unlikely to let you go because of their stability. They know you’re who they want, they know they don’t want anything new forever, they just know for the moment they want some fun. This can cause insecurity from the partner and confusion. It can cause infidelity from Virgo if it goes too far.  Another issue is the fact they don’t trust much, even though they trust you and have let you in, there’s always that part of them that typically does not like to let anyone in their emotions and understand their head fully. It’s because sometimes they see people as unreasonable beings and think they won’t understand or comfort them the way they wish they would or emotions are just a waste of time. The issue with this is, ignoring their emotions through communication they end up living and acting out their emotions. So for instance if they are angry at you, rather than verbalising that they are angry, they will likely do something they shouldn’t due to their anger. Causing more damage than good because more often than not, they end up regretting it. Their tunnel vision is another issue, many of these understand the world from their own eyes and romantically it can make their partner feel misunderstood, not fully fulfilled or judged a lot by their Virgo. Petty little arguments are common with Virgos. Their communicative sign dislikes letting issues go and will likely keep fighting an issue. Or sometimes they will purposely wind you up to get a reaction which can be annoying for partners involved. Lastly, the issue is multitasking. For signs who enjoy quality time and basic communication, Virgos may not be the best with this. They are very similar to Taurus in that they can’t juggle their time and sometimes the partner will have to deal with not receiving good mornings, or messages and when confronted, Virgo will not understand and go on defence mode. Defence mode Virgo doesn’t allow communication or space for constructive criticism. 


  • Capricorn – Virgo feels affection and is comforted, there isn’t much spark here – 8/10
  • Aquarius – both couples love each other but not passionate enough, more platonic – 5/10
  • Pisces – this coupling is messy but common, they make good heated passionate friends but both want more – 8/10
  • Aries – Virgo doesn’t understand Aries, Aries doesn’t trust Virgo, both play games – 5/10
  • Taurus – A couple with a lot in common, capable of making happy but always seem to meet at the wrong time – 8/10
  • Gemini – both tryna tame each other but not focusing on themselves – 5/10
  • Cancer – can work well if cancer stands their ground and Virgo doesn’t manipulate – 7/10
  • Leo – Leo doesn’t understand what Virgo wants, however they are what they need – 5/10
  • Virgo – They can both be a hot mess together 💜 – 9/10
  • Libra – This is what Virgo wants but not what Virgo needs, passion dies when Virgo realises that – 5/10
  • Scorpio – danger danger, HIGH VOLTAGE – 3/10
  • Sagittarius – Common match, one that can go either way, either of them can let the other down, question is who will do it first – 6/10

leo pro/con.


Leo children are responsible from a young age, you can count on them to be young adults and in control of their morals and values early. They’re very respectable children and know about hierarchal structures in a house hold from early and usually abide by them. These kids are usually bubbly and enjoy meeting people, even if they are introverts. Being around people makes them happy. They’re usually respected by most of their friends and people they meet and rarely disrespect others. They’re more quiet indoors and don’t cause trouble for parents in terms of loud, disruptive behaviour. They love laughing and making people laugh, they have high ambitions and always want to share their successes with others. They love compliments and rewards, with these things they overachieve. These children love intellectual conversations especially of things they’re interested in. They enjoy adventure, outdoors and sports, anything that allows them to release their inner fire and will always accompany you on all your journeys (only if they’re fun).


Leo children can be extremely high maintenance in many ways. They can expect a lot of attention through compliments, conversation being about them, receiving gifts and when they don’t, they can be moody and sulk/give silent treatment to adults and likely lash out to children of the same age. They can be stingy and unwilling to share with other kids unless it is sharing because they want to show off what they have and want others to see it. Showing off is something they do often and can rub people the wrong way because they constantly want to flaunt what they have, disregarding how it may make others feel. It is common in Leo kids to not be as developed emotionally and can lack empathy and at that age their main concern is themselves unless they have an empathetic moon. Being told what to do is something they dislike and they can be hard headed and try to battle authority, if not treated like an equal, they can dislike home and try to dominate or look for respect elsewhere out of the home. It is important that they are taught to value friendships but know the difference between loyalty and complete stupidity. Their nativity can put them in danger of being in the wrong crowds, being loyal to the wrong people and being walked over by fake friends. 


Leo parents can be fun loving and comedic. They love laughing and make others laugh, they are usually pretty popular parents and can have the house filled and booming with friends and family or can have you going out to lots of events and functions. Their love of outdoors and adventure allows them to always have activities or just days out planned, they’re not a parent who stays at home and they love going out with their children and showing them off, so boring is not associated with this parent. They are extremely hardworking and loyal when it comes to looking after family, they will ensure any hardship doesn’t hold them back and will try to be that strong lion to look after their pride. Giving is something they don’t hold back from either, even when they do not have the funds, they will try to make the funds to give you what you have asked for. They have a tendency of spoiling their loved ones especially family, because you represent them, they don’t want you ever going without or people talking about their child being the one who doesn’t have something. Their pride wouldn’t accept that. They like feeling needed and helpful, so they will do what they can to constantly help and feel useful. They are good listeners and advice givers especially when it comes to social aspects of life as they have usually had a life filled with friends, failures of friendships, betrayal etc. So they have a lot of wisdom to share and will always be willing to listen to your situations.


Their pride can get in the way of a relationship with their kids. Underdeveloped Leo’s can be stubborn and unwilling to take accountability and accept fault, it makes them feel weak and many times they lack the understanding of how their actions may emotionally affect others around them. They can just live their life seeing their behaviour as not ok but you must deal with it because that’s just the way they are and you should know how to deal with it by now. Which is super unhealthy and dismissive. Leo parents can be unwilling to listen to anything that they feel they don’t understand or they feel is against them, it can make conversations with them very limited and boring for some signs as there will be a blatant lack of interest from them and no attempt at even trying to learn what they don’t understand. It can also make conversations with them self centred as they can sometimes give advice that is focused around them and eventually divert the conversation into being about them. Leo parents can lack affection if they do not have an Earth/water heavy chart, they can shy away from physical and even verbal displays of love and comfort as it makes them uncomfortable and shy, only showing it in rare situations which can create a family dynamic where people struggle to show and communicate love to each other. They can be immature and not give people the respect of an opinion. They hate being told no or someone having a differing opinion to them, it can be heavily judgemental and their reactions can be childish to matters of conflicts. Things like silent treatments are common as they can avoid conflicts at times. 


You don’t have to worry about getting bored, because they are fun to be around and usually the life of the party. They are always speaking, meeting new people, introducing friends to each other, going out to events, being energetic and loud, there’s no time to be sad or bored when you are around them. They can be very generous if they care about you, especially financially. They will always will help where they can and where they can’t, they’ll ensure to find ways in which they can be proactive and helpful. They hate seeing a loved one struggle so ignoring and not doing anything genuinely bothers them, even if they know you are taking advantage they will complain but still help because saying no and taking a step back just isn’t in their nature. Leo’s are reliable and loyal, as friends they will ensure they are always there when necessary and needed even if you do not ask. They are the types of people who will also never miss an event or something important to you because they value and respect you and also appreciate the fact you love them enough to have invited them. With loyalty, they will ride and defend you whenever the situation allows them too, for the confrontational Leo’s it can even mean physically fighting for you. They dislike anyone who is part of their pride being disrespected, it hurts them even more than disrespect towards them, especially if you are someone who can not defend yourself. They will ensure they are your mouth and wings in those situations. 


As generous as they can be, they can also be very selfish. Due to being ruled by the sun, they are sometimes selfish and self centred. They can disregard your feelings, put themselves first, talk about themselves all the time and refuse to take accountability. Leo friends are not known for being good listeners, when you think about who you go to to vent, unless your only friend is a Leo, it is unlikely that you think of going to your Leo friend and that’s due to the fact their attention span is limited because the conversation is not about them and they lose interest and their advice can be surface level and half hearted with no true substance to it. The confusion is whether it is due to the fact they just don’t care about anything that has nothing to do with them or they are just not emotionally intellectual enough to give you advice according to your situation because Leo’s are known to lack empathy and speak based on experience. So unless they’ve experienced what you’re going through, you’re likely to get shit advice. Leo’s are stubborn and this behaviour can branch into many unhealthy traits. It can result in them not apologising and not admitting wrongs or faults because they just want to be stubborn about the situation. It can also result in them giving silent treatments because of an issue they have with you and being unwilling to talk about it and sort out the situation even if you were to confront it, if they aren’t ready to talk to you, you will not speak about anything. Another issue is they can be fake and people pleasers, they can have an issue with you but behave as though they like you and have never spoken a bad word about you but as soon as your back is turned, they are super bitchy. They would rather bitch than confront issues head on. 


In a relationship, Leo’s are very generous. They do the most, whether financially capable or incapable they will do what they can to ensure their partner is happy and they’re being the most helpful partner they can be. They will cook, clean, buy you things, take you places etc all because they feel as though it is their responsibility to take care of you. Leo’s make you laugh in relationships, you can be very comfortable around them and you can be yourself because they are silly and don’t take themselves too seriously and allow you to do the same. They see their partners as their prized possessions and want to flaunt you whenever they can, so they will ensure to introduce you to friends and take you out to places with them, or publicise the relationship on social media platforms because they are proud of the fact you are theirs and they want people to see what they managed to have. It is also a possessive and obsessive thing as they want people to know that you are theirs and taken by them, they’re just obsessed with everything about you. They’re forgiving in relationships, as stubborn as they can be, they are not as stubborn romantically, they are committed being fixed signs, they would rather make it work than just throw it all away, so they find themselves eventually allowing a lot of things and going back to their partner. Their generosity goes all the way to the bedroom, they also want to please you sexually and ensure they are giving more than they are receiving. These will rather do more doing than taking in bed and can find themselves being pleased just from pleasing you. They have a high libido and always want to have sex. 


Leo relationships can sometimes become too fiery and passionate in the argumentative sense. These relationships can get heated and it can be through small minor complaints or issues turned bigger and into an unnecessary disagreement/argument or it can be them taking their issues out on you and you having to deal with their bad moods. This can get long and tiresome for some and they may want an escape from feeling too suffocated by multiple complaints and disagreements. Another issue is that being ruled by the sun, they can be super passionate initially and do everything at once, it can leave them burned out later in the relationship and remove all passion from it. Causing them to be comfortable and not make as much effort anymore to bring passion and causing their partners to feel bored or feel as though relationship with their Leo partner is not what they expected it to be like. Leo partners can be emotionally manipulative in relationships. If they are afraid they are going to lose you, then they start speaking about how it would affect them to lose you and how much you mean to them, kind of guilt tripping you into staying rather than asking for ways to improve the relationship or giving you the space you need to take time to think. That links to Leo’s clinginess. They want to spend a lot of time with you and speak to you constantly, so they may not respect their partners space or understand the fact they need space space. It can result in them taking offence to their partner needing alone time when it is normal for people to want to be alone from time to time, even people in relationships. Leo’s don’t know how to be single, so in a situation where you’re on a “break” with your Leo partner or you’re in a bad place with them, they can assume it’s over and literally try seek comfort and admiration elsewhere, which can be unforgivable to some signs. They can also do it out of spite which is childish in itself. Leo’s lie!!!! They may hide things (which is also lying by the way) because they don’t want to get into trouble, be judged or be held accountable, so they just withhold information. 


  • Capricorn – Always attracted to each other, but clash a lot. – 3/10
  • Aquarius – Make great friendships instead of relationships but stubborn mix – 6/10
  • Pisces – Not a common match, they’re not patient enough for each other’s emotions – 4/10
  • Aries – A lot in common and a strong connection but a fiery match – 7/10
  • Taurus – Both committed, opposites attract but their opposing values is the cause for their demise – 5/10
  • Gemini – Common match, heavy attraction and spark but Leo can’t keep up – 7/10
  • Cancer – Make better friends, Leo not emotionally equipped for Cancer, can get unhealthy quick – 4/10
  • Leo – Understand each other, have the same values and are both stable – 9/10
  • Virgo – Another strong and common attachment but Leo too naive for Virgo – 5/10
  • Libra – Perfect balance although not common, perfect give and take dynamic, they’re what each other need – 7/10
  • Scorpio – Clash of interest, Light vs Dark, unhealthy but very common and intense passionate relationship – 2/10
  • Sagittarius – Common match, they both understand each other and patient enough for each other, share same values – 8/10

love island s4 ep45.

Last night’s episode ended in Laura (Taurus) being told by Black Jack (Capricorn) that he does not feel it will work long term. So today’s episode was the aftermath of that conversation. She was telling everyone that she hates the idea of giving up and quitting a relationship, when she likes someone, she would rather try than leave it not knowing if it would work or not. This is a typical downfall for Taurus, especially the women. They usually find themselves sticking in things they aren’t totally satisfied in because the idea of leaving it and giving up seems more complicated, and they’re tries instead of quitters. Unfortunately not everyone has the same amount of patience as them. They’re symbol is the stubborn bull, combined with the fact they are a fixed earth sign which require intense stability, once in something, they can be immovable. Laura unfortunately has found herself with two people who aren’t as patient as her, and has been left by both. This has blatantly rocked her whole stable bubble. You can only imagine what affect it’s had on her. An unstable Taurus is an insecure one because they base their whole lives on assurance and stability and when that has been removed, they aren’t confident at all.

Dr Alex (Cancer) told Alex Girl (Gemini) that he too isn’t feeling it because it’s all moving too fast and he’s not ready to be exclusive. Today Alex Girl said that she doesn’t want to be second option because she knows he wants the new girl Laura.

Dr Alex is typically known to be awkward and a nice guy, he struggled getting anyone to actually want him until Alex Girl came around and she’s beautiful. All it took however, was a new girl to come and he has shown himself to be picky, indecisive and frankly dismissive. Things he did not show himself to be until now. Everyone was rooting for him as Dani (Leo) said. But his behaviour is common to a Cancer. Dr Alex is naturally nice, Cancer men do not put on an act when it comes to their sweet nature. They are sensitive signs who do care about the feelings of others. However, speed of a relationship is never an issue if they like you, they tend to move really fast. Him complaining to Alex Girl that it is moving too fast is a cop out, he’s a nice guy and a Cancer would never want to admit they do not like someone. He wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings.

Realistically that excuse is not plausible because Alex Girl is a Gemini, moving fast is not typical for a Gemini, so either he is lying and looking for an excuse. Or she really is moving fast but it isn’t honest and true and is all for the cameras. Gemini’s are not easily pursued or woo’d. In this case, Alex Girl will not put up with his mind games anyway, she is a Gemini, who is 50 steps ahead in logic unlike Dr Alex (Cancer) who thinks with emotions. She knows realistically this situation isn’t ideal, she likely will leave it.

Afterwards, we see a scene between Georgia (Aries) and Dani (Leo) talking about how Georgia still wants Sam and isn’t feeling new boy Josh because he is too lowkey and keen. Her distaste for new Josh makes sense coming from an Aries, especially Aries women. They are ruled by Mars, the planet of masculine energy and movement. She is also a fire sign so a sign of passion. They would rather do the chasing than have someone do too much and that’s what Josh is doing. They would rather you act uninterested and they work hard to get you, keeping them on their toes is best. That or someone who is submissive to them. But two dominant energies just do not go well, Aries will see you as trying to dominate them, control them and frankly too boring and simple. They do like a bit of complicated. As we’ve seen with Georgia the drama queen.

On a lighter note, Jack (Taurus) and Dani (Leo) cooked dinner for the house! You could just see the chemistry oozing from the TV, it’s funny because usually the two signs are heavily incompatible but are often attracted to each other. So long as Leo can tame themselves and not over dominate Taurus, let him feel like a man. And so long as Taurus doesn’t take advantage of Leo’s gullible and trusting nature. It can work. Let’s hope Dani and Jack’s relationship thrives regardless of what the stars say because love, patience and understanding overcomes incompatibility. (Oh and Dani being happy and excited to cook for everyone is so Leo. They love looking after everyone and feeling needed/useful in some way.)

Laura is using Paul as a way to distract herself over what happened with Jack. Initially she did say that she wasn’t interested in him and now we have her telling Paul that she fancies him. (And literally in the next scene, she’s calling Black Jack a flirt in a bitter way). Realistically not enough time has passed for her to be over Black Jack. She is definitely using Paul to move on. Which is actually common practise with Taurus girls. They never really stay with that person because the heart wants what the heart wants. You can’t lie forever.

Alexandra embarrassingly told Paul she wants to kiss him and he did not budge an inch. I am not going to discuss that awkward situation, because it’s making me cringe just thinking about it. I want to forget! But… what I will say, is that the rejection won’t be a setback for Alexandra. Gemini’s are a sign of communication, rules by Mercury the planet of communication, often they are confident enough to pursue people. They enjoy the chase, so her being rejected may be more of a push towards Paul for her.

cancer pro/con.


Cancer children are more sensitive and open as children than they are as adults because their defence mechanism has not built up through negative circumstances over time yet. So they are more outgoing, more friendly, more bubbly and probably more timid. These children enjoy affection and reassurance more so than most, it is important to do that to show them that you appreciate and love them and their emotions will be catered to. Cancer children are very helpful and giving, you’ll find they are popular with friends from being so sweet natured and kind. They can also be the one to hang around with the unpopular kid in an attempt to make them feel wanted. At home they are likely the same, always helping around the house and wanting to take care of people. They are funny children and usually make people laugh without trying.


Your cancer child is sensitive to their surroundings so if they are around negative situations, they can get very affected by it mentally and not know how to express what they are feeling. They can be extremely emotionally needy children and it can be hard for certain parents to provide the exact amount of emotional attention they need. Some of these kids, especially cancer girls, can learn that emotional manipulation works early and can do it to many of their peers at school. Finding themselves going up the food chain at school in an unhealthy, manipulative and bully like way. Cancer boys can be very quiet with a heavy temper when their emotions are not handled correctly.


A Cancer parent is really affectionate and caring. They love to kiss, hug their children and provide them emotional stability and security. They are extremely understanding and open with their children, Cancer parent is usually the child’s favourite parent. They are more easygoing and yes people, usually just preferring to be laidback than be strict and domineering. They are usually heavily submissive and not controlling. Cancer parent is funny, they enjoy making their children laugh, and they are extreme homebodies and make the house a pleasant place to live in through decor or even just working hard to provide money for a good house. They do enjoy going out to family trips and family holidays. Their happiness is really a happy family.


Cancer parents are extremely emotional, this could come in the form of anger, or other emotional manipulation tactics. They can sometimes be emotionally overwhelming for their child especially if the child is someone who struggles to deal with their own emotions let alone adding their parents ones to them. Their submissive behaviour can sometimes make them extreme pushovers and poor disciplinarians. It can cause unhealthy patterns in the household with children realising that their Cancer parent is being walked over by their more dominant partner. Cancer parents can sometimes put financial stability above the actual caretaking of their children which can cause abandonment issues. Cancer parents can sometimes be dismissive of things they don’t understand logically because they tend to only understand things from an emotional perspective which can cause a conflict in understanding between them and a more logical thinking child. Their anger can cause unhealthy family dynamics too – especially cancer fathers.


Cancer are ruled by the moon, so they’re extremely sensitive people. This doesn’t mean they go around crying every second, this means they’re in tune with theirs and other people’s emotional feelings and vibes. These are good friends to have as they will notice a change in atmosphere and mood instantly and know that there is something wrong with you. They are the types to constantly check up on you and ensure they are looking after your emotional security. They are clingy and affectionate friends and will contact you consistently and enjoy your company. They are sarcastic in humour, very laidback and don’t take themselves seriously so they make funny friends you can be yourself around. These friends enjoy chilling with their group of friends especially in areas where they can look good, eat and have a good wild time creating memories. They are loyal and will usually have the same friends for long.


Becoming friends with a cancer firstly isn’t easy. As friendly as they are, they are not welcoming of everyone into their close circle. To become part of that you need to grind and it’s not easy. You could end up feeling like an absolute beg and feel your pride is being put to the test. These friends can sometimes be emotionally demanding, they expect your attention and conversation at all times and it can be extremely draining for someone who is busy. They sometimes do not understand that everyone’s not like them and they can read your lack of convo wrong and take it personally. These friends keep their cards close to their chest and may not always tell you how they feel so they can hold resentment to something just sulking rather than expressing it. They also can allow a friendship to end with minimal to no effort to try sort it. The most toxic ones can lie, be manipulative, cause extreme problems in your life through conniving behaviour and trying to ruin your name/rep.


In a relationship Cancers are affectionate and sweet. They are usually the more submissive partner unless in a relationship with a more submissive partner and are usually the more laid-back, relaxed partner. They are not high maintenance and what they ask for in romance they give too. They are sensual, loving and respectful. And really just ask for the same back. They are cute and timid and good listeners. They are homebodies and manage to take care of anything to do with the home even if they are the bread winners. Cancers are really forgiving and understanding, they are people who will literally try to understand your motive behind anything and they do not judge. So they are easy to speak to and extremely complimentary. They can make you feel reassured the same way they’d want to.


Cancer being the crab can sometimes hold in their emotions and put up a wall to partners so that they do not know what they are thinking or feeling. Resulting in themselves feeling emotionally unsatisfied and uncomforted. Sometimes they can use their emotions to manipulate a situation, and express all that they had concealed at a time that someone else expresses their feelings towards something. Which can be dismissive and selfish. Some partners of cancers find them emotionally manipulative and can use many emotional tactics to win people’s love or win a disagreement. Cancers can be extremely busy in a relationship if they have not yet established themselves. Making them unavailable and unresponsive because they’re so busy which can make people feel unloved. There’s sometimes not enough reassurance you can give a cancer, you may find yourself feeling like you’re with someone who is insecure and draining. Some cancers will go as far as to find reassurance elsewhere, they won’t cheat but they will do things people may consider disloyal like seeking attention of others and maybe going as far as to contact their ex if they’re on good terms. Cancers sometimes make it hard for you to move on, because if they see you moving on, they may purposely come back just to ensure you don’t. Then leave you again. They’re also amazing at finding no faults in their actions and never accepting their parts to play in situations. They also can be easily manipulated and used, due to their forgiving and trusting nature.


Cancers are creative and find it easy to be motivated. These are cardinal signs so being lazy and inactive is not something they enjoy, and when they aren’t doing anything they tend to feel useless and unfulfilled. They are hardworking and good at preserving, when a Cancer has a goal, they will work at it until they have achieved it. These are the best at ensuring they set multiple goals and tasks for themselves. They are smart workers and you can usually see their come up, they don’t mind working alone or working in a team. Whichever way they ensure they succeed and bring everyone else up with them. They are not selfish, greedy, stingy or self motivated in their pursuit to success.


Sometimes Cancer’s ideas can become too much and overwhelming which can cause them to feel demotivated because they don’t know how to put their plans into fruition, they don’t know how to polish their plan and they don’t know how to make the time from their already busy schedule to start new things. It can become a hot mess and just discourage them. Cancers also sometimes need to learn to keep plans and successes to themselves. Many are motivated by reassurance and admiration, the enjoyment of letting people know how successful they have become and where they are trying to go business wise. Which is great. Why shouldn’t you show off what you worked for? Unfortunately, not everyone wants the same for you that you want for yourself, if you’re spiritual like me you’ll be aware of evil eye. Just be aware of not letting your enemies know your every move, that’s the quickest way to cancel yourself out and allow bad luck into your life. Lastly Cancers need to learn how to multitask friendships/relationships and business. Don’t completely restrict yourself from receiving the affection many want to give you and feel you deserve. Open yourself up to the potential of love that can aid you to success. Also try not be too money motivated to the point you make your brand tacky due to accepting business opportunities below your level. Realise your worth.


⁃ Capricorn – 3/10

⁃ Aquarius – 3/10

⁃ Pisces – 7/10

⁃ Aries – 4/10

⁃ Taurus – 7/10

⁃ Gemini – 3/10

⁃ Cancer – 8/10

⁃ Leo – 4/10

⁃ Virgo – 7/10

⁃ Libra – 4/10

⁃ Scorpio – 9/10

⁃ Sagittarius – 3/10 (although very common and high attraction)

love island s4 e44

Love Island Season 4 Episode 44

Multiple times we have seen Georgia (Aries) doing toxic things and masking it by screaming about how loyal she is.

Last episode Black Jack (Capricorn) told Sam, in an attempt to make him feel more comfortable about his decision that he made, that if he was in the same shoes as Sam (when Sam had to decide whether to leave the villa with Georgia (Aries) or stay in the villa uncoupled wirh Georgia and he chose staying in and splitting) he would’ve chosen to stay too. Sam told Georgia (Aries) this and she went to tell Laura (Taurus) this information. Laura is coupled up with Black Jack (Capricorn) so naturally, she would be irritated. It is even worse because of the fact that Laura is your typical dark side Taurus. She has major trust issues, she is super insecure and frankly she is very stubborn and headstrong in opinions. Georgia (Aries) tried to act as though telling Laura (Taurus) was in her best interest. But it obviously wasn’t. There was spite and malice involved. She aimed to hurt her and let her know what Black Jack’s (Capricorn) “true intentions” are.

Dark side Aries can be insecure and when channeled and not properly regulated, can be extremely bitter and attention seek to the highest degree. They can cause drama for attention and can spread spiteful rumours or tell people hurtful truths with the aim of lowering someone else’s confidence and boosting their own. Georgia is a prime example of this. You can see it through how she treats Josh (Cancer) and Kaz, Laura (Taurus), Black Jack (Capricorn) and others in the house. Luckily, everyone sees through “Loyal” G.

Some may find what Black Jack (Capricorn) said as disloyal to Laura (Taurus) seeing as he is coupled up with her and if he did like her, then he should want to leave the villa with her too. But Black Jack is a typical Capricorn in the sense that he is logical and realistic. He knows realistically, as he had mentioned before, him and Laura may not work long term. He also knows that their relationship currently is not in the best or strongest of positions. Capricorn men would never completely put their eggs in one basket unless they are totally in love with you. They could be happy with you, but if there is a better potential elsewhere and they are not in a relationship with you, they will leave. He could see leaving with Laura would put himself in a stupid situation because he came to find love and he would leave with someone he doesn’t necessarily love or realistically see working. His comments were not “snakey”, but honest, mature and realistic.

In other news, Wes told Megan (Pisces) that he loves her. In a cutely awkward and teen like scene. She also said she has fallen in love with him too. The news doesn’t come as a shock her being a Pisces. I know Pisces can be quick to catch feelings, but their feelings are often genuine. Even if it is short lived (due to their mutable nature) it doesn’t remove the fact it was honest and true at the time. Let’s just hope that in this situation Megan does not get bored like her fellow Piscean counterparts and her and Wes live happily ever after outside of the villa.

Dani (Leo) telling Laura that Paul is for her came from a genuine place. Leo’s enjoy giving their opinion and advice to people they care about, they are natural caretakers and leaders. Like a lion looking after their cubs. Leo’s tend to take a leadership role and look after the people around them that they have let in. That is what Dani was trying to do when she told Laura to talk to Paul as she is better suited to him, instead of Black Jack but Laura wasn’t having any of it.

Laura (Taurus) got offended by this gesture, and said she hates the idea of people sticking their nose in her business and telling her who to talk to and to not talk to Black Jack. Her seeing it negatively came from her typical Earthy nature. When the women become emotionally invested, they ride for their partners (to a fault). They are stable and the idea of pursuing other people is offensive to them and offensive to the person they like. They find it disrespectful to even insinuate they would get with someone else especially if they see nothing wrong in their partner. They find their partners perfect regardless of any ups and downs, but would rather any decision for leaving comes from them than the advice of others. So Laura naturally would find offence in what Dani said even though it did not come from a bad place.

Following, Laura (Taurus) went to tell Black Jack (Capricorn) about the conversation she had with Dani. She interrupted a conversation he was having with one of the new girls in which he was trying to get to know the girl more. It eventually led to him telling Laura his doubts about their age differences, the distance in where they’re from and other things. Although she was adamant in that she did not want to talk to any of the new guys, he was obviously not on the same page. This isn’t him being disloyal and her being loyal but rather her having fallen deeper for him than he has for her. So he doesn’t see the need to completely ignore any further options. But she is so devoted, she doesn’t see the need to entertain other options. There is definitely a conflict of interests.

The final discussion between the two of them Black Jack (Cap) and Laura (Taurus) is the most reflective of two of their signs. He ends it with Laura and tells her he wants to talk to other girls in the villa and keep his options over. Due to the fact that he doesn’t see it working outside of the villa. But the demise of their relationship was a domino affect. It really began with Laura ending it after the whole Black Jack and Georgia kiss fiasco. Which is a typical dark Taurus move. She ended it to be chased and reassured, she also felt very insecure in the relationship. It unfortunately isn’t her fault, it stemmed from a bad history with Wes and him leaving her for Megan. Unfortunately, it will be hard for her to not reflect these insecurities on future love interests. But many will not be able to hack it. A Capricorn like Black Jack definitely would not. Let’s hope she finds happiness and someone to reassure her and get her confidence back.

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gemini pro/con.


Gemini children are typical of their planet influences – Mercury. From a young age, they love to communicate. This can be through many means like music, talking, sports, reading, role playing. They enjoy being active and find themselves constantly on the go, trying new things. Communication also comes through the amount of friends they make. They can find meeting new people easy and popularity may be high. They tend to be friendly children and devoted to their pals. Always wanting to be the host of a sleep over or inviting their friends over. They enjoy trying different and new things, so they’ll have a range of hobbies. Making people laugh, both adults and children is a hobby they particularly enjoy. They are strong and very laid back.


Their communication in other aspects may be high but in the emotional realm, they suffer. They may struggle expressing their own emotions or just understanding them. Gemini is the sign of the twins. One moment your Gemini child may be a bundle of joy and energy, the next minute they’re lazy, apathetic and moody. It can be hard dealing with the changes of moods in a child. They may be secretive of things as Gemini children keep their cards close to their chest. And their mouth as well as fickle behaviour, may get them into some trouble.


A Gemini parent is always looking out for their child’s needs. But take a particular interest in their child’s wants. A Gemini parents child will usually be the best dressed and the spoiled one. They are humorous and fun to be around, they love making jokes and making everyone laugh. Gemini parent is also known for their communication, they are logical thinkers so getting logical advice and help is perfect with them. Gemini parents enjoy going out and taking their children outdoors, usually will have the best holidays or enjoyable day outings.


Being a mutable Air sign, their characteristics will come out as a parent. Unfortunately sometimes Gemini’s just don’t feel like parenting. This don’t mean they’ll stop being a parent, but this means they can be inconsistent with the energy they give. A child who values stability and security (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) May feel very unstable and not secure. The logical thinking may cause them to understand their children’s emotional needs and neglect that side. Gemini’s lack of expressing emotions too can make their relationship with their children more superficial than emotional or an affectionate one. Routine needs to improve and remembering that spoilt milk can turn rotten. Money doesn’t buy happiness or love.


Gemini friends are the comedians of the group, they can make you laugh so much effortlessly. They usually are really generous financially and buy you the best gifts or offer to take you out for dinner on them. They’re really spontaneous, it is hard to keep up with them. They don’t stick by routine or pre-plan often. They’re usually going wherever the wind and their mood takes them so they’re fun and anything goes with them. They give the best gossip and can entertain you with what they know about everyone and anyone, being sociable makes it easy to find out the best tea. Parties, dinners, events etc, they’re usually the ones to invite you to them. As well as introduce you to new friends. They usually become part of the family or you become part of theirs.


Gemini can have too many groups of friends which can be difficult to maintain. Someone will always feel left out and someone will always feel unappreciated or undervalued. They can also sometimes remain equally loyal to everyone which doesn’t sit right with some because they see themselves as deserving of the most loyalty which can result in Gemini’s appearing disloyal. Gemini are a sign of communication, they may sometimes communicate things that they shouldn’t be to people they shouldn’t be. Although to them, there is no malicious intent. The deed in itself is malicious and it will hurt others. Apologies are too often and it can cause them to be both weightless and meaningless. People can feel as though Gemini’s are users or extremely fickle.


Gemini being ruled by mercury – the planet of communication are heavy communicators in love. They are great at picking gifts, wooing you with their charm, supporting and helping you with anything you may desire or just bettering you as a person, complimenting you, showing you off and boosting your confidence. You’ll never doubt that a Gemini loves you and if you do, then they simply don’t love you. A Gemini is passionate about the person they love and wants them all to themselves, but wants the world to know how much they love you and how beautiful you are. A Gemini can be happy so long as they are in a loving relationship with someone who understands them as they often feel misunderstood, someone who is patient with them and someone who doesn’t tell them what to do as they require support in whatever direction they decide to go through. They will provide you with the same time of comfort back.


These logical signs may struggle being emotionally equipped to deal with a more emotional lover (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer – especially moons). They may provide security in love through words of charm and gifts of love. But they struggle being emotionally available, understanding the emotional thoughts and behavioural patterns of others isn’t easy for them. Hence why they could result in doing things that hurt others without remorse because they think logically rather than emotionally. Sometimes they may lie or hide things when trying to think emotionally, thinking it’s the best solution when it is not. As lovers, their mutable quality of being fickle and easily bored may cause partners to always be on edge and feeling unstable in this relationship. Gemini’s are attracted to nice things, so their eyes may wonder. Not all the time however as ultimately their love for you is what holds the most weight. When the anti-social twin comes out, they may detach from all things romantic and people and want their own time and space including from you. A sigh who understands this is best for them (Gemini/libra/Aquarius) a sign who expects affection all the time and is extremely passionate (Sagittarius/leo/Aries) May struggle in a relationship like this, not respecting Gemini’s need for space and their own time. These are extremely busy people and struggle multitasking their groups of friends or ideas and sometimes lovers will take the burden.


Gemini is a talented sign with many ideas and capabilities of being the best in their field. They are intelligent signs and even if it is not in the educational sense, they have it in the worldly sense. They are capable of meeting people, building contacts and connections through networking and working hard to ensure they learn and progress in whatever they are trying to achieve. These people are motivated by doubters more than compliments as they already have big egos. They live to prove everyone who doesn’t understand them or doubts them wrong. They are independent workers and rarely need the help of others in terms of creativity and getting started. They are go getters and enjoy spending hard earned money from the fruits of their labour.


Gemini’s creativity can be an issue if they do not know how to channel it, plan how to properly execute it and determine when it is best to begin or end something. The problem here is that they have too many great ideas, they can sometimes be a jack of all trades and masters of one. Not knowing they can be masters of ALL trades with enough patience and endurance. They need to learn to not be fickle in ideas and stick through something till they reach the top and then try something else rather than trying to juggle everything at once or quitting things from boredom. Another issue is their lack of taking direction. Gemini are so dominant and self assured that they sometimes believe they know best and can be stubborn in taking and receiving advice and implementing it. Causing issues with working with people and if it’s a field in which they need them, they can create enemies. Gemini can also be extremely opinionated/temperamental and need good PR skills. Take Kanye West, Azealia Banks, Tommie for example. They are all talented and have the capabilities of exceeding in things but can let their emotions and opinions take control and cause irreversible damage to their brands and success. They can be their own worst enemy. Also sometimes they can get demotivated, lazy, apathetic and antisocial when the other twin comes out. Causing them a struggle of getting back into their mojo and not being interested in much. A type of depression and loss of direction and self worth. It is important to not get themselves into this trap through just seeing opinions of others as constructive, accepting help from others, being open minded, taking time off for fun and a break and therapy or meditation to ensure their emotional needs are not being neglected.


⁃ Capricorn – 3/10

⁃ Aquarius – 9/10

⁃ Pisces – 6/10

⁃ Aries – 7/10

⁃ Taurus – 4/10

⁃ Gemini – 9/10

⁃ Cancer – 3/10

⁃ Leo – 7/10

⁃ Virgo – 5/10

⁃ Libra – 9/10

⁃ Scorpio – 4/10

⁃ Sagittarius – 8/10

taurus pro/con.


⁃ Independent and self reliant

⁃ Obedient children

⁃ Very respectful of adults

⁃ Never really in trouble

⁃ Quick learner

⁃ Adult in a child’s body

⁃ Trustworthy and honesty children

⁃ Helpful, giving and kind


⁃ Can keep secrets which can cause them psychological harm

⁃ Can lack understanding and empathy

⁃ Doesn’t express emotions verbally and keeps them to themselves

⁃ Require more affection than they let off

⁃ Can become emotionally angry with too much responsibility or little attention

⁃ Can be anti-social and shy children


⁃ Easy-going and laidback

⁃ Very protective

⁃ Love being silly with their children

⁃ Supportive and encouraging of their children

⁃ Extremely OTT with compliments

⁃ Generous and spoil their kids

⁃ Treat their children with respect and like adults


⁃ Not the best disciplinarians

⁃ Dislike constructive criticism about their parenting from others

⁃ Can be extremely stubborn

⁃ Dislike any criticism about their child

⁃ Can see their child as innocent and damaging as their child can be naughty


⁃ Weird and goofy when comfortable with you

⁃ Appreciate their friends and extremely loyal

⁃ Doesn’t change every conversation to be about them, good listeners

⁃ Not judgemental

⁃ They’re pleasers and will put your happiness over theirs a lot

⁃ Generous and giving

⁃ Big cheerleaders and your personal fan

⁃ Supportive


⁃ Don’t vocalise issues in friendship, keeps them to themselves

⁃ Anti-social – run out of social energy quick

⁃ Not always there in group gatherings and events

⁃ Possessive of their friends

⁃ Slight push overs because of their kind nature

⁃ Can be unforgiving


⁃ Really attentive and clingy, they want all your time (check con)

⁃ Touchy feely, venus ruled they enjoy physical affection

⁃ They are stable and steady, they won’t just stop loving you

⁃ Sexual and sensual, show their love through their sexuality

⁃ Financially generous, always want to provide

⁃ So many layers to them


⁃ Silent treatments when angry

⁃ Can leave a relationship mentally before they leave physically

⁃ Hold in a lot of emotions and opinions regarding how they feel about you

⁃ Struggle multitasking, can put relationship on last of their priorities

⁃ Hold on to violations, hard to let go even if they forgive

⁃ Argumentative


⁃ They put sensuality into love making

⁃ Extremely physical, touching and being touched is important, so lots of focus on your body

⁃ Ruled by Venus, they incorporate all the five senses in love making, making foreplay equally an enjoyable part of love making

⁃ High sex drives, they rarely do not want to do it and can go again

⁃ They’re capable of being both submissive and dominant in bed


⁃ They can stick to routine and it can get boring for signs who want more of a variety over quality

⁃ Some Taurus are traditional, so getting them to do certain unconventional ways of love making can be impossible

⁃ Taurus can be sensual to the point the love making can lack the fiery quickie passion some other signs prefer

⁃ Can have sex out of comfortability and being used to you, so when love is over, it may seem they still love you because of their sex but it’s not the case


⁃ Capricorn – 8/10

⁃ Aquarius – 3/10

⁃ Pisces – 9/10

⁃ Aries – 2/10

⁃ Taurus – 8/10

⁃ Gemini – 4/10

⁃ Cancer – 7/10

⁃ Leo – 5/10

⁃ Virgo – 9/10

⁃ Libra – 3/10

⁃ Scorpio – 6/10

⁃ Sagittarius – 5/10


⁃ Motivated by the fact they hate their lives being unsteady and hate being financially unstable (see con)

⁃ They hate settling for less, they want to achieve more and more, there’s never enough

⁃ Perfectionists so they are constantly on the look for better situations

⁃ Self-analytical so are capable of checking themselves and know how to improve

⁃ Prideful, they don’t settle


⁃ They can get knocked off by setbacks and lack motivation to continue

⁃ Some Taurus are extremely lazy and unmotivated when they’re busy feeling sorry for themselves or haven’t found their groove

⁃ They become overwhelmed with their career/school work they end up isolating themselves from everything else

⁃ Sometimes want to run before they’ve learned how to crawl and walk, which doesn’t allow them to actually get anywhere

⁃ Although usually good w money, Venus makes them too self indulgent at times, saving can be a struggle

incompatible signs. (incomplete)

Pisces and Libra

This is a match of water and air as well as mutable and cardinal. The first reason is their bigger cause for downfall, the second is a possibility for a troublesome relationship if they don’t use their qualities well.

The two are usually attracted to each other heavily, Pisces are attracted to Libra because they challenge them. They’re not just people who take shit, Libras have an attitude, they’re natural comedians and they’re capable of debating and argument. These are things Pisces fall for in a person, someone they can laugh with and someone that can be slightly dominant and aggressive when they’re misbehaving. Pisces don’t like a boring easy ride relationship, they want fun w the tiniest bit of drama (only if they’re the ones bringing it) and someone who can handle it. Libra’s are attracted to Pisces devotion, their affection and kindness, the way they make them feel loved but also their humour, sarcasm and annoyingly cheeky nature. Libra enjoys someone they can be friends with, have fun with but can make them feel loved and admired. Initially the incompatibility will be there but nothing too drastic. They have petty little arguments here and there, sometimes get heated sometimes don’t. But they always make up because their feelings for each other outweigh the stupidness. Libras issues w Pisces is their incapability of ignoring temptation. They feel Pisces can sometimes act out of impulse and emotion and do unforgivable things, especially because Pisces don’t come out and admit their issues, Libra usually has to find out themselves or elsewhere. Pisces feel they can disrespect libra due to the fact libra is pretty naive and trusts Pisces. Pisces however sometimes breaks this trust and comes back w apologies that Libra eventually will no longer accept. As forgiving as they are, they have a breaking point. Pisces issue with Libra is their sly behaviour. Pisces have strong intuition and can sometimes feel as though libra isn’t as innocent as they make out they are. Libra give it as good as Pisces give it, difference is libra can hide it better, and even when caught Libra refuses accountability and can make Pisces feel at fault for their own wrongdoings. The two struggle to see each other’s POV, their both what each other wants but not what each other needs. Pisces needs affection, loyalty, transparency and someone who can put them in line. Libra needs love, to feel valued, to be respected and someone they can show off. Libra doesn’t give Pisces the affection and honesty they want, Pisces doesn’t give libra the respect and love they want. The arguments increase to the point of no return and they usually eventually have to leave. This is just sum however, other placements can improve this Union. Pisces being mutable is capable of changing and being what libra wants, Libra has to not be so forward moving and focus on changing their bad traits to also improve the relationship they’re in.

Taurus and Leo

This relationship is weirdly common considering they’re two fixed signs with two completely different out looks on life but they’re also infuriatingly similar. Taurus is stubborn and fixed and so is Leo. They are usually attracted to each other based on the emotion they both give each other but this is exactly why they fall out. Taurus enjoys Leo’s capability of being outgoing, out spoken, charming, and outwardly attractive and popular. Taurus being venus charged love all things beautiful and anything that shares that same love for beauty, Taurus finds attractive and intriguing. Leo is that as they are extravagant, bold, generous and frivolous in their spending. It’s that carefreeness Taurus wishes they had. Leo is attracted to Taurus’s gentle and loving nature. Taurus makes Leo feel like royalty, they’re generous with them and constantly want their time and don’t want it shared. The fixed possessiveness of Taurus is attractive to Leo at first because it makes them feel wanted, craved and admired. Leo likes the attention Taurus gives them but at the same time, the fact Taurus doesn’t give everything away all at once. It makes Leo work for it and they are the lions who want to chase.

This union messes up because of THESE EXACT REASONS. Leo wants freedom and wants to live life with no restrictions, Taurus can become suffocating and possessive. They can be extremely immovable and unable to see Leo’s POV. Leo thinks Taurus is selfish and also hides things as well as emotions, so they’re undeserving of a Leo’s love. Taurus view Leo as unreliable and untameable. Taurus want stability and can begin to doubt whether Leo is the person to bring that and when a Taurus is in doubt, even if they’re there physically, their mind begins to wander and spiritually, mentally and emotionally they leave. By the time Taurus leaves physically, it’s too late because they had disconnected time ago. Leo and Taurus lack communication, leo has too much pride and feel chasing Leo and explaining themselves to them to reassure them is so tiresome and unnecessary. Taurus refuses to communicate because sharing their emotions is counterproductive and frankly, they see it as you should have got it right the first time because it’s obvious. The two just butt heads constantly, debates turn to arguments, distaste isn’t properly spoken about, they just drift without proper closure. It can work if the two have more mutable placements but if they’re strongly fixed, it’s DOOMED!

Aquarius and Capricorn

This is a blend of fixed and Cardinal as well as Air and earth. A mess. I always say fixed and cardinals should stay away from each other because fixed’s are too set in their ways to change and cardinals are too forward thinking to worry about changing what’s here right now. These two are initially attracted to their capabilities of being free and natural with each other. Aquarius are extremely laid back people who are about being goofy, playful, energetic and silly. Capricorn take themselves more serious, have a dry sense of humour with a need for stability. Capricorn becomes a lot more laid back, free and goofy with Aquarius while Aquarius learns responsibility, has fun and learns new things through the many intellectual discussions and conspiracy theory talks the two have. They become really good friends with a lot of love and respect for each other. Aquarius brings different energies in the relationship, dominant as well as submissive which fits well with Capricorn as they’re also capable of being both too. The issue here is the commitment issues present from the start. Sometimes Cardinal signs, in this case Capricorn can be too forward thinking they move too fast and can be too forceful for Aquarius who gets scared or slightly put off by all this affection and need for them. Aquarius love love but would rather be the aggressor in the situation than the ones being the aim of it. Aquarius withdrawal can eventually lead to Capricorn moving elsewhere to something which seems it can actually be conquered. Aquarius don’t like the feeling of letting go, in this situation, the inner fighter comes out and they could find the tables turning completely with Aquarius becoming super jealous, possessive and needy and Capricorn not understanding where this came from and doing their own thing while playing around with Aquarius feelings. Point is, the two mess around with each other too much they both act right either too early (Capricorn) or too late (Aquarius) and it ends up being a hot mess with each party feeling justified for their behaviour and wronged by the other. These two signs can lack accountability and lack movement in ideals, causing them to clash and not really change for each other. The two can work if they have more easy going flexible placements, and can just stop the games and act right with each other. If not, they should just settle on being friends.

Gemini and Scorpio

Devil mix! Lol joking. This is a mixture of mutable Air and fixed water and funnily enough, it could actually work. The initial attraction is hardcore sexual energy and physical attraction. They love the vibe the both of them give out. Gemini’s great conversation skills, humour and I don’t give a fuck attitude is what attracts Scorpio to them. They want to change them and make them “give a fuck” about them. Gemini’s are attracted to Scorpios humour, their fiery and watery blend of Dont fuck w me and I’m an emotional wreck mixed with their mysterious sexual sly aura, it makes Gemini see them as perfect to be long term partners with as they will be a challenge as well as provide them with the affection they need and want. This attraction remains lasting long however the relationship, peace and harmony doesn’t.

aries pro/con.


⁃ Funny and brings the laughs

⁃ Really active and enjoy going out

⁃ Extremely playful and energetic

⁃ Cute and loveable

⁃ A good mix of independence and attached

⁃ Bubbly and pessimistic children, rarely in a mood for long

⁃ Brave and courageous children

⁃ Headstrong and know what they want


⁃ Annoying as hell, love teasing people

⁃ Can be extremely stubborn, don’t like being told what to do

⁃ Cheeky and rude at times

⁃ Attention seekers

⁃ Really aggressive towards children and possibly adults

⁃ Too much energy it can tire you out

⁃ Can be anti social & shy at times


⁃ Protective over their children

⁃ They can banter with their children

⁃ Good disciplinarians

⁃ Show their children love and affection

⁃ Passionate, supportive and encouraging

⁃ Courageous and inspiring

⁃ Listen to their children


⁃ Stubborn and may lack understanding and movement

⁃ They may think they know what’s best for you, even though it’s actually not

⁃ Erratic in moods, lack of patience

⁃ Prideful, don’t admit their wrongs and apologise to children

⁃ Strict w hierarchy, they expect respect as they’re the parent

⁃ Create rebel children


⁃ Helpful and good with advice

⁃ A blend of Serious and funny, they’re capable of doing both really well

⁃ ALWAYS down to have fun

⁃ Protective & always on 100

⁃ The boujie friend, expensive and will be generous with you too

⁃ Blunt and honest friends

⁃ Active and energetic

⁃ Supportive


⁃ Quick tempered, stepping on egg shells

⁃ Smart mouths

⁃ Can be intimidating and don’t hold back when angry

⁃ Impulsive and impatient

⁃ Can be so clingy and jealous when friends make new friends


⁃ Passionate and love so hard

⁃ Generous and give their all financially and mentally

⁃ They protect you and try build you and grow you anyway they can

⁃ They make the relationship and you their number priority

⁃ They’re good at showing you off and making you feel special

⁃ Sexual as hell

⁃ Goofy and silly


⁃ Can be too passionate it comes as craziness or aggression

⁃ Possessive and may become controlling

⁃ Emotional when angry yet don’t show their emotions in normal situations

⁃ You may not know where you stand w then as they struggle to show it

⁃ Sometimes unforgiving

⁃ Very closed off


⁃ BEST quality sex

⁃ Fiery passionate lovers

⁃ They’re not lazy in bed, extremely active and sexual. Will take control

⁃ Sexual and want it all the time

⁃ Great at teasing


⁃ Unemotional sexually

⁃ Sometimes it’s too energetic and some people can’t handle that

⁃ Aries can seem a million miles away sexually at times, making their partner confused what they’re thinking

⁃ Hot and cold sexually, they can be really active or completely not willing to do anything


⁃ Capricorn – 4/10

⁃ Aquarius – 7/10

⁃ Pisces – 5/10

⁃ Aries – 9/10

⁃ Taurus – 2/10

⁃ Gemini – 7/10

⁃ Cancer – 4/10

⁃ Leo – 7/10

⁃ Virgo – 5/10

⁃ Libra – 8/10

⁃ Scorpio – 2/10

⁃ Sagittarius – 9/10


⁃ They’re natural leaders and can manage people

⁃ Very independent and don’t need anyone to tell them what to do or hold their hand

⁃ Very opinionated and will not settle for less

⁃ Once passionate, they’re extremely hard working and can avoid distractions

⁃ Constantly on the go, nothing can stop them except themselves

⁃ Dislike being inactive and passive


⁃ They don’t like being told what to do

⁃ Extremely stubborn so may make a mistake due to their stubbornness

⁃ Can become stressed and unhappy due to being bored and dealing with the same thing and scenery over and over

⁃ Can mix personal matters with business if extremely angry

⁃ Can be silly with money and too generous causing them issues along the way and bad money management skills

pisces pro/con.


⁃ Helpful around the house

⁃ Popular with both adults and children

⁃ Sociable and funny

⁃ Loved by everyone

⁃ Affectionate and loving

⁃ Can be very independent, loves going off to be alone and doing their own thing

⁃ Very smart and quick learners

⁃ Obedient


⁃ Can be cheeky and rude

⁃ Can overstep the line between banter and disrespect

⁃ Sensitive and sulky

⁃ Emotional and sometimes attention seek

⁃ Sometimes can be mean and bossy to other children

⁃ Too much attitude

⁃ Require a lot of affection


⁃ Affectionate and caring, feel the child’s pain

⁃ Creative and imaginative encouraging your child to be too

⁃ Attentive and dedicate your time for your child

⁃ Natural teacher

⁃ Supportive and express excitement at every little achievement

⁃ Defend and protect your child


⁃ Can be delusional and live in a dream world where they have no responsibilities

⁃ They can get distracted and allow life issues to drown them to the point they neglect their child

⁃ Too immature at times in behaviour

⁃ Lack the ability to discipline properly

⁃ Struggle taking constructive criticism about their parenting

⁃ Can be too friendly with their child


⁃ HILAROUS! Silly sense of humour

⁃ Available for your problems, always lend a listening ear

⁃ Good advice givers

⁃ So generous and loving, presents every birthday!

⁃ Give you the raw blunt honest truth

⁃ They’re real and will ride for you

⁃ Amazing gossips

⁃ Supportive


⁃ Debates can turn into arguments

⁃ Too cheeky and sometimes can’t take it back

⁃ Can be bitchy when venting although not malicious, people hate the two facedness

⁃ They give advice that they don’t take

⁃ Will ask advice for the same situation 5000x and will ignore it anyway wasting everyone’s time


⁃ Clingy but not in a suffocating way

⁃ Romantic and affectionate, random gifts and kisses all the time

⁃ Cheesy, type to record themselves doing all that cheesy stuff

⁃ Helpful and giving in every way

⁃ Attentive

⁃ Charming

⁃ Silly and fun, lots of cheekiness and laidback relaxed moments


⁃ Can be crazy when hurt

⁃ Extremely intuitive but lack of expression looks like paranoia to partner or distrust

⁃ Silent treatments and sometimes petty

⁃ Can get put off when being treated right

⁃ Too good to the wrong people

⁃ Dramatic when wanting attention or when bored



⁃ Love making type of lovers

⁃ Aren’t shy, down to record and watch themselves over again

⁃ Attentive love makers

⁃ Foreplay is important and so is roleplay


⁃ Use it as punishment at times – restricting or giving it to someone else

⁃ Can be too emotional sexually

⁃ Threat of them exposing private sexual business when angry or being vengeful

⁃ Not easily impressed


⁃ Capricorn 6/10

⁃ Aquarius 6/10

⁃ Pisces 8/10

⁃ Aries 5/10

⁃ Taurus – 9/10

⁃ Gemini – 6/10

⁃ Cancer – 7/10

⁃ Leo – 4/10

⁃ Virgo – 8/10

⁃ Libra – 3/10

⁃ Scorpio – 9/10

⁃ Sagittarius 6/10


⁃ Know how to work hard and push themselves even when they really don’t want to do it

⁃ Have goals and aims to reach for and don’t stop until they reach it

⁃ Organised

⁃ Good balance between relaxation and working hard

⁃ Creative and imaginative


⁃ They can get overwhelmed

⁃ Not good at managing, they’re bossy which isn’t the same as managing

⁃ Sometimes stay in something they shouldn’t be in which is making them super unhappy

⁃ Easily distracted especially with relationship issues

⁃ Not good at saying no, so give themselves more work than they can manage